Top Ten Things Family Guy Fails at That the Simpsons Excels At


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1 Telling a Story

The Simpsons is an original. Family Guy is not and it's a phony. Cancel Family Guy!

2 Likeable Characters

Do you like The Greased Up Deaf Guy, Herbert, Vinny?

3 Being Timeless

The Simpsons will be timeless. Family Guy won't be timeless. Family Guy will be cancelled and the more years Family Guy gets, the less it will be remembered and the more it will be forgotten. Seth MacFarlane should really end Family Guy, American Dad, or any other works of his.

The Simpsons will always be remembered. Once Family Guy ends everybodys gonna forget it even existed because of how ephemeral the humor is. - Tacosarelife

Sorry The Simpsons is much older than family guy. Give family guy a few more years and it'll be timeless

4 Being Touching
5 Humor

Its South Park and The Simpsons in a blender. Yeah yeah, say South Park is more mature but its just toilet humour and gore like Family Guy.

Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane are 💩.
Cancel Family Guy!

6 Originality

The Simpsons is real and original. Family Guy is a phony sack of fraud.
Cancel Family Guy!

7 Not Shoving Beliefs Down Your Throat
8 Being Serious

True its true

9 Keeping the Character Traits Consistent Through Episodes
10 More Adult

If The Simpsons was like Family Guy I would've got bored of it in my teens.

The Contenders

11 Being Boring

Family Guy is crap waste of time. Cancel Family Guy!

Family guy is better

Whoever said family guy better is wrong Simpson's is way better


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12 Not Having Child Abuse

People will say "oh but Homer strangles Bart! " well how about breaking through a wall and strangling, its just silliness, a joke.

13 Being Funny

Family Guy = 💩
Please cancel Family Guy.

14 Better Animation
15 Having Morals

The Simpsons have a sense of chivalry and honour. Family Guy doesn't and it needs to "" for its 💩. 👽

16 Parodies that are Not Offensive
17 Less Toilet Humour
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1. Originality
2. Telling a Story
3. Likeable Characters
1. Telling a Story
2. Likeable Characters
3. Being Serious
1. Being Timeless
2. Telling a Story
3. Being Touching


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