Top Ten Things Family Guy Fails at That the Simpsons Excels At


The Top Ten

1 Telling a Story
2 Being Timeless

The Simpsons will always be remembered. Once Family Guy ends everybodys gonna forget it even existed because of how ephemeral the humor is. - Tacosarelife

Sorry The Simpsons is much older than family guy. Give family guy a few more years and it'll be timeless

3 Likeable Characters
4 Being Touching
5 Humor
6 Originality
7 Not Shoving Beliefs Down Your Throat
8 Being Serious

True its true

9 Keeping the Character Traits Consistent Through Episodes
10 More Adult

The Contenders

11 Being Boring V 2 Comments
12 Being Funny
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1. Originality
2. Telling a Story
3. Likeable Characters
1. Telling a Story
2. Likeable Characters
3. Being Serious
1. Being Timeless
2. Telling a Story
3. Being Touching



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