Top 10 Things Fandoms Have Made a Disturbingly Large Amount of People Sexually Attracted To

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1 The spirits of dead children trapped inside horrific animatronic animal monsters that want to violently eat you alive - Five Nights at Freddy's (Tne Animatronics)
2 A flipping FLOWER, and also a rather heartlessly sadistic and mean-spirited one at that - Undertale (Flowey)
3 Pill-shaped, dorkily bespectacled yellow blobs that serve no real purpose in the films other than providing them with ludicrously oversaturated commercial marketing and completely overrated comic relief - Despicable Me (The Minions)
4 Flipping SKELETONS - Undertale (Sans, Papyrus and Gaster)
5 Non-anthropomorphic baby horses - My Little Pony (The Ponies)



6 A shriveled-up, barely-living, blue-skinned corpse in a robot suit - Star Wars (Darth Vader)
7 Quite a few of the titular Pocket Monsters themselves - Pokémon (Gardevoir, Lucario, Lopunny, Treecko, Mewtwo, etc)
8 The very same psychotic space dragon that savagely murdered Samus' entire family right in front of her while she was still just a little girl...and then snarkily laughed at her - Metroid (Ridley)
9 The very same psychotic clown that formulates deplorable schemes to murder and torture everyone in Gotham day after day, all for his sadistic amusement - Batman (The Joker)
10 Vanilla's clearly underage daughter - Sonic (Cream the Rabbit)

The Contenders

11 Morty's creepy alcoholic evil-genius uncle who quite often has green vomit dripping from his mouth while talking and is one of the snarkiest, shadiest douchebags you could ever hope to meet - Rick & Morty (Rick Sanchez)
12 Raven's Clearly Underaged, Fat Younger Brother Who's Always Obsessed with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes - That's So Raven/Cory in the House (Cory)
13 An anthropomorphic eldritch amalgamation of a deer, unicorn, dragon, eagle, horse, pegasus, and either dog or cat at the very least - Discord (My Little Pony)
14 The new psychopathic manchild President of America - 2016 Presidential Election (Donald Trump)
15 Asriel's mother (more like great grandmother) - Undertale (Toriel)
16 A floating yellow triangle with an eye in the center - Gravity Falls (Bill Cipher)

Loomynarty confirmed?

I love him as a villain. He was interesting, unique, and cool. But really, fandom? I read a Bill x Dipper fanfic. I don’t need to again. -shudder-


17 A fat, disgusting ogre who used to literally take baths in swamp muck and brush his teeth with local slug slime - Shrek Franchise (Shrek)

This should be higher-up. This fanbase is the definition of disgusting literally.

18 A twisted Creepypasta version of Steamboat-Willie-era Mickey Mouse - Bendy and the Ink Machine (Bendy)
19 Homer's and Marge's kids - The Simpsons (Bart and Lisa)
20 An anthropomorphic, redheaded paper-cutout sheep girl who is not only massively schizophrenic and paranoid but also is presumably high on LSD 24/7 and has an incredibly weird fetish for guitars and casinos - Parappa the Rapper (Lammy)
21 Anthropomorphic hedgehogs - Sonic (Sonic, Amy, Silver and Shadow)
22 That one particular Creepypasta serial killer that the fangirls will literally NEVER shut up about - Jeff The Killer (Jeff)
23 A douchebag evil vampire whose favorite pastime is to literally freeze time and throw knives into people, then crush them with giant steamrollers - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Dio Brando)
24 Bugs Bunny's girlfriend - Looney Toons (Lola Bunny)
25 Possibly the worst portrayal of vampires to ever exist - Twilight (Edward Cullen)
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