Best Things to Find In a Hotel Room

The Top Ten

1 A Video Game Console

I would play if good and return if bad.

It would be amazing

I would automatically start playing if it was something like Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. If it was a crappy game, I would throw it off the balcony and keep the console - N64Dude

A Hotel In Heaven - FettiMC

2 Someone Else's Wallet

N64Dude you wouldn't steal a complete strangers money? Just because the stranger was rich.

I'm the type of person who would return it to it's original owner regardless how much cash it has. - Lunala

It would be the best if it had a lot of money in it. - N64Dude

Well, no if there is one fly when you open it - Ananya

3 A CD Of Your Favorite Singer/Band
4 A Piece Of Junk Worth Millions

I would take it to an auction right away. - N64Dude

5 A Cute Pet Who Wants You To Be It's Owner

I would take it home with me. - funnyuser

Especially if it's a puppy. - kontrahinsunu

This should be 1.

6 A Hot Girl

Then she asks you to make out with her. GROSS! I put it on here in case anyone else might like this - N64Dude

That wouldn't be a bad thing... - Therandom

7 The World's Rarest Pokemon Card

"Celebrate Good Times come on! " - N64Dude

Pikachu Illustrator...? I'm RICH!

SCORE - Lunala

8 A Hotel Worker's Diary

Might as well spoil the secrets to her boss before he/she finds out. - N64Dude

9 A Metallica Album
10 A Punching Bag With Your Parents On It

I would probably throw it off of the balcony. - N64Dude

The Contenders

11 TV with hundreds of channels
12 Chocolate
13 A Briefcase With a Lot of Money

I can just imagine - Ananya

14 Just A Plain Hotel Room

Sometimes this is the best thing to find - N64Dude

15 Coca-Cola
16 Money
17 A Hamburger
18 Hotel-Brand Soap

I steal these

19 Your favorite celebrity
20 A bunch of pictures of your favourite singer
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