Top Ten Things Fortnite Noobs Do

So I don’t have any ideas for anything but I’m trying to make lists and stuff.

The Top Ten

1 Not care about the storm/the circle

Wow, this list is dedicated to me. Thank You! - TriggerTrashKid

OOF I did this a lot when I started playing - DarkBoi-X

I often don’t care about the storm when I should. - Userguy44

When I first started playing, my sister said “We have to get out of the storm, before the storm eye shrinks! ” I though that meant you can go in the storm but after the timer runs out, everything and everyone in the storm will get sucked into the air and die. Lol I was such a noob! - StupidStorm

2 Don’t build

Or build a 1x1 in more than 10 seconds. - MrCoolC

I can build a 1x1 in under 5 seconds - Maxwel

That’s me! - Userguy44

3 Shoot your teammates thinking they aren’t on your team

I did this a lot when I played Fortnite the first time! - Userguy44

I actually threw a grenade thinking they were an enemy and I got knocked out.Luckily the teammate forgave me and revived me. - DarkBoi-X

I threw a clinger at the wall in Tilted Towers because I didn't know what it did. I got knocked down and my teammate was to far away to revive me. - StupidStorm

4 Think you have to buy weapons with real money so you don’t have one

*cough* me on my first game - sadical

5 Land in the ocean and try to go to the island in the distance

They all suck at fortnite

*cough* me on my second game - sadical

Okay, I was playing duos, and I told my sister “Let’s go to that island! No one will find us! ” I died in the ocean but she got back to land. But it was my 3rd game so... - StupidStorm

6 Stand still all game because you don’t know how to move

Straight Victory Royale. Scarecrow skin needed. - TriggerTrashKid

7 Use shotguns for far range
8 Only build houses and hide in them

I did that when I was a noob. Stayed in the house the whole game and did the default dance. I died in the storm - StupidStorm

9 Miss all of your shots

*cough* me in all of my games - sadical

Definitely StupidStorm and sadical, me on the other hand, 56 VICROYS - Maxwel

10 Praise the Tactical Shotgun

Actually, the Tac is better than the Pump from Gray to Blue in Chapter 2. The Pump is better from Purple to Gold.

The Tac is better in Chapter 2. The Pump got nerfed and takes too long to reload now.

Ew tac - sadical

The Contenders

11 Waste your ammo

Like shooting randomly. - sadical

12 Eliminate themselves

*cough* Lachlan in Fortnite Pro AM *cough*
he’s still my favorite youtuber though - sadical

13 Not run
14 Spend their whole time looking for a Scar-L and don't pick any other gun or ammo
15 Dance

You can get killed easily. Save your dancing for when you win.

16 Only using a pickaxe to kill enemies
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