Top Ten Things Fortnite Noobs Do

So I don’t have any ideas for anything but I’m trying to make lists and stuff.

The Top Ten

1 Not care about the storm/the circle

Wow, this list is dedicated to me. Thank You! - TriggerTrashKid

OOF I did this a lot when I started playing - DarkBoi-X

I often don’t care about the storm when I should. - Userguy44

When I first started playing, my sister said “We have to get out of the storm, before the storm eye shrinks! ” I though that meant you can go in the storm but after the timer runs out, everything and everyone in the storm will get sucked into the air and die. Lol I was such a noob! - StupidStorm

2 Don’t build

Or build a 1x1 in more than 10 seconds. - MrCoolC

I can build a 1x1 in under 5 seconds - Maxwel

That’s me! - Userguy44

3 Shoot your teammates thinking they aren’t on your team

I did this a lot when I played Fortnite the first time! - Userguy44

I actually threw a grenade thinking they were an enemy and I got knocked out.Luckily the teammate forgave me and revived me. - DarkBoi-X

I threw a clinger at the wall in Tilted Towers because I didn't know what it did. I got knocked down and my teammate was to far away to revive me. - StupidStorm

4 Think you have to buy weapons with real money so you don’t have one

*cough* me on my first game - sadical

5 Land in the ocean and try to go to the island in the distance

*cough* me on my second game - sadical

Okay, I was playing duos, and I told my sister “Let’s go to that island! No one will find us! ” I died in the ocean but she got back to land. But it was my 3rd game so... - StupidStorm

6 Stand still all game because you don’t know how to move

Straight Victory Royale. Scarecrow skin needed. - TriggerTrashKid

7 Use shotguns for far range
8 Only build houses and hide in them

I did that when I was a noob. Stayed in the house the whole game and did the default dance. I died in the storm - StupidStorm

9 Miss all of your shots

*cough* me in all of my games - sadical

Definitely StupidStorm and sadical, me on the other hand, 56 VICROYS - Maxwel

10 Waste your ammo

Like shooting randomly. - sadical

The Contenders

11 Eliminate themselves

*cough* Lachlan in Fortnite Pro AM *cough*
he’s still my favorite youtuber though - sadical

12 Praise the Tactical Shotgun

Ew tac - sadical

13 Not run
14 Spend their whole time looking for a Scar-L and don't pick any other gun or ammo
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