Top Ten Things Girls Keep in Their Bags

The Top Ten

1 Make Up

Lol. Make Up your mind. What about make up your profile pic? - NexusUnterganger639

Yeah. I absolutely have that in my bag everyday! - Fandom_Lover

Yes, I started to remember when I was 10 I brought a make up to school. LOL - Music101

That was supposed to say make up - selfiegirl

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2 Phone

Way more common in bags than make-up. - Entranced98

3 Perfume
4 Jewelry V 1 Comment
5 Tissues
6 Hair Brush
7 Moisturizer
8 Money

I keep this on on my wallet and I keep my wallet in my bag - lovingicecreams

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9 Feminine Hygiene Products

Okay. Let's all hope that no boy would ever visit this list. Oh wait, Toucan did. Ugh. - Oliveleaf

Not all women caryy make up,metro card(we don't use metro cards where I'm from),nail ,moisturiser(wow being a girls bag is a hard job),etc but FHP s are always there at the specific time that is. - Toucan

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10 Nail Polish

The Contenders

11 Tampons
12 Hand Gel
13 Metro Card

Just in case you need to catch a bus. - birdechosplash

14 Keys
15 Sanitary pads
16 Diary
17 Hand Sanitizer
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