Top Ten Things Girls Like Most About About a Guy


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21 Be Goofy
22 Good Taste in Music

Lots of women have terrible taste.

23 Cuteness
24 Confidence

I like humble guys better, then they are usually more sweet.

25 Sweetness
26 Understanding

It's okay if he doesn't understand everything, but it's important that he tries. By trying to understand how you feel, it shows that he's listening and he cares.

Even if you don't know why she's mad at you, say sorry.

27 Dimples

I can't believe someone even posted this one. They're literally trying to say that dimples are the most important things about guys. Are you kidding me?

They do make him look like he laughs a lot! Adorable

28 Smile V 1 Comment
29 Hair
30 Eyes
31 Being Brave
32 Geeky Side V 1 Comment
33 Loyalty

You need a loyal guy! - sweetmadi11

34 Faithfulness
35 Clean-Minded
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