Top Ten Things Girls Like Most About About a Guy


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21 Nice Parents

Well this is really out of the guy's control. He can't choose how they are and he can't change them, so don't judge him for his parents. They aren't him.

22 Being Brave
23 Musical

Money, clothes, and looks don't mean anything. Sure looks are one of the first things that attracts you to a person, and money and clothes make a guy appear to be responsible, put together, and on his feet, but music is just something else. When I see a guy who is just so passionate about music, I feel instantly attracted and connected. It may be because I am a musician myself, but when I see a guy passionately playing an instrument or singing, it just amazes me. In a society where everyone is addicted to cell phones and technology, a guy who spends his time on music is refreshing and even sexy.

Agree, I always sing out loud, and I LOVE it when a guy sings along with me.=D

24 Body Fitness

Though it is not the most important thing, body fitness is very important. Not because of how it makes a guy look, but what it says about a guy. A guy who stays healthy and fit shows that he takes care of himself and cares enough about his personal health. A guy who is physically unhealthy seems to have let himself go and stopped caring about his health. And health is attracted as well as it is very important.

Looks like I have bad luck. I am overweight and I don't play any sports. No wonder no one is attracted to me. - ethanmeinster

He must look like Daniel Richard

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25 Play Hard to Get

I hate this one. JUST CONFESS TO HER ALREADY! They'll be like, I'm playing hard to get.
SHE'S WITH SOME LOSER WHO ISN'T WITH YOU ALREADY! (And that's how you lose a girl.) - Fandom_Lover

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26 Be Goofy
27 Good Taste in Music

Lots of women have terrible taste.

28 Dimples

I can't believe someone even posted this one. They're literally trying to say that dimples are the most important things about guys. Are you kidding me?

They do make him look like he laughs a lot! Adorable

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30 Hair
31 Eyes
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33 Loyalty

You need a loyal guy! - sweetmadi11

34 Faithfulness
35 Clean-Minded
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