Top Ten Things Girls Want Boys to Do

The Top Ten

1 Romance them

BULL c alert and lots of it coming your way

Dressed up as a goose

Your not getting

I'm a lucky girl! - Britgirl

2 Be Yourself

Especially if you're insane and perverted

Just be yourself - Neonco31

3 Be nice to them

Its horrible this is an actual problem, especially in relationships

If you want to be happy, make her happy, so she will make you happy, unless you are a psychopath. yep, I said it.

Prove me wrong, and be nice to not just girls, but really everyone. not that hard. come on. - cheeseskates

Mine is always wonderful to me :) I love him! - Britgirl

All my guy friends are nice to me. - RiverClanRocks

So far not working for me. 😞 "you're ugly. You will never have kids. You will never marry. You will die alone. No one will come to your funeral." 😤 and I didn't even punch him. ���" - Badgerflame

4 Act like you have sense

I wonder what Sigmund Freud would think if he saw this list. - PetSounds

5 Buy them new clothes and shoes

I could care less about new clothes and stuff. I get clothes when I need them or if there's something that I REALLY want. - RiverClanRocks

Do I care? I don't care what clothes I'm wearing as long as I don't wear anything girly or embarrass myself.

I would love it if my boyfriend bought me clothes and shoes over food any day

Yeah that's not happening

6 Be Honest

A little bull c

7 Do something smart

Hey we are smarter than you think

Not bull c

8 Singing

Love song anyone? - Neonco31

9 Dance

Oh I'll do the salsa and then get a cane and start tapdancing for you will you like that

10 Play a sport

The Contenders

11 Tell them how nice they are
12 Cook for them

Not bull c☺

13 Don't let them boss you around
14 Tell them they are not better than boys

Feminism is not better than boys its equality.

So you want me to tell you that you arnt better than me? What?

15 Give them all of your money

Those gold diggers

I’m a girl myself, and I hate these types of reasons because boys shouldn’t have to buy expensive presents to win a girl’s heart. They should only do it if they want to, not be forced to do it. Some people say that girls always want things from men and are super spoiled and annoying about it.
Some girls (like me), don’t expect guys to buy everything for us. I just want a sweet guy that loves me, will help me, protect me, and comfort me when I’m sad. Getting me gifts is just an extra, showing that you care and really do love me. So along with me and some other girls, I don’t want expensive gifts or a guy’s money because they feel forced to do it or that I’ll only love them because they get me it. I want them to love me, comfort me, support me, and protect me. Gifts are sweet when not forced and only when the boy wants to give it.
To all the guys out there, all a girl wants is for you to be yourself and to love her forever Ok?

16 Have sex

I hate this one.

Ha it's the other wayaround

No way! - Neonco31


17 Buy them a car

I'll get you a lambragini utill you crash it then I'll get you a private f12 fighter jet.I hope you like my present when you get me a watch

18 Social Activeness
19 Language Fluency
20 Suck a Lemon
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