Best Things God Made


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1 Water

Without water noting on earth would exist?

Water is good

Thanks I will make my assignment now

Water make us drink naturally - FireLove

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2 Sun

Sun made light in the morning - FireLove

3 Tree

Tree was make natures and give fruits - FireLove

4 People

He made us that someone can live here at the earth as the first people and last people - FireLove

Yeah, I sure agree! - HezarioSeth

5 Rainbow

Then what about rainbows before Noah's ark? Didn't it ever rain. Do you know anything about rainbows? No.

Yes! Rainbow makes us see colors around us like Red, Orange, Yellow etc. and more - FireLove

Rainbows represents the Promise of God in Noah's Ark story in the Bible. But nowadays, rainbows are often used in products (like MnMs or Skittles), entertainment industries (especially for girlies like colored horses, pink stuffs etc.) and so on.

6 Air

Air makes refreshing time for us - FireLove

It also helps us breath

7 Happiness

Happiness is virtue!

8 Cloud

Cloud was very blue so we can enjoy - FireLove

9 Land

Nice I think it is good

Land makes us walk and do not fall or make us drive our car - FireLove

LOL I agree

10 Love

Love That Shows our Relationship to God and Your Beloved

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11 Moon

Sun gives a half of light to him to light night - FireLove

12 The Mind
13 Sex

Yes God is great

14 Nature
15 Fire

Keep the body warm in winter

16 Peace
17 Animals

Sloths M8

18 The Ones We Love


Like our family members, the people we fall in love with, etc.

That's true

19 Glaciers
20 Life


21 Snowflakes
22 Flowers
23 Rivers
24 Rain
25 Stars
26 Light

Darkness and Lightness is the first and second maded in earth and that makes Black and White - FireLove

27 Joy
28 Food
29 Bugs
30 Mom

Mom is god who gives us birth and we can see different things present in earth if mom didn't givr us birth then we can know about this earth or anything


31 Insects
32 Earth

Earth is where all the bugs, humans, water, air, and plants are contained.

33 Sky

How it's not 2nd at least¡?

34 Bees Bees

So we can eat honey and deserts

35 Birds
36 Sleeping
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