Top 10 Things Good Users Do On TheTopTens


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1 Make good posts

I don't have good posts, I only have 1 - B1ueNew

2 Make good lists

I only have 1 list that is goos by me but I don't know what others think of it - B1ueNew

3 Not troll

I don't troll - B1ueNew

4 Not bully other users

I don't bully other users - B1ueNew

5 Respect opinions

Back in November and December 2017, I told people to get their ears checked for liking songs I hated like What About Us and Love So Soft, and once said that someone who disliked Michael Jackson doesn't know real music. Now, I am respectful of people who dislike songs I like, or like songs I dislike. - allamassal

I respect opinions on anything - B1ueNew


6 Share your opinions

That's what I do. - B1ueNew

7 Not self promote

Oh snap, I think my first few comments were self promoting, so that means I'm bad user sadly - B1ueNew

8 Not start fights

I don't get into any fights, I want this site to be peaceful - B1ueNew

9 Respect criticism

I respect and welcome constructive criticism and completely ignore the rest. - Britgirl

Yep - B1ueNew

10 Be nice

The Contenders

11 Not state how other users should be

The site allows people to join and participate as much or as little as they choose - there are No requirements to be active and "productive" and no good method of measuring the quality of anyone's contributions and interactions. Quantity alone actually lowers the "value" of the site - Billyv

Well, I know this applies to me, but it�'s actually a good point - Martinglez

12 Make original lists
13 Leave funny comments
14 Not insult people's lists
15 Be creative

Am I creative? - B1ueNew

16 Have fun
17 Rate stuff based on what you think
18 Not care what other users think
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