Top 10 Things Grown Adults Should Know If They're Going to Date 18-year-Olds

Lately I've seen older people dating 18-year-olds. My thoughts? I'm honestly very mixed about it. I get that they're legal and all but they're still not legal enough or fully developed (and what I mean by fully developed is that they're not old enough to drink. Sure they're old enough to have sex but not consume alcohol. The drinking age is 21+). And I am aware that people don't really approve but I've decided to make a list of things that older adults should know before they date someone as young as 18 (just a more helpful list that will hopefully make things a lot better if you know what I mean).

I'm personally not dating anyone (and I don't ever plan to because you don't necessarily need a girlfriend in order to be happy) but I figured I try to offer a little dating advice for some people out there. I mainly made this list because 18 is when you physically become an adult so it would at least make sense to call them adults. But mentally they're not so it would be very important to help them out with experience (that and I also heard online that an 18-year-old dating an underage teen is not pedophilia even though in reality is IS considering how underage teens are not ready for reproduction with adults. I'm just saying that we don't want 18-year-olds to band underage teens that's all).

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Know that the 18-year-old is at a completely different stage of his/her life

I had to come back to this site to state this. And it's gonna be a pretty long comment just to let you all know. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with this list but it's some important stuff that I figured I'd bring up.

Almost everyone has different rules as to what's a kid and what's not. People have different definitions as to what an adolescent is. My personal definition is someone aged 10-20 (which I got from The World Health Organization defines an adolescent as someone aged 10-19. The Iowa Department of Public Health defines one as aged 10-24. Even some studies today state that adolescence continues until age 25 which is when the human brain finally stops developing (some even say it's to stop kids from rushing into adulthood). The reason I personally say it's 20 is because that's when you're still developing. You're still not old enough to drink or to do other different things. Adolescent doesn't mean teenager. It means someone who's developing into an ...more

Know that an 18-year-old is still not legal enough to do other things
Understand half-your-age-plus-seven
Give the 18-year-old as much knowledge and experience as possible
Do not exploit the teen
Make sure you're not abusive toward the teen

Duh. This applies to all ages, not just teens and grownups. - BorisRule

Like them for their personalities instead of their bodies
Don't date them while they're still in high school
Make sure it's okay with their parents

Doesn't this applies to all ages? - BorisRule

Know that you can't please everyone

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Tell them that if they're adults then they're gonna have to start thinking like adults
Be aware that they're subadults
Some people might think you're an offender
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