Top Ten Things Guaranteed to Raise Your Hackles

If you could name one thing that makes your blood boil over, make you cry tears of frustration, makes you pull your hair out, makes you want to kick a get the idea, right? What would it be? A couple of these items are mine but quite possibly you'll have your own. Why not add it, get it off your chest. Together we'll put the world to rights.

The Top Ten

1 Being used
2 Being called homophobic for being heterosexual

Beege, don't even get me started on this agenda-driven canard. PC is sheer madness, whose only purpose is intimidation.

You're right. Madness. Sheer unutterable madness. Fancy being called "bent" for being straight. Can't decide whether to laugh or move to Azerbaijan.. :| - Britgirl

3 Selfishness
4 Arrogant people
5 Queue (line) jumpers

Caught in the wrong mood, I say stuff, Beege. Impolite stuff. Sometimes loud enough for their ancestors to hear.

6 Internet failure

Ah, cybertronicus interruptus-- the second most distressing failure known to man (and woman).

7 Nosy people

My dad is nosy

8 Bad hair days
9 Hunger

Whoops! Haha while this does make me tetchy, I didn't mean to vote for this. I was actually wiping a crumb from my phone and I pressed "vote"! - Britgirl

Know what you mean, Beege. I can turn into one grumpy b***a rd when the badger wakes up and starts tryin' to claw his way out.

10 Laziness

The Contenders

11 Losing something and buying it again, only to find what you lost a day later

Haha, V, great minds do screw up alike, indeed! I added this item because I had to buy a new Stanley knife because I'd "lost" it. I looked for three days. Finally gave into the idea it had grown legs and left home. Today I bought a shiny new one, was about to lock it away and would you believe that the old one was staring up at me from the tool box? I swear if it had a face it would have been grinning smugly at me " Yeah," it would say, "now there are two of us little perishers to lose. Muhaha." - Britgirl

Surely grabbed my attention, Beege. This is the story of my life. Have three identical precision screwdriver sets, purchased over a thirty-five-year period, for precisely the reason you described. And that's just the tip of a huge, gloating iceberg. Great minds screw up alike. •} {•

Gremlins, Beege. Don't leave food around after midnight.

12 Hot nights
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