Top 10 Best Things Hansi Kürsch May Tell You, Based On His Lyrics

Lyrics from both Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards
BG - Blind Guardian
D&W - Demons & Wizards


The Top Ten

1 "All I ever want is to be at your side" - Skalds And Shadows, BG
2 “Welcome to my world and then see me there, the glory that no one denies” - Curse My Name, BG
3 "Come join the path of glory, leave all your fear behind" - Path Of Glory, D&W
4 "Oh, please, embrace me" - The New Order, BG
5 “Will you walk with me?” - War Of The Thrones, BG
6 “And you're not alone so don't be afraid in the dark and cold 'cause the bards' songs will remain” - The Bard's Song, BG
7 "We will not surrender, we won't take it no more" - The Throne, BG
8 “Never give up, never give in, be on our side so we can win” - And Then There Was Silence, BG
9 “Pure in heart and fair-minded, for strength and truth I'll keep on” - Seize The Day, D&W
10 “I'm the wizard, I will change it all” - Valhalla, BG

The Contenders

11 "There's hope for everyone"- The Last Candle, BG
12 "Would you open the door, there is so much more to say" - The New Order, BG
13 “Just hand me my harp and this night turns into myth” - Skalds And Shadows, BG
14 "All that I know Is that I'm not insane" - Sacred Worlds, BG
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