Top Ten Things That Happen When You Question Your Sexual Orientation

I'm not comfortable saying I'm gay yet, because it could be a phase, and because I think I'm too young to put a label on all my feelings. However, I'm okay with a temporary label like "Questioning", which I am.
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1 Feeling like you could blurt it out any second

And thank goodness I haven't yet, but I can't tell you how many times I've felt like shouting "I'm a lesbian! " Out of the blue! Of course, I shouldn't before I know for sure, and I don't.

I've never seriously questioned my straightness, but I can imagine this would be difficult.

2 Wondering what would happen if you did come out

My fears being that my female friends wont treat me the same, that my church wont accept it, or that I'll be perceived as an attention-seeker.

3 Wondering if it's a phase

I wondered that, too. I've always found the female body so beautiful and soft with its smooth edges and luscious curves. I also alway found the male body to be firm and strong with its sharp edges and more defined muscles. I like both, and before I just thought that maybe feeling that way towards girls was weird and that I would get over it. Well, it turns out I wasn't as straight as I thought I was! Bisexuals represent!

It would certainly be very embarrassing to come out, and then realize I'm straight. Which is mostly why I'm not solidifying my label anytime soon. Not that I need one at fourteen anyways.

Most lesbians, bis, transgenders, gays, etc etc know from a very young age, and don't need to think about it. But according to the LGBT website, many if not all kids question their sexuality in their life. Like I've known I like both forever.

I think by 14 you should know for sure.

4 Worrying about what your faith says about homosexuality

For an Christian who is homosexual or think homosexuality is moral, read:

In Old Testament: Genesis 19:1-11...Leviticus 18:22...Leviticus 20:13...Judges 19:16-24...1 Kings 14:24...1 Kings 15:12...2 Kings 23:7. In New Testament: Romans 1:18-32...1 Corinthians 6:9-11...1 Timothy 1:8-10...Jude 7.

This is an issue for me, being a devout Christian along with questioning will certainly open me up to a boatload of criticism. But in the end, I have my personal relationship with God, that doesn't concern you.

I don't think it is a sin to be Bi, gay or anything. God loves us, he just wants to help us and take us to heaven.

I would never have to worry about this; I am a straight atheist...

5 Thinking about how you would come out

I don't think anyone gives a cheese about my sexuality, so I don't know if its necessary to.

You must have guts to make this.

6 Wondering whether your feelings are real

I always wonder this

7 Confused about fitting the stereotype

I'm a girly girl, and most lesbians are stereotyped to be masculine tomboys. That made it really confusing because I didn't know if a lesbian could be feminine (of course, they can be, I know that now).

This is true for me being transgender. I try not to act too girlish still since I don't have the social skills for it. Usually though, I'll try to conform to whatever it was I was originally doing in my life anyways.

Of course they can, some lesbians are butch, others are feminine. Some gays are feminine, others are maschuline, and you wouldn't know their sexuality unless they told you.

8 Being doubtful
9 Wondering if it's a choice

Short answer: It's not. If it was, I'd choose to be straight in a second. It'd be much easier.

I've never questioned before. I've always been straight.

It's a choice. But it's fine if you choose to be.

Nope, gay men are born gay due to an overexposure of estergine in their mom's womb, and girls become lesbian by an overexposure to the males hormones in the mom's womb

10 Worrying about how your friends and family will react
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11 Fear of it coming up in a conversation

I don't know how to react when people ask me things along the lines of who I like.

Can't tell you how many times I've contemplated hitting "Add List", ah whatever. Hopefully, I don't regret this.

I don't think I'd have the courage to hit the add list button if I was in your place (I'm straight by the way). But that requires lots of guts. And my respect for you for that.

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