Top Ten Things That Happened On May 29th


The Top Ten

1 keycha1n Born (2001)

Wow! My birthday is today (the 30th). I didn't know you were born a day before me, even though it was in a different year. - Minecraftcrazy530

Hey, did you do any research on this list? - funnyuser

Thank you so much Positron! =) for this list, that is - keycha1n

And here I thought it was only yesterday... - Billyv

2 General Relativity Theory first observationally tested by deflection of light under gravity (1919)

This single observation was what confirmed the wild postulate that acceleration and gravity were one and the same, and went on to describe the idea of multiverses existing beyond spacial horizons, led to development of geosynchronous satellites, and changed our model of the whole universe itself from a static and isotropic grid to a dynamical entity driven into expansion by the false vacuum, or possibly quintessence, and whose cyclic evolution would imply that it is part of a larger framework. It truly is incredible what a single astronomical sight can do to unravel the mysteries of science. - PositronWildhawk

3 First election in Russia following the collapse of the USSR (1990)
4 Summit of Mt. Everest first ascended (1953)
5 Space Shuttle Discovery makes first docking with the ISS (1999)
6 Coca-Cola first advertised as a drug (1886)
7 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Born (1917)

Hmm, I remember this fact from many years ago. The first thing I thought: "does this mean I'll get assassinated too? ".
Mind you, I was in third grade, and not quite understanding the impact JFK had on the world. Those are some birthday shoes to fill... ! - keycha1n

I share a birthday with Joseph Stalin. Would you say the same thing about me? - PositronWildhawk

You share a birthday with JFK! Have a great one, keys. - PetSounds

I already have all kinds of conspiracy theories and predictions about her. - PositronWildhawk

Cool, how does it feel to share a b-day with the fourth best president (according to TheTopTens), keycha1n.
Fact: I share the same b-day as JFK's brother, Robert Francis Kennedy. - FasterThanSonic

8 Peter Higgs Born (1929)

We've all heard of the spinless massive particle in his name! And if you think this item should be higher, it's not the only hierarchy problem surrounding it. - PositronWildhawk

"You're my hero! " - higgsboson2142

9 Rhode Island appointed as the 13th US State, the last original colony to sign the Constitution (1790)
10 Iron Maiden released Brave New World (2000)

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11 Battle of Goose Green, the beginning of the end of the Falklands War (1982)
12 Pixar's Up Came Out (2009)
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