Things from the Harry Potter Series that Would Be Cool in Real Life


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1 Marauders Map
2 Invisibility Cloak

Yeah would be perfect

3 Time-Turner

Leave Time-Turner, Who wants to be the part of Dinner in the Great Hall?...
People can actually eat in Hogwarts Dinner hall in London Warner Bros. Studio Tour for Christmas! - Ananya

This would create so many problems and paradoxes - NobodyFamous

Please no! Not everyone is smart enough to understand what's in stake when you are going to the past! - Hwol

Would also be dangerous. People have died, you cannot be seen.

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4 Quidditch

We need to get on that! Why hasn't science worked on flying sticks with straw on them? How about flying balls that are hit with bats? Scientists don't work on much of anything else useful a lot, so why not make flying possible?

The death rate would go higher than a broom can - DapperPickle

That would be extremely awesome


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5 Magic

*alan rickman voice* Obviously...

Everything on this list is possible only if this is here! - Cyclne

Yes. *bad Alan Rickman voice* obviously:

With Magic you could do basically anything so I vote magic but, there are also down sides like Avadakandavra (I probably spelled that wrong so I’ll just call it the killing spell)

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6 Mirror of Erised

Would be a little wonderful

I wonder what I'd see in the mirror. - AnonymousChick

7 Remembrall
8 Hogwarts

Where else would us witches and wizards learn how to fight a dark lord that just will. not. die.? He was immortal for so long then he died. I kinda was sad to see him go. Jk! He needed to have died years ago!

I always wanted to be at that school
because you would actually learn things you need in real life. - Fretto

I would go to Hogwarts if it was real in seconds😀

9 Wand
10 Resurrection Stone

The Newcomers

? St Mungos
? Quodpot

For the American fans. It's the American broomsport because in the American wizarding world they are more into Quodpot than Quidditch.

The Contenders

11 SpectraSpecs
12 Pensieve
13 Platform 9 3/4

I need to be able to run into a wall and come out on the other side with a magic train and a witch that comes around and has a sweet trolly! Why doesn't that exist yet?

14 The Room of Requirement

This is the best room! Imagine if you were a fangirl (like me) and you imagined the shire from Middle earth or Tatooine from star wars and it was there! It would be awesome

15 Sorting Hat

This would be awesome for Frats and Sororities - NobodyFamous

16 Deathly Hallows
17 Elder Wand
18 Hogwarts Houses
19 Sorcerer's Stone
20 Apparition
21 Polyjuice Potion
22 Felix Felicis
23 Philosopher's Stone
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