Top Ten Things to Hate About Seattle

The Top Ten

1 The Weather
2 Pretentious People

Rude, Self Righteous, sanctimonious a$$holes... I have been and lived in a lot of Cities and States, this place takes the number one spot for RUDE! I'd much rather be told to F-off then this Passive Aggressive BS... I can not wait for the day I leave this place, back to a place were "FREEZING COLD" is the weather report not a description of the People in a City

3 The Hipsters
4 The Seahawks Fans
5 The Seahawks
6 Crazy Homeless People
7 The Mariners
8 The Space Needle

Ok so the space needle may look awesome but come on all it really is, is a expensive crappy restaurant with a gift shop

9 Racist Cops

Racist cops? Laugh out loud, this list, the only people who don't like seattle either hate the weather (reasonable) and soft people who are afraid to get their feelings hurt. The police, racist? Seattle has the softest police force of any city, they WILL NOT do anything just to avoid being ridiculed, the crime rate is low, but that's no thanks to the police. If you don't like seattle, go away, you soft ass.

10 Coffee Snobs

The Contenders

11 The Hippies

Because, ew, hippies. They're all over the place, and they're awful. You can smell them from a block away.

12 The People Who Say 50 Degree Weather Is Warm
13 The Niner Fans Who Won't Leave Seattle

Its almost not worth living in the best city in the world because of these sellouts/people who moved from San Fran/bandwagon riders.

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