Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog

I am a hardcore Sonic fan so this is might be stupid but... Here are things that make Sonic not so much of a hero.

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61 Sonic's hair

Wha the hell he's a hedgehog what the hell do you expect some kinda short cut style or wut

62 Sonic's ignorance
63 His arch-rivalries with Shadow the Hedgehog

You've already put this one

64 He only sees Amy arose as a younger sister

Cause There Just Friends


65 Sonic doesn't have relations toward Inky (the blue ghost from Pac-Man) & his sister Pinky (from Pac-Man)

What up with pac-man? He'll end up like Sonic 06 one day. Look at Hotel Mario... Ugh I hate that game - Chaotixhero

Why should Sonic be friends with pac man characters? That doesn't mean he's bad.

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66 Sonic is on Archie Comics
67 It exists

Who and what?

68 He is used in music videos instead of Pac-Man

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog & other Sonic characters used in Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry & other celebrity music videos instead of Pac-Man?!

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69 He's more of a teen than an adult

What do you expect he is a teen.


70 The soundtrack
71 He is usually with robots & his own franchise characters
72 Modern Sonic is almost everywhere
73 He's short (before Sonic Boom)
74 Sonic Adventure series

YES! The Adventure series should never existed! There are the beginning of the end for Sonic!

75 Sonic was supposed to be female

Girly Sonic Well Beat Up Male Sonic - CuteGirlJigglypuff

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76 He's stupid
77 Sonic says "awesome", "radical", "cool", "dude" & all other kinds of terrible words

Sonic ought to have his hair pulled for that.

Don't Peach & Daisy say the same words to be girlish princesses?

I hate sonic, and him saying that makes me wanna punch him more!

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78 He was supposed to be Amy's older brother
79 The Sonic the Hedgehog Erotic Fan Art
80 Sonic's Relations With Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog is best friends with Miles Tails Prower.
I do not approve then.

Sonic the Hedgehog has a love/hate relation with Amy Rose.
Worst one to date!

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