Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog

I am a hardcore Sonic fan so this is might be stupid but... Here are things that make Sonic not so much of a hero.

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81 Sonic's Arch-rivalry With Males

Why is Sonic Team, SEGa and Archie Comics so sexist and stereotypical?

82 Sonic's Current Hairstyle
83 His cutscenes
84 He's not fast enough

Maybe I Well Make Mario Fast And Let How He Likes It - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Seta is lying when they say he's the fastest thing on the planet. He's not. Light is much faster.

What do you expect from a hedgehog that can stand on just two legs -_-

85 His eyes are green

You've already put this -_-

86 Sonic Unleashed

This should come in at least top 5. This game sucks. It's also too overrated for such an annoying game like Sonic Unleashed.

87 Modern Sonic is overrated

Classic Sonic is much better!

And my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog video game is Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive.

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88 Sonic Has Awful Archie Comics

Sonic should not be on Archie Comics, but Pac-Man should!

Nothing wrong with archie and sonic,you idiot.

89 Sonic Prefers to Run

And, I shall ask, what is wrong with that?

90 His badass personality

I think you meant his ass personality.

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91 Sonic's Cutscenes
92 He usually confronts Dr. Eggman

What the hell of course he does in order to save the planet!

93 He's not Canadian

So? Who is this a Canadian?

94 His rivalry with Blaze the Cat & Jet the Hawk
95 The Sonic Advance series
96 When Sonic talks

This is a good one

97 When Sonic shows off pointed teeth

Sonic is not the only one who shows off pointed teeth. When Tails & Amy are upset, sometimes they do show off pointed teeth. Sometimes when Shadow the Hedgehog has a ):D face, he shows off pointed teeth. But yeah, curse the Sonic Adventure 1 boxart whereas Sonic is showing off his pointed teeth whereas he looks violent. Mario/Mega Man/Pac-Man characters look much better showing off pointed teeth.

98 Sonamy

Uh, no! Best couple. (Sorry Tails and Cosmo.)

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99 Super Sonic Super Sonic
100 Sonic's 2nd design
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