Top Ten Things to Hate About Sonic the Hedgehog


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101 When Sonic pisses off Amy Rose
102 His attitude

Well His You're Too Slow Saying Is Super Rude - CuteGirlJigglypuff

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103 Sonic Heroes
104 Sonic is fussy
105 Sonic usually has to confess to his angry friends (especially Amy Rose, Tails & Knuckles, three of his best friends)

This is what Sonic's ignorance causes. Man I hate that hedgehog.

106 Sonic interacts with Princess Peach & barely Princess Daisy

Princess Peach is now getting more and more thumbs down on every hate comment she gets nowadays. She sucks!

107 Sonic's quills are supposed to be brown
108 Sonic's best friend is Tails

It should be Amy and they should date.

109 Sonic appeared in Sonic X

What? I mean the shows named after him. This is a horrible reason to hate him coming from a hater.

Well of course he did. Sonic is THE main one. What do you want it to be called, Tails X or Amy X?!

Yeah, and SpongeBob appeared in SpongeBob SquarePants the movie.

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110 Sonic's relation with Tails
111 Sonic is overly annoying

Sonic the Hedgehog sounds annoying all the time, & he should keep his mouth shut. I do not even like what Sonic is talking about.

I guess that's why Eggman wants to destroy him. Seems reasonable enough.

112 Sonic '06

I hate Sonic '06, but it is not the worst Sonic game. Sonic Battle is the worst Sonic game!

I Can Tolerate The Game But In My Opinion It's Meh, But Look On The bright Side The Glitches Are Hilarious!

Man, what can get worse than this devilish game? Sonic Shuffle and Sonic X, I bet.

113 Live and Learn
114 The Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series

I loved the Wii version. I liked fencing and every time I had to fence with Sonic I would think, "Ooh, this will be fun," and crack my knuckles.

115 All the songs from Sonic Unleashed
116 Sonic Lost World
117 Sonic the Hedgehog's dude talk
118 Sonic the Hedgehog is vapid V 1 Comment
119 When he is pissed
120 Sonic is a hedgehog V 1 Comment
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2. Amy Rose
3. He died in Sonic 06
1. He lost a lot of weight
2. He is not a good friend to Tails
3. He is addicted to chilli dogs



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