My Summer of 2009 (edit)


At Summer of 2009.....My Parent made me go to this "Fun" Camp, which I didn't feel like going to, But i lived in Manitoba Canada and that camp was in Ontario, so i had to travel like 16 hours of Road trip, once i got there it was like a 60 student camp there so i went, and like there were only 12 girls and 10 boys but 3 boys were absent, I loved it so much, Them from out of now where I ran into this girl named "Beylin" she was beautiful, i said sorry to her and she said sorry back and once i we were walking away i looked back and caught her looking back also, so that made my first day of camp, So us men had to wear Jeaned shorts and black t shirts so we did, i look good, and then i seen her.....i seen Beylin she looked so pretty, she was wearing like a Skirt....a rose tied to her hair and other stuff, she looked amazing, so we all went to the cafeteria and i seen her all alone...yea she was a loner because she was new there, so I wasn't much of a popular kid there either because my Best Friend "Michael"..Michael Muswagon, he was late, so i was eating lunch alone at the small table in the corner, Then suddenly Beylin comes right up and says "'s me again" then i said "Hey" she interrupts me saying "My name is Beylin umm can i sit with u?" then i said "yes of course" with her pleasure face saying "ahh thank u so much", so we been eating there all shy to each other saying nothing, i was watching her eat her turkey sandwich, but then i asked "are u new here? because I’m new here too", her happy face saying "ha-ha yea...I’m from New Haven, Connecticut“. Me and my shy happy face saying "oh yea, ha-ha I’m from Norway House Manitoba" Her and her shy smile saying "oh yea all these other kids here i don't know at all it's just you that i know...speaking of knowing what’s your name?" me smiling at her back saying, " name is Alexander Albert" her shy face saying "aww that's a very sweet name" me saying "what's your last name Beylin?, her with her blushing face saying, "ha-ha my full name is Beylin Bella Muswagon", me happily saying "aww yea that's pretty beautiful name you got there", her happily saying "thanks", then the bell rang, and i seen the look in her eyes looking depressed, it was like she didn't want to leave, so she got up and started walking away once she got by the door she said to me "Bye Alex", with her waving at me, then me smiling away saying "Bye Beylin' waving back to her, then the next class i was thinking about her the whole period, but then when the boys and girls went to the hike,...yea i tried looking for her in that crowd of 13 year olds but just couldn't find her then, from out of nowhere i heard "hey..Alex, Alexander", from behind me there she was smiling not looking too shy, so i waited for her, then we started talking to each other again, then me started off the chat by saying "hey i was looking for you for some reason just to see how u were doing", her replying saying "how sweet of you, i was doing the same thing” So the whole hour of hiking me and her were side by side. So the activities were done for the day, and all the Teens were just chilling out in there rooms, then suddenly I got a room with 2 beds and I was like "great no roommate", so I got settled in and stuff, then my chaperone comes in the room saying "hey your roommate just finally arrived" then suddenly it was my good friend Michael with a excited face, so I said “Finally dude u came, I was about to wonder that u weren’t going to come”, and him still in his excitement saying “so what’s up?”, then I said. “nothing much…I’ll tell you later”, so like around 12:30am we were just catching up on stuff, and then Beylin started banging on our door, then I walked up and opened the door, and her and her scared face saying “hey Alexander can I come in?” and me saying “yeah sure of course”, she told me what was wrong and she said that her room mate Jesse was not there in her room with Beylin then I said why won’t you come stay with us for awhile, her with her Smiling face again saying “Ohhh thanks Alex” kissing me on the cheek and coming in. I introduced Michael and Beylin to each other, Us three were playing connect 4 all this time, Beylin was the one winning, she was 24 - 0, So I said to her “well it looks like your our champion tonight”, she said with her smiling face “yea I was trained for this stuff so yea”, So we heard another knock at our door, It was a girl from my arts craft saying “Hey umm…it’s Alexander right?,, yea umm.. Me and my girl friends and some other boys are going for a late night dip, some of us are just hanging out around there, please come it’ll be fun you can bring your friend and Beylin and Mike okay?, I would love if they come okay?, so what do u say?” I was speechless I looked over to Michael and Beylin there and Michael said “I’m down with that” and I looked over at Beylin she looked a little nervous so I said “Want to come join us?, c’mon it’ll be fun”, then she looked up at me saying “I will go if you will be with me all the time, I’m still getting used to this stuff k?, and I said “Of course I’m still getting used to this stuff too, in fact I’ll hold your hand”, and her with her shy face again saying “Thanks, alright I’m in”, then the girl at the door said, “aww that’s so cute, alright great see ya guys down there”, so Me Michael and Beylin were walking side by side, me and Beylin still holding hands, but then it was late at night and we snuck out, so I felt guilty but I was okay cos I was with Beylin, so when we got there they were a lot of kids there just like about 13 of them, so Michael got pushed in by Beylin’s Friend, when we arrived we seen every thing you could ever imagine, kids were diving around so the same girl walked up to us and said, “umm, are you guys going out or something? ha-ha cause your holding hands” and then I said to her “umm nah me and Beylin are like that” then I seen Beylin looking at me as if I had a clown face or something, so all the swimmers and other kids went running behind the shack that is behind the pond so we went there also, and then we started smelling tobacco and all that, about 6 of the 13 kids were smoking them then that girl gave me a cigarette and I said “no thanks” but then Beylin grabbed it and said cheers and when she was about to put it in her mouth I cover her mouth with my 2 fingers and said “no smoking isn’t right, please drop the cigarette”, then she looked at me with a sad face saying “yea your right smoking isn’t cool after all” and smiled at me and she dropped it and stepped on it, so then that girl came in front of Beylin and pushed her said “hey bitch that was my cigarette” and sticking a finger right in her face, I felt so bad it made me tear up, so I said “hey piss off u can buy other ones” while I was saying that Beylin hugged my arms tight and said “yea what he said so she push her in the shack door”, but then about 3 of these teenagers were high, but then these Chaperones started running our way then I said “OMG BEYLIN, MICHAEL LET’S TAKE OFF!!” then Beylin saying “Frick let’s go” so we started running to our Room but then those other kids were running to their rooms also, one of them got caught, but then while me and her were running I noticed that I was still holding her hand, it was so sweet I kept that promise, then we arrived at our door with Michael behind us, me and Beylin jumping on the bed, with Michael closing the door, Then she realized that I was still holding her hand she gave me a hug and said “aww your still holding my hand?, that’s very very sweet of ya”, so she hugged me as very good friend, then she said “Bye Alex see you tomorrow”, then I said “I very hope so bye Beylin”, and I seen I the look in her eye saying “you’re a good friend”, When she opened the door and closed it I felt like the so special, The next day, I went to my activity and seen Beylin chatting with that girl that pushed her I also seen the girl with a face saying “I’m sorry”, but I didn’t know what they were talking about, but then I didn’t want Beylin to get hurt again, but the next thing I seen was them hugging, So when we were on break I went up to Beylin and said “What was that about?, u and that girl”, then she said with a smile on her face saying “Oh you mean Jennica?, yea she said she was sorry and said what happened last night she is only like that when she’s stoned, so yea,” so I was so happy they made up and stuff, but then it was the competition day, but I didn’t want to compete but then they let us swim instead, so I went to Beylins door and knocked 5 times, but then they were no answer then I knocked again, then she opened the door all sad saying “Oh I’m so glad you’re here come inside”, so I went in, then she said to me “ugh Alex I’m not going to swim”, then I said why not?, it’s fun, she said “I know but I don’t know how to swim in stuff plus it’s cold”, then I had a sad face too but then I said to her” C’mon… I’ll hold your hand the whole time again” with me offering my hand, then she smiled and said “ok thank you so much” then we walked outside heading to the water, with Michael behind us, but then Jennica comes and says “C’mon you lovebirds’ and let’s go have some fun”, then I said “yea fun as possible”, but then I felt the water with my feet then I was like “OMG it is cold”, then Beylin said “told ya” and then letting go of my hand and splashing me with water, I was like “OMG whew that’s your turn”, then her running to the deep end up to her knees and running towards Michael and went behind him then pushed him towards me, me and him were caught off guard then we both fell in, and Jennica and Beylin were just laughing at us shiver as freaks, Michael and me went running to them, but then I caught up to Beylin fast then she fell back with me catching her, then I pick her up into my arms then all of the sudden I was walking backwards and I felt Jennica on her knees and hands, I fell over her with Beylin still in my arms, as I fell in the next thing I knew I seen Beylin giving me Mouth to mouth, and a lot of other kids just in a circle staring at me, then Miss Jackson patting Beylin on the shoulder saying “good girl you saved his life….good girl” I was so thrilled that I fainted. Then it hit night time, I’m in my room all warm and cozy then I hear my door banging, so I ran to the door then opened it, then it was Beylin all fine, she said “can I come in?” then I said “sure of course you can”, then once we sat down on my bed I said “Thank you so much for saving me….I guess I was out cold or something” then she smiled and leaned over to my face and kissed my cheek and it was beautiful I was so in love in that moment, and her saying “it’s alright I needed to get something achieved during this summer“, then I said “ummm want to go outside on that porch by the boats for a while?” sure why not let’s see the ocean while it’s night time”, so we went as a couple but then I notice that we weren’t holding hands then I felt her grab my hand tight and I looked at her and I looked in her eyes they were so beautiful and I smiled and she smiled back, but then I heard a buzzing sound then she brought out her cell phone, then when she was reading the text, she stopped walking and her hands to her face as if she was crying, but then she was crying, then she ran to the corner of the porch, then I ran up to her saying “OMG Beylin what’s wrong?” I seen the sadness in her eyes saying “Alexander come here” then I sat down with her, and she started hugging me while crying, I said “Beylin please tell me what’s wrong?” then she said in 2 days my older sister is going to pick me up and take me home”, then It made me feel bad that she was going home early, then I said “oh no, I’m going to miss you very much”, then she said “I know you are”, but then it was morning me and her slept threw the whole night in that ocean porch, but then I woke up, and seen that my arm was around her and she was making herself comfy, but she woke up and said “ha-ha are we ever cute?, slept threw the whole night time…wanna get breakfast were right on time?” then I said “yea let’s go here I think we should go get ready for the day” and she said “umm..yeah good thinking” then I was already and waiting for her at her door, then when I saw her she was actually a “emo” but then I accept who she was, so she said “umm… yea you notice my act what do u think of it?” then I said “you look gorgeous I accept who you are” then she smiled at me and said “c’mon let’s take off now” , so we did then we got there like about 10 minutes late, then Sister Cannon walked up and yelled “WHERE WERE YOU TOO?” , then Beylin said “Just out for a Morning Jog”, then I was surprised that she lied to get outta trouble, but then Sister Cannon said “Jog?, awww how sweet, you two?, jogging together?, aww okay get some food and we’ll go to our next activity”, then I said “God bless you Sister Cannon” then she smiled and did that cross thing to her body, so we sat down and Beylin was just laughing so she pulled out her Ipod touch out of nowhere and she said to me “Do you listen to KISS?, then I was yet again all surprised and said “OMG it’s like your stalking me, I LOVE KISS”, then she laugh yet again and said Okay let’s listen to LOVEGUN “and I said “yeah my favourite song”, then while she was turning it on she looked at me and smiled while she was chewing she looked so cute like she was a 4 year old, When LOVEGUN was over it switched to the song “FOREVER’ it’s another KISS song but it was a romantic one, My stomach dropped and I was so in love at that very moment then Beylin looked at me and I looked at her then we got so close to kissing but then I seen at the corner of my eye 2 other couple were kissing also, then I said “wait a minute is that?, that’s MICHAEL AND JENNICA!!!!” then Beylin looked and giggled, and she brought out her phone and recorded it all, then Michael looked at me and Beylin and we stuck our thumps up, then he smiled and hugged Jennica, but then we were getting ready n stuff, and she said “here, want to borrow it till 2morrow? Then I said “I would love that”, then she said smiling “okay knock yourself out with it”, then I said “ha-ha I will well ttyl”, she said back “later Alex”, then I was so crushing on her, so I popped on the ear phones, and looked threw it, I was hiking again with sister cannon, then I was looking at her photos then she had her baby pictures, she was so cute, I just felt like dropping, so sister cannon said “well sorry boys and girls” “no more hiking cos there’s a BEAR!!!! RUN!!!!, then we were all running, then I dropped Beylins I pod touch, then I ran back, and got it then the bear spot me then I ran, but I notice the others were too far to realize that I was gone, and I notice that bear was chasing me, so I ran like that smooth criminal, just running and running, just jumping over broken trees and rocks, then I managed to get away, so I seen Beylin in her room just staring at me running so I ran to her room and got in, then she was like “Alex what the hell happened?”, then I said “OMG a bear was chasing the whole class“, then she said “why were you so far behind them?”, then I said to her “I dropped you I pod and went back to go get it” then she was happily saying “just 4 me?, man your so brave”, then I said “yeah I was just dashing like dah wind”, then she kissed me and said “my hero”, then all of the sudden, sister cannon came in and said “ Are you okay Alexander?, then I said “it’s all cool sister cannon”, then she was like “oh…okay cos if something happens to any of you, it‘s going to be my fault whew”, so Michael and Jennica walked in and threw some 5 dollar bills at me, and said “what the hell are these for I need no money?” then Michael said “umm. Don’t get mad but Jennica and I betted that u were going to get eaten when we seen you running”, then while Beylin was eating her pudding she burst out laughing and accidentally spitting it all over me, then all of the gang started to laugh, then Beylin was turning pink then red, she was on the floor a few seconds and came back up sat next beside me and hugged me still laughing, so she said “OMG…..yea I know I laugh like a freak”, then Michael said “yea pretty much”, then I said “maybe a little but that’s because u were laughing hard”, then she once again planted one on me and whipped off with her 2 fingers, I think that was cool, so then the next day I went walking in her room to give her, her ipod, but then I seen her packing fast, then I touched her shoulder and said “are you leaving now?”, then she turned around and hugged me fast and tight and said “OMG Alexander I’m going to miss you really bad”, then she started crying, which was making me tear up too, then I tried to give her I pod back then she pushed it to my chest and said, “No you keep it till next summer”, then I said ‘ok I will take it to remember you”, then we made out 4 least 10 minutes, then I helped her with her bags, then her, Big sister walked up to me and said “here give me your email address…I’ll make an face book account 4 her…then I said “OMG really?, thank u so much”, then she said “hey don’t mention it, I hate seeing her makes me sad too”, so I walked up to Beylin and gave her an goodbye kiss, then I opened the door 4 her and she sat down, her sister got into the vehicle also, then the engine started. Then she hit the gas pedal, she looked out the window still crying then she waved at me so I waved back” then the vehicle turned to the right till I didn’t see her anymore”……To be Continued till next summer