Top Ten Things to Hate About San Francisco

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1 Hipsters

It's not just hipsters. There are many young and immature people who rely on their charisma to get jobs they aren't qualified for and then in their position of power they select other people who lack any real skills and keep society from reaching greatness. - Electricbassguy

Hipsters and Hippies are not the same. Hippies were hip in the sixties. Some of them are still Hippies now but they aren't hipsters anymore.

Good God, I hate all the hippies.

I miss the days when men were men...

2 Homeless People

This is probably the reason why such a beautiful city as San Francisco becomes a horrible place to live in. People getting high on our sidewalks, pooping, peeing and having sex on our side walks shouldn't be normal, plus they get to do all this using our tax paying money - great!

I saw a whole city of tents under a freeway in Oakland.

Yes, most homeless are there for a reason. Not just down on their luck. Some of them have been "homeless" for decades. You can come here and get free drugs, free needles, free food, free clothing, and still get a Social Security or welfare check. Why pay rent?

Not a " only San Francisco " problem. Believe me, it's in every important city in the United States that you see day by day an increase of homeless people. Not a San Francisco problem but a American national problem.

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3 Code Pink

See point 4 re critical mass. The sensationalist approach to getting your point across just causes people to take you less seriously than they already do, and only garners the respect of people as much if not more insane than you.

If you want to get something done re policy, than do something meaningful, or run for office. If enough people are insane enough to fund your campaign vote for you than you can do all the things you advocate.

But then you wouldn't have anything to bitch about, so no, I guess taht wouldn't work.

4 Liberals

STFU already. Libtards have ruined the entire country and the global warming/justice this justice that/alternative lifestyle-homoactivism schtick is sooo old.

5 The Hills

This is only a partial hate. Sometimes I love them. But nowhere does it say that consistency on the behalf of the writer is a prerequisite for a top ten.

6 Yuppies Are Taking Over the City

Yes, and the ones who are kicked out of their homes because they can't afford it anymore are now the homeless people of San Francisco.

What used to be cheap districts ( the Haight-ashbury district for instance ) is now for rich people only. They raise the rent to be sure that only their kind of people come to live there. The big problem is that they're beginning to do it in all " what used to be low-rent " districts of San Francisco now. It's like they want to kick out all the working-class ( who have just enough to survive every month with their pay ) of San Francisco.

7 Academy of Art University

I lived there for a year. San Francisco is over rated. The novelty ends quickly. I felt like I was in a fraternity that I did not want to belong to and the people are closed minded and not all that friendly. I decided that if I am going to pay over 2k for a studio apartment I might as well live in a real city...New York.

So you've been to school for a year or two and you know you've seen it all...

The most expensive barista prep education ever.

I am now in debt 300, 000 because of this ridiculous school that is using federal $ to own half the city. Not worth it.

8 Critical Mass


Bikers. Listen.

You will never get rid of cars. Your ideal of a car free world is just that, an ideal of a bunch of overeducated uber liberals whose head is so far up their rectums that they can't see through their own BS. Good luck biking 200 miles to your next service trip with the sierra club (which I'm a member of btw).

Even so, given that your end is a lofty ideal that will never happen, the way to pursue it isn't to take over every street in san francisco for two hours. Traffic laws exist for a reason, and your cause will in no way be advanced by blatantly breaking every one of them, all it will do is either piss people off, or provide them mild amusement as they watch you riding by super slowly in a congested clusterf*@k). If you want to pursue unrealistically lofty ideals then petition your local government official (or run! )


I say that there be a day where we get to hit them (but they can't be aware of said date)... but not too hard. JKJK lol.
Whoever did these comments I bow down to you. - fireinside96

Love it! Bikers think they own the streets in SF... During rush hour, we all want to get home. Learn to share the road bikers!

They have done this in Berkelely as well...geet a life!

9 People Who Wear Super Expensive Biking Outfits On Their Morning Commute

Ok Lance Armstrong, your wardrobe has made all of us acutely aware of the fact that you're a super hardcore biker. We got it, you are the MAN!.

Now can you just wear regular clothes? We don't need to see your huge package / cameltoe through your spandex shorts and given that you're riding a train most of the way, you're probably biking about two miles each way. Max.

10 The Marina

The most boring part of our SF tour. We couldn't figure out why their noses were so far in the air. Snobs for no reason. We do fairly well income-wise and didn't see what all the hype was about. Women that don't wear make-up that were one drink away from being a stripper and men that thought they had a '10' on their arms, but really had a 2 at best.

Wow ok, this is a throwback to fraternity row. Except that everyone makes a bunch of money and is consequently douchier.

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11 The Wind

It's still nice

ok so theres really nothing you can do about it short of moving, but its still annoying.

It's a city with a harbor ( meaning close to the sea ). What do you expect? A light breeze?

12 The Cold

It was freezing there at night DURING THE SUMMER!

It really is freezing there most of the time, global warming has no effect there.

13 Homosexuals

They are mentally ill. They should be locked up like pedophiles. There is no difference. It's an unnatural perversion.

I have no proplem with them however, gays from San Francisco tend to think that they are more important and special than anyone else and have an attitude
Towards heterosexural people.

14 Dog Doo-doo On the Sidewalk

clean it up, really.

if you're going to have a dog in the city, please, just clean it up.

15 The Politics
16 Whiners

Shut up you sore losers

They suck and they whine like some grade A losers

HAHAAHAA SEAHAWK DYNASTY! Doubt us while you still can, 40whiners. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

17 The Earthquakes

The big one that will destroy California has to come yet. It's just a matter of time.

18 The Weather
19 Crime

There are car burgeries eveywhere! You can see broken glasses from car break ins on every street in San Francisco.

20 Smells Like Pee

Urine and old cabbage. Interestingly, those are the two things you can find down pretty much any alleyway in the city. - Finch

21 Tourists

Don't agree with this one. A city that nobody comes to visit? No tourists? Turism is very important for every big city ( okay, San Francisco is not that big ) because it brings money to the city, it creates jobs, new shops etc...

Tourists have ruined riding cable cars.

22 Boring Sights

What who put this on the list? The bridges, Pier 39, Transamerica pyramid, AT&T Park, etc are cool. Whoever put this on the list must be really stupid.

23 The Musee Mechanique Kick Big People Off Their Coin Operated Horse Ride

I tried to ride it and after putting my quarter in a guy unplugged it a few seconds later >:(

24 Too Many Surface Streets

The anti-freeway freaks really piss me off. The automobile is a fact of life. and freeways are a fact of life. I personally like them; the more levels the better. I'm from the bay area and lived in San Francisco for eight years so I know what it is like there. I wouldn't be all that bothered if I didn't have to drive there to visit my sister, but such is the way it is. Market Street is basically the main street of San Francisco and it is the world's largest toilet. If you hate concrete then move out to the country idiots. Don't live in a city and complain that there is too many man-made things. All in All, San Francisco is the rotten crotch of America, pee you. - ZachGreatman

25 Naked People
26 Cable Cars
27 The Fog
28 Streets for Sale on Auction

Yes, the extremely wealthy residents of Presidio Terrace were sold for $ 90,000 just because they failed to pay a 14-a-year property tax ( the city itself made the mistake to send the bills on wrong adresses and afterwards to get their money they sold an entire street on auction ). How more crazy can it be?

29 Rude People Rude People

Most are nice but some are rude. For example once I was at Pier 39 and I was riding their Venetian carousel and decided to rock in the saddle. I was gentle but the guy that was operatin the carousel told me that I'm gonna break it if I do that. Seriously?

Also that same day I was riding the coin operated horse at Musee Mecanique and I was on the horse for NOT EVEN 10 SECONDS when a guy unplugged it and told me to get off of it because was "too big/over the weight limit". There was a sign that says the weight limit is 50 lbs but based on my experience with riding coin operated horses I know that those things are capable of supporting over 50 lbs.

30 Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi is an American politician who is the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, representing California's 12th congressional district.
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