Top Ten Things to Hate About San Francisco

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21 Tourists

Don't agree with this one. A city that nobody comes to visit? No tourists? Turism is very important for every big city ( okay, San Francisco is not that big ) because it brings money to the city, it creates jobs, new shops etc...

Tourists have ruined riding cable cars.

22 Boring Sights

What who put this on the list? The bridges, Pier 39, Transamerica pyramid, AT&T Park, etc are cool. Whoever put this on the list must be really stupid.

23 Too Many Surface Streets

The anti-freeway freaks really piss me off. The automobile is a fact of life. and freeways are a fact of life. I personally like them; the more levels the better. I'm from the bay area and lived in San Francisco for eight years so I know what it is like there. I wouldn't be all that bothered if I didn't have to drive there to visit my sister, but such is the way it is. Market Street is basically the main street of San Francisco and it is the world's largest toilet. If you hate concrete then move out to the country idiots. Don't live in a city and complain that there is too many man-made things. All in All, San Francisco is the rotten crotch of America, pee you. - ZachGreatman

24 Cable Cars
25 The Fog
26 Streets for Sale on Auction

Yes, the extremely wealthy residents of Presidio Terrace were sold for $ 90,000 just because they failed to pay a 14-a-year property tax ( the city itself made the mistake to send the bills on wrong adresses and afterwards to get their money they sold an entire street on auction ). How more crazy can it be?

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