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21 You're stupid

Oh my ' god where did all those frozen fangirls come from? What the heck? I'm very sorry to announce that they intially ruined this whole thread. - TheGoldenRifle

She's not stupid if you said that she will cry

9+10? 21. Wrong!

Queen Elsa of Arendelle: (gasping in shock, hurt and insulted burst into tears fled in tears sobbing)

Princess Anna of Arendelle: You made my sister cry. She's not stupid so take that back. Nobody insults her like that and gets away with it

22 You're a moron, Elsa

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle: (gasping in shock, insulted and hurt by mean words, burying her face in her hands, starts sobbing hysterically and ran away in tears) What did you call me? Did you just call me a moron? I'm not a moron. How dare you insult me like that? Huh? You're so awful! I'm really hurt by your cruel words.

Elsa haters, how dare you make her cry?

Can you stop woever is pretending to be princess Elsa/Anna?
Anyway,it is really agreeable. Hate Frozen#

23 You just had to let your parents lock you and Anna in

(To Elsa) Back when you were eight or even under the age of eight back then, that stupid Grand Pabbie should've more clear with how you needed to control your abilities and actually stopped your father from going through with his isolation plan. Plus, your parents should've correctly showed you how to love, accept and embrace not only just your ice magic powers but also be yourself for who she really was actually born to be by properly providing you with more brilliant advice and better guidance as to how to keep your ice magic powers under your own control and not let them be unleashed by accident at all which it would've helped you become more opened to others and the world around you. That way, you wouldn't have to grow up isolated for a long time at all.

24 You should've remain an only child

About a spoiled, bratty queen who doesn't care if her OWN SUBJECTS freeze to death. She even sings about the cold not bothering HER anyway. It's always about her. Luckily for that brat, Elsa, Anna's so sweet, loyal, forgiving, loving, and amazing, she gives up her life for this cowardly woman who happens to be her sister(but does not act like it). That brat, Elsa deserved revenge against her. There! I said it.

25 You're a selfish, spoiled, bratty queen

You're a selfish, spoiled, bratty queen who never ever even deserved to be Anna's sister at all. In fact, you're nothing but a brat who was never ever even worthy to be Anna's sister at all anyway.

Lol I agree with this one but I think mine is funnier.
Mine is Shut that terrible song up and go into the trash compactor.
If there is lava in it, that's just great. LoL

I am so sick of people like Elsa haters dismissing Elsa as cold and selfish, because she isn’t that cold nor selfish either, is she? And she never was at all, was she?! She kept her distance from those she loved because she couldn’t bear to harm them at all, could she? And she did it all out of love, didn't she?! This is a perfect analysis of Elsa’s character, isn't it? The fact that she sacrificed her freedom and reputation on a daily basis for thirteen years - all to protect those around her - makes her such an incredible character. I’ll never understand how anyone can watch Frozen and not see this at all.

26 Shut that terrible song up and go into the trash compactor

Should happen in the new frozen. Then I will finally
like frozen.

Agreed. That will erase her stupid makeups and she will reveal her true face.
After that, she is more than welcome to another crashing with the trash compactor

I already tried that at Minecraft frozen mod. I enjoyedwatching her
falling into that trash compactor and suffer at the void I dug
up. Haha. I agree.

27 Anna's in your shadow

I rather wish Anna grew up away from Aren-delle without Elsa in canon. I rather wish Anna was a canon true fire magical villain who becomes nothing but Elsa's more jealous, truer opponent/worst all time enemy and gets nothing but real revenge on Elsa for shutting her out for past thirteen years ago after Elsa's coronation party only once all of Anna's original, true, real, old memories of Elsa's ice magic and the childhood accident are returned to Anna back where they rightfully belong.

28 You made out with Justin Bieber!

Elsa never ever even made out with Justin Bieber. You Elsa haters are such liars. that ever even happened.

29 You're such a baby, Elsa
30 You wear too much makeup like a stupid clown

I saw pictures of her without makeup and she looks ugly. The makeup does her well actually. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Queen Elsa of Arendelle: (gasping in shock, hurt and insulted at truly mean words, burst into tears and ran off in tears sobbing)


31 You're such a loser
32 You're such a coward

Elsa is not a coward! In "Let it Go" she was brave enough to show her powers. Yes, Anna is the heroine, but Elsa is definitely not a coward!

33 You're nothing but a freak Elsa V 1 Comment
34 You're a stupid girly clown who wears too much makeup Elsa

You guys are so mean to elsa! Elsa is the eldest so she is more mature for wearing more makeup! Plus she's 21. She's an adult. Anna is still a teenager she's 18. And you guys need to watch your language. Even though it's a MOVIE you don't need to be so rude. Elsa or Anna they are both very lovely girls but it's a movie. Every one has their own opinions.

Well, the haters had no choice. The only way to be on-topic for them is by posting something appropriate for the topic at hand. Is posting about how beautiful elsa is a way to be on-topic in this list? I doubt so. - TheGoldenRifle

35 You're an ice freak

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle: (gasping in shock, insulted and hurt by real mean words, broke and burst into tears and ran away in tears sobbing) Did you just call me an ice freak? How dare you call me that? Huh? How could you say that to my face? Huh? You really hurt me with your mean words and I rather not hear you call me that.

36 You're just a crybaby V 2 Comments
37 You're a just a stupid snow queen who is the center of attention all because of your stupid powers

Queen Elsa Of Arendelle: (gasping in shock, insulted at mean, hurtful words, burst into tears and ran away sobbing)

Look what you just did. You made her cry. You just insulted her like that by calling her a stupid snow queen. You're so mean to Elsa, aren't you?

Agreed. Some movies that made a big hit is mostly because

38 You're just being such a drama snow queen
39 You're not funny, Elsa
40 You're annoying
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