Top Ten Things That Have Changed the Most Over the Years


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1 Technology

Technology used to not be very advanced. Telephones weren't invented until the late 1800s and cars weren't invented until late 1800s/early 1900s. Now many of us have smartphones which can give you any info you want, any time. - Britboy

And since 2004 we have had TheTopTens! - Turkeyasylum

2 Culture

Today, our culture's definitely more sensitive and more sheltered. I almost feel like it's too sheltered, as anything can be taken to offense very quickly. Not to mention that most people grew their own food until the industrial revolution. - Britboy

3 Language

We're definitely not as formal as the olden days... - Britboy

Romeo: What brings this enchanting ray of golden sunshine into my life (or something like that)
Me: Damn she's hot - Songsta41

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4 Communication

Agree! People seem to have lost the power of speech because of the internet. And when we DO manage to form a sound, it comes out letters and shortened down words. It's made us lazy. - Britgirl

I agree but for the opposite reason! With only one reason thanks to internet I met my loved Britgirl - keyson

Letters are no more, they have been putnto shame by the Internet, where you can message people from across the world! - Britboy

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5 Social Skills

Not as many people are social these days... Incuding me in the tally. - Britboy

6 Entertainment

Do most people go to a Shakespearean play for their best entertainment these days? About as many people as you think do that. - Britboy

7 Religion

There aren't as many religious people as before, I've noticed. Atheism's becoming more common. - Britboy

8 Sciences

Back in the 1200s, we didn't even know what the concept of gravity was! - Britboy

9 Fandoms

This might just be me, but I can name some INSANE fans. - Britboy

These really didn't exist until the 20th century. - PetSounds

10 Foods

It's not like you could go back 1,000 years just to get a bag of crisps! - Britboy

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11 Music

When you came Britgirl arrived, weird right?

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13 Transportation
14 TheTopTens TheTopTens
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