Top 10 Things That Have Happened to Almost Every TopTenner


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1 Voting for the item you didn't want to vote for on a list

Every item on this list has happened to me at least twice. - Britgirl

Even worse, voting on a list you don't like just to comment.

I just accidentally voted up some random movie I had never heard of on a list. Whoops - Lunala

That happens to me sometimes. - Cartoonfan202

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2 Someone adding a troll item on one of your lists

Someone Added Blackstar To One Of My Lists Called "Songs That Shouldn't Be On Radios", I'm Not The Biggest Fan Of Blackstar But He Even Added Jesus Alone Which I Want Too Happy But I Still Respected His Opinion Because...That's All I Can Do. - AlphaQ

It depends if the troll is funny. If they aren't funny, then it's just a failed attempt at trolling. - Therandom

The most recent one for me was Uncle Grandpa for my beloved Top 10 Cartoons Cartoon Network Should Show Reruns Of. I hate Uncle Grandpa and I hope it gets taken off the air and never gets reruns ever again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Over 20 and possibly more of my lists have been ruined by trolls most likley the same person every time because he's a stalker who won't leave me alone and still ruins my lists almost everyday - christangrant

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3 Making a comment with a grammar fail and having to change it

Nah. I am the Grammar Nazi. - Merilille

Martinglez just did that on the comment below - Songsta41


Has happened many times,and then grammer Nazis invaded me,so I joined Soviet Union - Nateawesomeness

4 Making a list you thought was original and new only to be merged by admin

Yep. Or making a duplicate list you didn't know was a duplicate, but it stayed. - RiverClanRocks

I have a bunch of lists that I THOUGHT WAS ORIGINAL... Turns out it WASN'T! - McMuffins

Sometimes the lists this happens to are very different... - Songsta41

I hate that all my initial list ideas were already taken. - Cartoonfan202

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5 Looking at a list that really disappoints you

Especially those lists that are unique but have about 8-10 items on them, and very few voters. - Swellow

*Cough* *Cough* Worst countries *Cough* *Cough* Oh wait? Are these supposed to be our own lists or just lists in general? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

6 Looking at a list you think is really good

That's a Good thing. - AlphaQ

7 Looking at a post you think is very good
8 Seeing a comment that really disappoints you
9 You dislike a comment on accident

I once accidentally disliked a comment a friend of mine made about me ( it was a compliment! )...later I told him that too haha..sorry - Ananya

This happened to me twice. - 906389

One time I accidentally disliked one of Britgirls comments. Sorry Britgirl! 😫 - FluffyBanana

10 Sending a message to the wrong TopTenner

This happened to me once, and when I told the user the message wasn't mentioned for them they didn't seem to believe me.. - cosmo

I accidentally sent a message to Andre56 that I thought I was sending to Gemcloben. It was about how much I hate Andre56. And this happened twice. - Songsta41

It seldom happens..Not frequently, you need to be very attentive while doing that lolz - Ananya

I was going to ask PositronWild hawk of he would like to trade his bacon sandwich for my pizza but instead of him I messaged someone called Powerpuffgirl10 (tell me if I spelt your name right) but thankfully she wasn't confused. - AlphaQ

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11 Accidentally logging out

Logging out on Safari is the worst. I browse on this site with 9 tabs!

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12 You accidentally 'liked' a comment you didn't like
13 Fed a troll

I used to feed BBYES during the war days. - Puga

Ex. KoolGuy2218 - Songsta41

14 Accidentally deleting a message thread

I deleted a really lovely, special message by accident some time ago and I still feel bad about it. - Britgirl

15 You signed up for TheTopTens

This wouldn't really be almost any user - Martinglez

16 You wanted to comment something, but then you delete it and regret it

Happens to me a lot

17 Accidentally putting in the wrong punctuation mark when you end a sentence in a comment
18 Accidentally posting a comment
19 Posting about how you love God, and then the next post is F word this and F word that
20 Posting a post on the wrong list
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1. Someone adding a troll item on one of your lists
2. Looking at a post you think is very good
3. Looking at a list you think is really good
1. Someone adding a troll item on one of your lists
2. Looking at a list that really disappoints you
3. You dislike a comment on accident
1. Voting for the item you didn't want to vote for on a list
2. Someone adding a troll item on one of your lists
3. Accidentally logging out

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