Top 10 Things That Have Happened to Almost Every TopTenner

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1 Voting for the item you didn't want to vote for on a list

I always vote for something just to share my thoughts and feelings, but a bad thing makes me have to click vote. - MasterHand

Yep. - Cyri

This is less accidental and more of forced if you want to comment on an item you don't agree with on a list - Nonpointed

, usually its one that you are against - RustyNail

2 Someone adding a troll item on one of your lists

Someone Added Blackstar To One Of My Lists Called "Songs That Shouldn't Be On Radios", I'm Not The Biggest Fan Of Blackstar But He Even Added Jesus Alone Which I Want Too Happy But I Still Respected His Opinion Because...That's All I Can Do. - AlphaQ

One dude called henry_danger_is_great is doing this. - Userguy44

It depends if the troll is funny. If they aren't funny, then it's just a failed attempt at trolling. - Therandom

The most recent one for me was Uncle Grandpa for my beloved Top 10 Cartoons Cartoon Network Should Show Reruns Of. I hate Uncle Grandpa and I hope it gets taken off the air and never gets reruns ever again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Making a comment with a grammar fail and having to change it

Solution: check your comment before you post it.

This one annoying is. - Cyri

This happens to me all of the time because autocorrect keeps changing what I meant to write or I decide to put my comment in a different way and forget to erase a word of the original statement and sometimes it even makes my comment look like it makes no sense. - 3DG20

Nah. I am the Grammar Nazi. - Merilille

4 Making a list you thought was original and new only to be merged by admin

This has happened to me twice already. These was nothing like them that I could find - SirSheep

Yep. Or making a duplicate list you didn't know was a duplicate, but it stayed. - RiverClanRocks

I have a bunch of lists that I THOUGHT WAS ORIGINAL... Turns out it WASN'T! - McMuffins

Sometimes the lists this happens to are very different... - Songsta41

5 Looking at a list that really disappoints you

A few of my early ones. - Cyri

All of the best/worst lists with no reasoning on any of the items and incomplete lists that have less than 10 items. - 3DG20

*Cough* *Cough* Worst countries *Cough* *Cough* Oh wait? Are these supposed to be our own lists or just lists in general? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Especially those lists that are unique but have about 8-10 items on them, and very few voters. - Swellow

6 Looking at a list you think is really good

The only positive thing (so far) - KingSlayer93316

Like this one!

That's a Good thing. - AlphaQ

7 Looking at a post you think is very good

Posts? - 010

Any post besides mine. Especially kempokid’s posts, those are amazing.

8 Seeing a comment that really disappoints you

Like someone trying to push me into religion or being forced to like something they like. This is one thing I hate about this site - KingSlayer93316

Bad comments about Halsey disappoint me because they don’t understand the meaning of her lyrics and they call her a generic pop star.

9 You dislike a comment on accident

That was a really dumb decision to remove dislikes entirely. Now all of the people who came after gen-17 will be confused about entries like this - SpectralOwl

I believe that feature was removed. - 010

It’s gone now (I wish it will return someday) - KingSlayer93316

I once accidentally disliked a comment a friend of mine made about me ( it was a compliment! )...later I told him that too haha..sorry - Ananya

10 You accidentally 'liked' a comment you didn't like

That happened to me once. - IceFoxPlayz

I'm just a visitor, but this happens to me a lot when I actually hated the comment.

That has happened to me many times! - 3DG20

Or one you wanted to reply to - SpectralOwl

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11 Sending a message to the wrong TopTenner

This happened to me once, and when I told the user the message wasn't mentioned for them they didn't seem to believe me.. - cosmo

It seldom happens..Not frequently, you need to be very attentive while doing that - Ananya

I accidentally sent a message to Andre56 that I thought I was sending to Gemcloben. It was about how much I hate Andre56. And this happened twice. - Songsta41

I was going to ask PositronWild hawk of he would like to trade his bacon sandwich for my pizza but instead of him I messaged someone called Powerpuffgirl10 (tell me if I spelt your name right) but thankfully she wasn't confused. - AlphaQ

12 Accidentally logging out

Yes! It’s so annoying! - 3DG20

I don’t do this very often - KingSlayer93316

Logging out on Safari is the worst. I browse on this site with 9 tabs!

I do that all the time :(

13 Fed a troll

Remember kids! don't feed the trolls

I used to feed BBYES during the war days. - Puga

I’m going to admit that I’ve probably fed many trolls... - 3DG20

Ex. KoolGuy2218 - Songsta41

14 You signed up for TheTopTens

I signed up for it, now my account was suspended for no reason - Gehenna

I did that!

This wouldn't really be almost any user - Martinglez

15 Accidentally deleting a message thread

I deleted a really lovely, special message by accident some time ago and I still feel bad about it. - Britgirl

I don’t know how.

16 You wanted to comment something, but then you delete it and regret it

Happens to me a lot

That’s at least 40% of the time I write a co- Wait! Do I even need to share that with the world? *Deletes comment* - 3DG20

17 Accidentally putting in the wrong punctuation mark when you end a sentence in a comment

I end sentences with this thing on accident: “/“

18 Accidentally posting a comment

This happens to me a lot before I’m even done writi - 3DG20

19 Posting about how you love God, and then the next post is F word this and F word that

I believe you wouldn’t be allowed to say that on here. - 010

20 Posting a post on the wrong list
21 Being hated for an opinion
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