Top Ten Things that Hold Us Back from Being What We Want to Be

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1 Fear

Many people think they will fail that's why they don't even try to win

We screwed up big time and we're afraid of doing so again

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - FDR

Fear will always be No. 1...

2 Laziness

Too* you are even too lazy to work on your grammer.

"I am just staying at home to work on my animation..."

Lol I should be working on mah homework right now, but I'm to LAZY! haha!

I need to work on my music.

3 Self Doubt

Many people think they can't do this they can't fly they don't believe they have wings.

I have this a lot. It’s also a kind of fear.

4 Distractions

Playing flash games at school!

Internet hehe!

5 Waiting for the Right Time

For some things, there's never a "right time" so just go for it.

6 Overthinking

Bungee jumping helped to cure my overthinking habit. If you think too much about doing something, you'll talk yourself out of it. Seriously, just do it!

I overthink in general. Imagine this: Every killer, serial killer, mass murderer, pedophile, racist, nazi, terrorist, etc. that has ever been known has lived on the same rock/planet as you. That's weird. And also humans are made up of very dense and close tiny things called atoms meaning we are just very hard liquid forms. And we're living in a complex world yet we live without even realizing it.

The story of my life...

7 Ego
8 Addictions
9 Comfort Zone

Falls into the Fear Zone. It's scary to step outside your personal comfort zone.

My theory is...When a person can put the rubber chicken on their head and lead the dance they have officially stepped out of their comfort zone.

10 Reality
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11 Family

At home I'm stuck between my insanely annoying, pesty younger sibling and my strict, high expectation parents who have a huge argument with each other every once in a while. The only life I have other than that is school. I can't bear it, and I can't wait till I'm older so I can have my own life.

I honestly don't feel comfortable with my family. My mom is salty and butthurt most of the time and my parents arguing is very annoying.

They discourage me the most in life

This is very true for me

12 School

I want to program.

School: Nope. We will barricade your way with homework and facts which have nothing to do with programming.

I agree! My school tends to have everyone conform to one way of living.

13 Blame
14 Depression

No. It is suffocating you. Then the skull eventually gets crushed to dust.

Does that picture mean that life is crushing your head off?!

Is that picture symbolizing depression?

15 Perfectionism

It takes away what you already have..

16 Discouragement
17 Different Opinions
18 Ourselves
19 Pressure
20 Religion

The hate on religion is holding me back actually - SoongeBill

21 Rich People

But Elon is good ;-;

? wdym.

He is like a net which catches us (if we fail)

22 Quarantine

True that. But I want to become an author when I grow up, so I guess quaranitine is helping me with that

23 Success
24 Entitlement
25 Parents

I love writing on Wattpad, but the problem is that I'm self conscious about it. So I hide my accounts from not just my parents, but my entire family, in fear that they might judge me for my interests. I can't tell them about me having Discord, Tumblr, Reddit, DeviantArt, Wattpad, and The Top Tens. I think it's for my own good, and it most likely is. I fear that if they find out about my secret life on the Internet, they may never see me the same way ever again, and not in a positive way.

I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. Once when I told them this they started listing why I shouldn’t be one. I won’t be discouraged.

My Parents say that I can't have a channel but my friend who is 3 months younger does

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