Top 10 things to hope for the PlayStation 5

The Top Ten
1 Backward Compatibility

Sony: NO

2 The Last of Us Part II as a Launch Title
3 Doesn't Make the Same Mistakes as Xbox
4 Littlebigplanet Remastered


5 Free Online Gaming
6 Controllers that Won't Die Quickly
7 Play 4k Ultra Movies
8 6 GB Hard Drive
9 Crossplay with Mobile and PC Games

yes ps5 needs connect Pc games expect for mobile games

10 Compatible with Ps3 and Ps4 Games

The Newcomers

? Among Us Gets Ported

I don't have a ps5 but I wanna play wit people on a ps5 among us

The Contenders
11 Support for (Free and Buyable) Downloaded Music and Not Just Spotify
12 Compatible with Stream Games (Gmod, Etc)
13 Mods/Addons for Possible Future Ps5 Games (Minecraft, Etc)
14 Ps2 Games Being Compatible with Ps5
15 Ps5 Allowing Downloadable Photos (Like Ps3)
16 Adblock-Like Ap for Possible Ps5 Aps (YouTube, Etc)
17 Ps5 Being Able to Play DVDS and Blurays Without Crashes or Freezing
18 Rest Mode
19 6TB hard drive
20 No Game Crashes for Ps2, Ps3, or Ps4 Games on Ps5
21 Ability to Put in Store Money Back in Your Bank Account
22 Not Ripping Off Nintendo
23 Fortnite doesn't get ported

Please don't port it here! This game already sucks!

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