Top 10 Things Most Humans Can't Do With Their Body

Let's take a look and see if you could actually do these things. Don't get worked up if you couldn't, though. They are proven to be almost impossible to do.

The Top Ten

1 Sneeze with your eyes open

Most people can't keep their eyes open when they sneeze, with the exception of a few people. According to experts, it is the "sneeze center" of our brain that sends an involuntary reflex to clamp our eyes shut during a sneeze; it happens automatically. One age-old myth claims this is to prevent your eyes from popping out, however, it is actually the body’s way of preventing germs from entering the eye.

It seems technically impossible, but I don't believe either that it would make your eyes popping out. Most people seem to fall for the myth.

I did this and now I'm frantically searching for my eyeballs which popped out.

I sneeze with my eyes open all the time. Albeit squinted.

2 Lick your elbow

It’s about impossible for most people to lick their elbows; only one person in a hundred can lick their elbow according to unofficial estimates. Unless you've been blessed with a short upper arm and an abnormally long tongue, there's no way you could be able to do it, no matter how hard you try.

I read lick your eyebrow at first, and I was surprised a hundredth of people can do it

I hate my elbow, it talks to me a lot. My conscience and my elbow keep fighting all day.

I feel like a freak for being able to do most of these stuffs

3 Tickle yourself

A part of the brain, called the cerebellum, monitors our movements and can distinguish whether sensations are expected or unexpected. Since it is trained to predict sensations when an action is caused by your own movements (but not if someone else's), if we attempt to tickle ourselves, our brain prepares itself for it. In short, the brain prevents us from self-tickling.
However, there are actually some people who could do such thing. Because of their inability to distinguish self-initiated actions due to neurological changes in the brain, people with schizophrenia are able to tickle themselves. So while they are aware of their own intentions and movements, their brain's ability of notifying the person's body about it is impaired, and therefore their brain cannot prepare itself for the tickling.

You can't tickle yourself, because tickle is when you can't tolerate the, but since it's you touching you, you expect it.

I can do this. Just tickling under my feet. I'm sure everyone can do that.

I can't even under my feet it does nothing and I am otherwise very ticklish.

I can tickle myself under the arch of my foot and make myself giggle.

4 Perform oral sex on yourself

That takes flexibility skills. Contortionists can do that though.

I always try but never succeed. Maybe if I become more supple...

Ever heard of masturbating?

What the hell?!

5 Putting your legs around your neck

It can be done with lots of patience & consistency in physical flexibility.

I once did that. Takes a bit of stretching.

I'll end up at a hospital if I tried that.

Unless you are very flexible.

6 Touch the tip of your tongue to your nose and chin

Most people can't touch their nose and chin with the tip of their tongue; just about 10 percent of the population can. In medicine, the ability to do this act is called the Gorlin sign.

I can do this because my tongue game strong

Why would anyone even do that thing

I can touch my chin, but not my nose.

7 Tongue tricks

Rolling your tongue is rather common; at about 25 percent of people are able to do it. However, not many can fold it backwards or make shapes like a spaceship or clover leaf. These all require muscle control and tongue dexterity, though some claim this ability indicates to the dominant genes.

I can roll my tongue and fold it back at the same time.

I can twist my tongue into a macaroni shape.

I can do the bottom right tongue trick

8 Raise your eyebrow

Most people can actually raise their eyebrow, but it's usually just one of the two eyebrows. The ability to raise both one at a time is quite rare, but with practice, you'll be able to train your muscles to do it.

I can only do this involuntarily, when someone says or does something stupid, suspicious or aggravating. The same goes with rolling my eyes.

I can lift the left and right independently or together, easily.

My brother can do this with no struggle.

9 Fit your fist in your mouth

*goes for job interview*
interviewer; and what skills and qualities will you bring to this?
me: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth! wanna see?

Most people can't put their entire fist in their mouth, since a human's hand is usually a lot bigger than the opening of their mouths. A few are able to do this, however, simply because they have small fists and big mouths.

My fists are huge so this does not work for me

I can actually do this one.

10 Wiggle your ears

Most couldn't wiggle their ears; only 15% of people can. But, fear not, for you could still train yourself to do it!

I can do that. I use to wiggle my ears to annoy my hairdresser when I was a kid.

This is practically impossible for me to do without using my hands

I don't have much muscles in my ears unfortunately

The Contenders

11 Bending your thumb backward

I can do this on my left hand but not on the right

Edit. I can't really do this on my left hand either if we're talking about the 2nd joint but the 1st is still much more flexible than that if others or my right hand

Some people have double-jointed thumbs, allowing them to bend it backward. In a study shown in 2012, only 32.3 percent of 310 people have the ability to bend their thumb.

I looked it up on the internet and now I am 100% sure my thumbs are double jointed at the 2nd thumb joint.

I can do that but at the lower joint than the one in the picture.

12 Twitch your nose

Most people can't twitch their nose, unless they have a 'Hemifacial Spasm'. In fact, even Elizabeth Montgomery, the actress who portrayed Samantha Stephens in Bewitched, just moved her lip to make it seem like her nose was twitching, when it really wasn't.

What's that? Watching twitch all day and sticking your nose to the screen?

I have to move my mouth like most people.

Does flaring your nostrils quickly count. lol

13 Bend arms backward

This would require a different type of joint I think

I can almost do that

Unless its broken

14 Make Your Heart Stop

That can be done easily by going on thrill rides, watching horror movies in theaters, going to haunted houses, meeting stars you've anticipated so much, doing extreme athletic moves or not following your healthy routines of each day.

I saw a T.V. programme as a smaller child where people (professional magicians) could do very extreme things with their body. The only one I remember was a rather chunky man who could make his heartbeat stop for almost a whole minute.

Why would anyone do that

15 Stick all of your toes in your mouth

Without moving your head it would be just a lil difficult

16 Go to Space

Moon was not a hoax. You goof.

The human body basically wasn’t meant for space. Yet it causes health problems in terms.

17 Bend Backwards
18 Be Completely Steady

Actually no one can be completely steady as the body's designed to move & our motor skills are imperfect yet we exert energy at the same time & experience fatigue. We're always unsteady & shaky Y& even when we sleep we move around.

That's impossible for everyone

19 Bending Your Index Finger Forward
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