Top Ten Things Humans Do That Aliens Would Find Weird


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1 Applaud

Never really thought about it before, but... Applauding IS actually really weird. Why do we smack our palms together to show appreciation? Ah. Whatever.

Actually it's interesting that clapping actually in itself means nothing. Aliens will find it weird definitely. - Kiteretsunu

I'd like to see aliens react to humans doing human things, that would be hilarious.

Alien : "Why are those creatures slapping their hands together? "

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2 Walk Your Pet Dog

Imagine an alien witnessing you being dragged along by your dog and then see you picking up its mess. They would wonder just who was the master! - Britgirl

Two words: Alien dog!

Dogs are actually alien creatures sent to earth by aliens to study how humans react to other beings. there are lots of results knowing that there are people that are afraid of dogs, people that love dogs and people that unfortunately abuse dogs. once this investigation is complete and all the information is gathered, they will be able to capture our planet and become the dominant race of the solar system! be afraid! and do not trust anyone!

3 Dance

Random alien - "These humans are attacking, pull out your ray guns, EXTERMINATE ALL HUMANS"

A few hours later, dance killed us

Like, what are we even doing? Waving our hands n the air like we just don't care? - hannahthebanana

We Would Teach Them

4 Drive

Ok so this is a car “so like a space ship on the ground? ” Uh... sure. Well we get in it and go places “what’s that donut thingy” that’s a steering wheel “no buttons” well we have those ones “they shoot lasers right? ” No... but they do make noise

5 Watch TV

A group of humans watching a group of humans in a box. - Britgirl

6 Speak Different Languages

If alien civilizations develop like ours, we'll probably have a lot more in common with them than we think. - keycha1n

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7 Use a Knife and Fork

They're probably wondering why we look like we're trying to kill our food when it's already dead. - keycha1n

8 Have Sex

No offense britgirl, but your like really obsessed with sexual things - uncleteapot

Every living thing has to have sex to create babies, so this is stupid. - SammySpore

Why is coitus on every list?

Wait this is britgirls list I didn't know that the comment it all CAPS Was a joke to make people laugh nothing to do with hate please understand if it offends britgirl I appologize - Richkid101

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9 Make Top Ten Lists About What an Alien Would Find Weird

I knew somebody would put that. Britgirl

Yah, that weird. - Anton110

10 Swim

Not much water there...

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11 Listen to Music

What is this messed up language - CityGuru

LOL the cute little robot alien on the movie Flight of the Navigator thought that was weird, - RockFashionista

12 Believe In God

This is probably the most weird thing they could think. They probably have their own beliefs, and when aliens and us come together, we can both determine that there is no god.

13 Use Computers
14 Pray

Odds are aliens believe in Jehovah because he created the universe, them, and their would be no way they can create themselves.

Aliens must be atheists

What if aliens were religious, but believed in a different God/gods? That's exactly what the Narnia series talks about. - ethanmeinster

15 Take a 'Selfie'

Right, its like, I just need to make sure I look like my self. I mean, what the heck

Why are they so obsessed with themselves?

Me: lemme take a selfie!
Alien: okkk then... - Harri666

16 Wear Clothes

Kinda foreign to them - Curti2594

17 Listen to Justin Bieber.

Even other humans don't understand this.

One look at that idiot and the alien who perrish of horror.

Maybe the aliens are evil, and they like Justin Blech-ber.

18 Crying

The human is leaking! - PetSounds

19 Get High

One shot and they'll understand

20 Shop
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