Top Ten Things Humans Do That Aliens Would Find Weird


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21 Make Out

It is rather strange if you think about it. You and your partner connecting lips and tongue to exchange saliva, in a gesture of love. Strange, yet oddly attractive. - Garythesnail

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22 Why We Are So Self Destructive, Even On a Global Scale
23 Used to Think the Earth Is Flat and the Center of the Universe
24 Sleep

"Why do they barely move for hours"

25 Being a Popular Toptenner

Aliens on TheTopTens! I guess some of us may be. - PositronWildhawk

PositronWildhawk I think you mean Justin Bieber Lover.

26 Get Arrested
27 Practice Religion

Who knows what they believe in... - ethanmeinster

28 Call Aliens Aliens

Think about it. Maybe they don't know English and call us "lumbineijd" or sonething weird like that

29 Masturbate
30 Engage in War
31 A Human Killing Another Human

Why are they killing each. Have they realize they are all related.

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32 Twerk

Random Alien: "That human is shaking it's bouncy thing, get the ray guns, EXTERMINATE ALL HUMANS! "

33 Make Out in Public
34 Believe in celebrities
35 Fashion
36 The Concept of Money In General
37 Work So Much
38 Why We Don't All Want to Be Educated
39 Laughing
40 Watch Porn

They would wonder why humans like to watch other humans reproduce... sounds strange if you put it like that

Duhhh... PORN!

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