Top Ten Things That Hurt Way Worse Than You'd Think They Would

When Nicholas Angel said about being stabbed, "it was the single most painful experience of my life", it was an expected response. Getting stabbed has to be horrific. Naturally, you'd assume the pain would be intense.

But what about the smaller things that seem inconsequential yet, when they happen, they take you to your knees? The types of things that certain profanities were almost designed for?

This list is for those unexpected things that hurt so badly it brings whatever you were doing to a complete halt.

The Top Ten

1 Stepping on a Lego

Yes! I was hoping this would be number one.I had just said this should be on the list and here it is! My brother had a lot and I would play with them and one day I stepped on one! IT HURT SO BAD! - JellyBean2000

Can't tell you how many times I did this as a little kid. As Tim Hawkins said, we should probably just fight terrorists with Legos. - Garythesnail

So true. It really hurts when you step on a Lego. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Enough to stop Satan himself. - IronSabbathPriest

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2 Hitting your ankle on a stunt scooter deck


3 Hitting the soft spot between your kneecap and inner knee on a table leg

OH! That must hurt…!

This is how JFK actually died, fun fact... Uhuh... SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS, YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE! - LISTMAKER73

4 Biting into a popsicle with your front teeth

The first bite is always the worst bite. - FerrariDude64

I feel like my front teeth want to commit suicide when I bite into something cold.

Not painful, but really uncomfortable

I always bite it with my lips.

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5 Sticking your finger in a McDonald's straw hole

I don't know why I did this. My finger got stuck for a while.

If you've done this, you know what pain is!

My fingers are massive. But still, why? - Turkeyasylum

Why would you even do this? - Garythesnail

6 Spanking

As an Asian who grows up with this type of discipline method, I totally understand.

7 Getting kicked in the balls

I does hurt, but I've got resistance to pain(I've had my pinkie dislocated and pulled back into my socket), and I can walk it off. - Therandom

It does hurt a lot but everyone knows how much it hurts - CabadePartyhunter

I won't go into detail, but it HURTS. - Turkeyasylum

Girls don't understand

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8 Stepping on a tack

Wouldn't this be something you DID think would hurt? - Garythesnail

I actually sat on one.

Had no idea that this would hurt

The pain. - RiverClanRocks

9 Getting hit by a mini football
10 Biting your tongue

Wait till you get a canker sore from this...

It hurts like anything


Yep hurts! - JellyBean2000

The Newcomers

? Canker Sores
? Getting a Tooth Pulled

The Contenders

11 Abdominal Pain

The worst ones are the cramps that occur before diarrhea

12 Getting a paper cut under your nail bed

This hurts so much I can feel it right now, with safe hands. And that's never happened to me before...

13 Hitting your knee on steel cooking furniture

Walking gonna hurt from now on...

14 Your toenail getting bent back too far

Getting any nails bent backwards hurts real bad. The more horizontal curve they have, the worse it hurts.

15 Drinking cold water too fast

Hurts your throat!

16 Swimming with your eyes open

Swimming with your eyes open doesn't hurt...unless you are swimming in a very salty ocean

When I sleep with my eyes open for a while my eyes usaully burn - FerrariDude64

Do ever wonder why so many people wear goggles?
Try it yourself

17 Getting bit in the ass by a dog

I don't know why but every time you run away from a viscous dog it always goes for the ass and the dog runs away as you scream pain and terror :(

18 Biting a canker sore
19 Cramps

It actually is very painful. I tend to end up writhing in pain and bite my clothing to stop myself from crying out, whimpering instead.

20 Wisdom teeth coming in

When my wisdom tooth came in, I was in CRAZY pain. When I told my mom, she said that when babies and toddlers are teething, it is also that painful. Funny thing is that I don't remember that part of when I was little, so it felt literally 1 million% more painful then when my baby teeth came in.

21 Getting Slapped
22 Heartburn/Indigestion

You feel a bit nauseous and won’t to puke, but you don’t puke. It always goes away after you burp really loud

23 Blisters on Lips

Once I got blisters on my lips and I couldn't brush without screaming/wincing every 5 seconds.

24 Migraines
25 Giving Birth
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