Top 10 Things I Don't Understand About Girls

I'm not trying to bother anyone by this. I'm just curious. I just want to know more about you :P
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The Top Ten

1 Why do you break up with someone for no reason then get emotionally depressed about it?
2 Why are girls always so nitpicky?

Why do you always judge what a guy does? Why do you nitpick the smallest things?

3 Why do you have to be in charge in a relationship?

That's not how relationships work.

4 Why do you go from being happy one second and upset the next?

I don't get it. Girls go from having a good time to crying and being emotional. So unpredictable. Why?

5 Why do guys have to make the first move?

If you like a guy aren't you capable of telling him? Why Does the ladies first custom not apply here?

6 Why do you make fun of guys?
7 Why do you take so long to get ready?

It takes hours to do makeup,hair,etc when you would look just as beautiful without doing all that. It's literally a waste of time.

8 Why are girls so expensive?

You just have to buy the most expensive makeup, clothes,and spend $200 on hair and nail appointments and don't even get me started on spas.

9 Why do girls like to be lazy but when guys are lazy girls chew them out?

Is it against the law for guys to take a break too? Also it's not the 1800s so you have to work for a living.

10 Why do girls always have to have their way?

If you don't have your way you break up with that person. I don't think That's not how life works

Did the creator of the list get dumped recently?