Top Ten Things That, If Shrunk, Could Have Less Worth

I thought of a crazy list idea. Imagine you have a shrink ray, and you shrunk something. Now what will you do with that shrunk thing?

The Top Ten

1 A house

Cue Zoolander. The real thing would have to be at least three times bigger than this. - PositronWildhawk

You can't live in such a small house! Unless you shrunk yourself. - Flair-de-lis

2 Money

Duh, money is worthless if shrunk. - Flair-de-lis

That wouldn't affect its value - Ananya

3 A computer

Probably not good if it's that small. I mean, all those wires are to be micromanaged somehow! - Flair-de-lis

And the smartphone was born! - PositronWildhawk

4 A writing utensil

You can barely even write with one if it's shrunk! - Flair-de-lis

5 An eating utensil

What if you're trying to eat soup, or DELICIOUS chocolate mousse? Yeah, I can't imagine eating with a shrunk spoon. - Flair-de-lis

To be fair, this would at least help everyone savour it. - PositronWildhawk

6 Glasses

You would definitely not be able to see with such shrunken glasses - Flair-de-lis

7 A shaver

Just use an electric one with automated blades! A shrunken shaver can barely get everything off of you! - Flair-de-lis

8 A treadmill

I'd be unable to exercise on a tiny treadmill - Flair-de-lis

9 A trampoline

If you're big and a trampoline is small, you'd break it! - Flair-de-lis

10 A television

You'd have to really focus your eyes deep! Or not! Since it's too small to see anyways! - Flair-de-lis

Throwback to those 90s VCR TVs. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 A kidney
12 A gold bar

Less gold means less value. - Cyri

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