Top 10 Things Individual TopTenners Cannot Go a Week Without

A new list. If you're a TopTenner seeing this, add something on the bottom that you can not go a week without.

The Top Ten Things Individual TopTenners Cannot Go a Week Without

Going On The TopTens - SevenLizards
Laptop - RickyReeves

Woah! I'm number 2! - RickyReeves

Britgirl - keyson

I just laughed to death seeing this spot - Mumbizz01

Food - CoolCat999

I think it's safe to say that most users wouldn't be able to lol. - ParasN2000

Well I would go on a hunger strike - CoolCat999

TheToptens - GoldenRocket
Water - PatrickStar
Seeing His Girlfriend - EvilAngel
Video Games - Jake09
Electronics - Simpsondude

Same here. I love my long list of electronic devices, for the unique things that they do. - PositronWildhawk

Food - garythesnail

The Contenders

Music - Curti2594

Music is my #1 love so a day without some kind of music is a bad day! - Curti2594

Oxygen - Turkeyasylum

I would DIE if I didn't have any oxygen! - Turkeyasylum

Male TopTenners - Britgirl

Does this mean I can't go without male TopTenners or male TopTenners can't go without Britgirl? Hmm... Either way. I'm pretty sure that I and male TopTenners can go a lifetime without the other. - Britgirl

The Internet - Guest

How else would we comment on this site?

Psychedelic music - PetSounds
Physics - PositronWildhawk
Coffee - happyhappyjoyjoy

Well, that explains why she's so crazy. - PositronWildhawk

Kittens - Ihaskitty1234

What, I like kittens. - Ihaskitty1234

iPad - AnonymousChick
TheTopTens - bobbythebrony
Playing Little Big Planet with Friends - bobbythebrony
Thinking of a subject for a post - Puga
Music - Wolftail
TheTopTens - Ralphbob

I can't do it! - RalphBob

History - DogsUnleashed
My Pokemon card collection - RiverClanRocks

I have a lot of them. - RiverClanRocks

Water - Entranced98
Memes - AlphaQ
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