Top Ten Things an Insomniac Can Relate To

The Top Ten
1 You will do literally anything to sleep

I try not to let my insomnia take over me.

2 You've Googled every sleeping tip

Hey, there's this great website called sleepytime or something like that, which tells you several times to go to sleep at depending on what time you wake up, and it's been a lifesaver for me! I spent just a week on it, and now I go to sleep naturally earlier, and without my iPad.
Yay, no more going to school with only 3 hrs of sleep!

None of which have helped. Some of which I will never be capable of doing (no electronics an hour before bed? )

Why can't I sleep? Oh wait, More helpful suggestions that don't help. Hooray...

Why can't I sleep? Well, I'd say because people are useless.

3 Falling asleep during school/work

I fall asleep during math classes.

The worst thing about school:
Teachers forcing you to stay awake, look at the board/smartboard, and sit up

4 Sleeping pills don't always work

Sleeping pills have been a life-saver for me in the past, but I know that they may make the situation worse. Overuse can scientifically condition you into being completely unable to sleep without them.

I don't take sleeping pills because I don't do drugs, only weed.

No, drugs are bad.

5 Reading the list of effects of sleep-deprivation is depressing

Man, this is terrifying. I'm in serious trouble...

6 Getting creative late at night

I'm usually most creative at 11 PM to 1 AM. That's when I write.

I'm mostly active after 10 pm.

7 The awful realization that sleep isn't coming

An all-nighter is one of the worst things in life: Period. I feel as if I am going to die during school. And two days? So much worse!

8 Being the person who texts late at night
9 Forgetting your sleep deprived days

I'm always blanking on things that happen when I'm sleep deprived!

10 Hunger

I get hungry way too easily mate. Yet I'm still a bony little guy.

The Contenders
11 Hallucinating

I've had nothing major, just flickering shadows and paranoia. I can't imagine how scary this would be if they were worse though!

Is this me watching my room or the Walking Dead?

That's when I'm on drugs haha.

That's when I'm high.

12 Sweating until you stick to the sheet
13 Thinking you'll fall asleep, and then hearing the dog barking
14 Constantly staring at the clock
15 Thinking, "is that daylight?"

Shut up birds it's only-oh crap I stayed up again.

16 Having difficulty to sleep despite being tired
17 Having the greatest ideas instead of sleeping

Like thinking of ways to snort Pepsi up your nose and more prank ideas hooray!

18 Staring at the ceiling
19 Counting down the minutes until it’s time to wake up
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