Top Ten Things That Irritate You Most

There are certain things that makes one blood boil in anger/frustration.

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1 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Why is little sisters on number three? I have two of them and I love them so so much! We giggle together, laugh together, cry together, and we're growing up together! Or am I just spoiled with two amazing sisters?

why ain't he in the top? he insulted Metallica, Megadeth and Kurt Cobain! - rock2metal

Justin Bieber deserves to be on the top of this list. When I first heard his voice I said 'This person has the best girl voice'

J. B. deseves to be on this list, by the way join the Justin Blabers Haters Only community on Google+

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2 People who say F**K every second word of a sentence

It sort of takes away the meaning of the word if you say it every five seconds. F**k sake.

Say it too often it ceases to be insulting - it could be funny if it weren't so pathetic -

When they do that I go, like, "what the f***? "

I say quit being a F@ckin sissy laugh out loud

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3 Other drivers
4 Materialists
5 Politicians

God's two major mistakes - Politicians and mosquitos -

6 Very Conservative Individuals

They are very strict, want to be perfect, they want this and that and to them they will avoid a person if they found out that she is pregnant, he/she is bad, lazy, stubborn. they are hypocrites - ronluna

They think that they are the only one who is a virgin, timid - ronluna

7 People who spread gossips just to make fun of person
8 Smartphones
9 Forgetting a great band that is very underrated
10 Over Protective Parents on Planes / Trains / Buses

OHHHHHHHHH This is unbearable. Every minute of every hour they forbid there children from doing this or doing that - don't touch this, don't go there, don't play with the ipod, look of this window... I just feel like shouting "Give the kid a break! " -

Or even one day I was at the beach I saw a mother smack a little kid and say shut up so my mother yelled at her... It's horrible. I don't think the parents would like it!

hey let you baby have their freedom, you was a baby like him/her so give him/her a chance to enjoy it. - ronluna

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11 Little sisters

if you had one you would understand they are annoying as hell and come to annoy you at the worst times sometimes I just wish I had a shotgun - Georgito619

Believe a middle child brother with two sisters when I say this, little sisters are the most annoying things on the planet, especially my sister of all others. - lukestheman4

Also applicable - parents who believe every word that comes out of your little sister's mouth. - cgood

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12 People who don't answer their mobiles

What's the point of the damn thing then? Too busy? Having sex? Switch it off then or transfer to a voicemail but if you near it for God's sake pick it up! -

13 Mobile phones in movies and restaurants

I think it's okay to have phones in restaurants, but not in movies. - creed99

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14 Over Enthusiastic Movie Buffs Sitting Behind you in a movie theatre

They go on and on and on either telling their companion what's about to happen next or what should happen next or what happened in similar situations in other movies! If you are such a smartass go replace Speilberg! -

15 People who insult waiters in a restaurants

Give it a rest buddy - those guys are doing the best they can. Believe me, there are better ways to impress your companions than picking on waiters. -

man they betta be careful them the folks that bring your food. they could kill you if they wanted

16 Those who vote 'Can't Say' in online polls

Can't say? Do you ASPIRE to be a moron?!
If you don't know or can't say then please, please keep your ignorance to yourself - there is absolutely no need to advertise your ignorance! -

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17 Beauty pageant winners turned philosophers

Girls we all know what you will if you win. Just look pretty and help sell things and drop the "I want to be Mother Teresa" crap! -

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18 Girls who are very bitchy about their appearance

Oh, this makes me look fat! Oh my hair is not long enough! Oh, I have a zit! It just sucks. And whoever put "metallica fans" on here, I happen to be a metallica fan, and if you have something bad to say about metallica, keep it to yourself. - Trivium

Jesus Christ! Do I care as much as anyone does about my appearance? No. Do I still manage to look really good and nice? Yes. See, it's about... Relaxing. THe lighter you take things, the easier it is.

19 Talking with your mouth full of food
20 Metallica Fans

I LOVE Metallica, TO WHOEVER PUT THIS, AND I AM ALMOST 100% SURE YOU ARE A Bieber FAN. Well, yeah, I know I'm right. That or you are Bieber yourself.

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