Top Ten Things It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without

Remove certain elements, and it just doesn't feel like Christmas. This is the 2014 Christmas Countdown's final list.

The Top Ten

1 Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr's "Silent Night"

Almost any one Christmas carol could be taken away, and it wouldn't make much of a difference. Not "Silent Night". - PetSounds

2 Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

A great classic. Teaches an important lesson of what Christmas is all about. - Kiteretsunu

3 The film "It's a Wonderful Life"
4 The tree

The aroma of an evergreen brings a special quality to the air. - PetSounds

5 Shortbread

The ultimate Christmas baking, in my opinion. - PetSounds

6 Frederick Forsyth's "The Shepherd"

I read this story every Christmas Eve. - PetSounds

7 Family
8 The turkey
9 Snow

I live where there is no snow. It's hard to believe it's Christmas - AnonymousChick

It's looking like a green Christmas for me this year, which is a rarity. :( - PetSounds

No! A green Christmas? In Canada? Something I thought impossible. - PositronWildhawk

10 Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, Palestine. He was born to Mary, as the bible says "she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 1:18). He was both man and God (John 20:28). According to the bible He is God alone (Deuteronomy 6:4). more.

I can't believe it wasn't on the list already! - AnonymousChick

I was expecting this to be number one... and it should be!

The Contenders

11 Secret whisperings

Those conversations you're not supposed to know about, covert missions to temporarily hide a recently purchased gift… - PetSounds

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