Top Ten Things Johnny Test Needs to Do to Suck Less

The Top Ten

Make it emotional

It is emotional in some episodes. Not all are plain formulaic trash.

Remove the bad elements

Don't you think it's a little too late to be making this list? I mean Johnny Test ended two years ago.

Remove the gross super powers and replace them with awesome ones
Change some of the characters' names
Add smarter characters
Stop repeating the same quotes
Make Dukey stop talking
Allow Green Day to play a better theme song for the show

Or just bring back the old theme song used in the first season.

Stop whining and complaining
Act his age

Sometimes he acts 15, sometimes he acts 6. Never 11 though

The Contenders

Make the Characters Likable
Remove the whip-crack sound effect
Get better characters
Make Johnny test nice
Go back to hand-drawn animation
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