Top Ten Things Johnny Test Needs to Do to Suck Less

The Top Ten

1 Make it emotional

It is emotional in some episodes. Not all are plain formulaic trash.

2 Remove the bad elements

Don't you think it's a little too late to be making this list? I mean Johnny Test ended two years ago.

3 Remove the gross super powers and replace them with awesome ones
4 Change some of the characters' names
5 Add smarter characters
6 Stop repeating the same quotes
7 Make Dukey stop talking
8 Allow Green Day to play a better theme song for the show

Or just bring back the old theme song used in the first season.

9 Stop whining and complaining
10 Act his age

Sometimes he acts 15, sometimes he acts 6. Never 11 though

The Contenders

11 Make the Characters Likable
12 Remove the whip-crack sound effect
13 Get better characters
14 Make Johnny test nice
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