Top Ten Things to Judge People By


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1 Their Behavior Towards You

Who wants a friend that's horrible to them? I certainly don't! - Wolftail

2 Personality

Learn about someone's personality before you judge them. - Wolftail

3 Body Language

We communicate mostly through our bodies. - Wolftail

4 Interests

I don't want to be around someone who's intrests are murder and other criminal acts. - Wolftail

5 Their Behavior Towards Other People

One of my friends is mean to other people and I try my best to stay away from her but she sticks to me like superglue and I find it hard to say no to people. :( - Wolftail

6 Loyalty

Like in Warrior Cats. Loyalty is so important in the Warrior Code. - Wolftail

7 Sociability

Mainly comes under body language. - Wolftail

8 Appearance

Also comes under body language. - Wolftail

9 Music Tastes

Although I respect 99% of music fans, I would rather prefer to be around someone with similar music tastes than a belieber or directioner. However this isn't as important as the stuff above. - Wolftail

I've learned not to judge people by this too much, especially as my taste can be a bit… unusual. Some of my best friends are metalheads. - PetSounds

10 Intelligence

Intelligence is one of the main things which makes a person who they are. - PositronWildhawk

So, imagine standing by a bridge with a dumb person and a smart person.

Dumb person: Hey let's jump off this bridge!
Smart person: I think we should so something else, that seems a bit too risky.

Who would you choose to go with? - Wolftail

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11 How They Act
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