Top 10 Things Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj Have In Common

These are 10 things two wack music artists have in common.

The Top Ten

1 Both have Horrible Voices
2 Both make Terrible Music

The only difference between these two artists is that I find Nicki Minaj to be a lot more annoying than Justin Bieber because you knew that she had way more fans than Justin Bieber. Bieber almost had no fans at all. And people were blasting most of her songs like Stupid Hoe and Anaconda. Who would wanna listen to that crap?! I'm being dead serious. I really am.

3 Both are Overrated Pieces of Garbage
4 Both are Famous for the Wrong Reasons
5 Both are Immature
6 Both are Really Bad Role Models for Children
7 Both Are Glorified When They Really Shouldn't Be
8 Both Suck

Plain and simple. Give me my metal anyday.

9 Both twerk

Justin Bieber doesn't twerk

10 Both are Fake and Phony

The Contenders

11 Both are Disgusting
12 Both are One of the Worst of the Worst
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