Top 10 Things Justin Bieber Would Do If He Bought TheTopTens

The Top Ten Things Justin Bieber Would Do If He Bought TheTopTens

1 Plays his music while you're on the site, and you can't mute it.

I would leave if this happens. - 906389

2 Forces every user to follow him
3 Forces users to send love messages to him or get banned
4 Delete every Anti-Justin Bieber humor list on the site
5 Have his ads on the site when trying to message a user
6 Rename the site to Justin Bieber's Top Tens
7 Have the top ten items on a list as his favorites and not ours
8 Put Justin Bieber at the no. 1 spot on every best list
9 Force users to hate heavy metal and love his music
10 Make PositronWildhawk and Britgirl look like terrible users

The Contenders

11 Remove all his songs from the worst songs list

Uh... - BorisRule

12 Have his song lyrics appear right after every item on a list or on the list description
13 Get rid of every Rock and Metal Music related list on the site
14 Spam hate messages to everyone who hates him and won't stop until they become a Belieber
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