Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand

Every generation is getting worse than the last. It used to be that the music and film stars worked for their fame; they paid their dues, learned the business, honed their trade, and gained success for the long haul.

Adults of earlier generations knew that if they wanted something in life they had to work for it. In fact, they had to work for everything. They didn't have time to just sit around an complain about how hard their life was while they watched cartoons and played video games on their parent's couch.

They did have their fun though. They lived lives outside. They honed skills, broke records, explored the unknown, and didn't live vicariously through avatars or online profiles.

Below is a list of the things that kids of any generation need to know about life and how to live it.
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Education matters.

Not if its from school (most of it). 90% of what we learn doesn't matter. I'll never use algebra in my life. If I do, I will use google. I don't care about what happened in the past. Math, we have calculators. "What if you don't have one or it's broken? " Well, everyone has their phones for that now. And we have google we don't need dictionaries. Some of the reasons on the list suck.

Growing up in a hyper competitive town of crazy academics, I can tell you that you need (really need) to be smart. You can't expect to achieve anything without hard work and food and shelter wont fall into your hands. Get your grades up, they seem unimportant now, but your whole life is based off of what you can contribute to the world

Sure, you might not use algebra on a daily basis, but you can be sure that you will ONE day. And on that one day you'll be thankful. You might not need to know when the Revolutionary War happened, but when your friends randomly start talking about history, you'll be glad you aren't the dumbest one in the bunch. And when you try to get a job that doesn't involve a deep fryer, you'll be glad that you know a few words that are more than two syllables.

I'm that kid who doesn't have many friends cause school is more important. Now just get homework out of the system.

Compassion will always get you farther than apathy.

Mlp taught me this, and I found out it was true when I got to middle school. My friends were so supportive of me, even when I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. It's thanks to my friends and family that I'm able to be here today

Gender is a spectrum, not a binary.

New generation kid. Do you mean to say that gender isn't just strictly male or female, and you can be at far ends of the spectrum or closer to the middle? Kind of like political parties.

This is by far the best list on the Top Tens and it really does deserve more attention. I don't know who made this list but whoever did is the real hero here.

There are two set genders, but you can be somewhere in the middle. However, if you start making up genders, die.

Make up your mind, you're a boy or a girl.

You are where you are because of privilege and oppression dynamics. It's important to help the less fortunate in a systemic way.

Do all you can to help the helpless, but not the clueless.

This is the best one

This is the LAST thing children should be taught!
"POOR ME, it's the other person's fault, THE OTHER PERSON should pay for my rent, food, and life. I'll just be over here, gaming, thanks."

Sex is an expression of love or something that can just feel good. Do what feels best for you, and be safe.

Not something to be shamed for doing.

Kids should wait until they’re like an official adult to have sex.

Exercise isn't just for athletes.

Kids used to run, jump, climb trees, ride their bikes, etc. Generally be active and play. Now, the only times they run is after stealing something. They only jump or climb trees when necessary (if ever). And the few that have a bike only ride it either to a friend's house to play a new video game or to the corner store to buy junk food and soda. Come on kids, don't start subtracting years off your life by being lazy when you're young.

We can be as lazy as we want. I hate how people nowadays force other people to do things they don't want to do. We have a Wii for sports. Plus we have a PE class.

We aren't stationary. Just saying, it's not like from deer to stones.

Exercise is important for everybody though.

"Nobody's Perfect" is not an excuse

I mean, it is not an excuse, but, it is the truth that no is perfect in this world, we all have sined.

Everyone is perfect in their own way.

There are beautiful people of every size, faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability.

Good thing my parents don't teach me that people of a certain size, faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ability is ugly.

Similarly, there are ugly people among all groups too.

There are some ugly people.

Age doesn't matter. Maturity matters
Consent matters. Never touch anyone without their consent.

YES. My cousins like to touch me randomly

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Drinking while pregnant can kill the baby.
Your beauty does not exist in relation to others. You are beautiful. So is she. That's okay.

There is such thing as ugly that's why it was invented. Idc about looks though because only teenage girls do.

If society praises beauty over ugliness, is that racism?

I always feel I'm ugly.

Sometimes you have to take care of it yourself.

Believe it or not, the police, firefighters, and paramedics don't get to call 911. There's nobody that is going to show up to help them save someone's life or put out a burning house. They just have to do it themselves. The same holds true for you kids. Do you know how to fix a flat tire? How about rewire an electrical outlet? I'm not talking brain surgery or something like providing for a family... I'm simply talking about those thing you're used to your parents doing for you. Sometimes you won't have anyone else to call and help you out.

Kids are pretty much old enough to not be dependent on their parents for everything.

Yeah. It's hard. But true.

You are responsable about your mood, succes, health

Eating healthy foods is a good habit to create early in life.
Everybody is equal but unique
You are not entitled to anything.

So... Kids are not entitled to basic human rights? They are not entitled to be treated justly? They aren't entitled to be treated with respect? I don't understand. I get the message, and kids should not believe they are entitled to fame, wealth, etc, but the word "anything" is a little strong.

Just because you want something doesn't mean you will get it, or should. Even if your friends have it. Even if your parents had it. Fame, toys, respect... It isn't even always about earning it. You just might not ever end up with the things you want and you just might deserve not getting it.

I still consider myself a kid, or at least an early teen, and I can really see where people are coming from. I know this in the back of my head, but it doesn't mean I wont act spoiled when I'm... Well, spoiled.

Other than basic human rights, yes.

You only live once.

Back off Hindu people are nice and all people shouldn't act like morons

No duh. Who doesn't know that? Unless you're very young...

But don't sue it as an excuse to have a kid at 14

So don't direct into El Diablo...666

There is a difference between real people and fictional characters.

Chuck Norris: an actual real person.
Princess Peach/Daisy: Fictional (as in, does not exist).
Spending your time fantasizing about a cartoon character, dreaming up ways to kill them, or otherwise dwelling on the character traits of an animated, drawn, doodle, is not only pointless but also embarrassing. Likewise, treat real human beings with respect and realize that no matter who the person is and how well you think you know them, you'll never be able to know everything they're going through.

I actually disagree with the part of dreaming up ways to kill a fictional cartoon character being pointless. If it's a really annoying but fictional character then I guess you would have a reason to criticize it. After all, it's good to release anger with lists like characters who hate one specific character.

Cartoon fans need to know that the characters they fantasize about aren't real. I mean I personally don't think there's anything wrong with having a crush on a fictional character but sooner or later you're gonna have to realize that the character you're in love with isn't real and you'll have to socialize with actual real people because it's much better for society.

As true as this may be, Wolftail wants to be Mapleshade I think Sevenlizards wants to kill Arthur and I want to date Tigerheart. In my books there is a connection that only real fans understand. It's like they are real, deep in some forest. I feel it every time

I don't want to be Mapleshade, but I do think that I have a lot in common with her.

Yeah caps girl so stop defending Elsa and offend frozen haters that are real life people!

Always learn more. There are issues you can never fully understand, but try anyway. Listen first to experts, then listen more, then talk.

If it's about taxes, insurance, or something, yes.

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to.

I'm not saying that people need to sacrifice happiness for the sake of work or anything like that. But pleasures are different. Clean your room, do the family dishes, help in the kitchen so you know how to cook something that doesn't need a microwave, and fold your own clothes. If it helps, pretend that you're leveling up your Sims character for the future so they don't have a rude awakening when they get kicked out of the house to live on their own and realize they have no idea how to survive.

My parents don't let me help with anything. Why? Because they feel I'm too dumb to do stuff.

Definitely! I already have to do things that I don't want to do and I'm a kid!

I've gotten vaccines, despite the pain. I didn't refuse or cry at all.

Life won't wait for you.
Global warming is not a myth

But humans aren't the only cause for it.

There is such a thing as an age appropriate TV show.

I'm not just talking about watching those T.V. -MA shows where you learn a few new words and see someone die in a grisly new way. I'm also referring to watching, or caring at all about, a T.V. show meant for children who are barely developing (Caillou, Arthur, Dora.. Etc). If you are older than the animated, main star of the show, you probably shouldn't be watching it - unless you have some developmental issues and are trying to catch up to the other kids your age.

No there's not. My youngest little bro (he's 11) watches Rick and Morty as well as robot chicken. Cuss words are just words. Kids are gonna be learning about sexual stuff soon.

I think this would be more appropriate for a Top Ten list of things parents should know.

Which is what Disney1994 needs to learn about with South Park and Family Guy.

Appearance doesn't matter.

For me, I don’t care how other people look, but I care how I look because I never actually look good, unless trash cans are considered beautiful nowadays.

It does to girls. Not to me though. Unless they have gross stuff like lipstick.

This is wrong - Unnamed Google User Remade

As a kid, (14) I have always understood that.

Family is important, but you have no obligation to people who don't treat you well.
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