Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Things Kids Should Know and Understand

NuMetalManiak Requested by Aragorn98.

1. Gender is a spectrum, not a binary: Nice comment I first saw upon seeing this list. In my opinion, don't use either spectrum or binary, it is confusing.
2. Compassion will always get you farther than apathy.: Duh.
3. You are where you are because of privilege and oppression dynamics. It's important to help the less fortunate in a systemic way.: How interesting, but I for one didn't grow up like that.
4. Education matters.: Absolutely true.
5. There are beautiful people of every size, faith, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability.: Duh.
6. Exercise isn't just for athletes.: You don't want to be limp like a bizkit, okay that joke was dumb.
7. Consent matters. Never touch anyone without their consent.: ON THE OTHER HAND, don't falsely accuse someone of sexual misconduct.
8. Your beauty does not exist in relation to others. You are beautiful. So is she. That's okay.: This list appeals to males.
9. Sometimes you have to take care of it yourself.: Right. Go on the Internet and learn how to do things.
10. Sex is an expression of love or something that can just feel good. Do what feels best for you, and be safe.: Last words are perfect.
11. You only live once.: While true, when it became a meme I hated this phrase.
12. You are not entitled to anything.: BINGO.
13. Always learn more. There are issues you can never fully understand, but try anyway. Listen first to experts, then listen more, then talk.: And then you can be an expert.
14. There is a difference between real people and fictional characters.: Someone PLEASE tell this to all the Disney fans, Mario fans, and other crazy fanbases like some anime fanbases.
15. Life won't wait for you.: You took this from an Ozzy song.
16. Family is important, but you have no obligation to people who don't treat you well.: Which is why I don't treat my family well.
17. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to.: That's a job summarized.
18. There is such a thing as an age appropriate TV show.: Stupid teens, always getting past age restrictions.
19. Anime and Video Games aren't real.: Knew this a long time ago.
20. Appearance doesn't matter.: Well, socially speaking, it does.
21. The earth matters. Protect her.: If you don't like it, move to a different planet.
22. Not all communication is done on a screen.: Internet friends are the most awkward, but most frequent.
23. One day you will have responsibilities.: And not just job-related ones. May have to figure out how to pay bills. Now THAT'S something they need to teach in high school.
24. Don't spend your entire life hating and hurting God: Religion does weird things.
25. Homework should be routine.: No matter the case, it's inescapable.
26. Always be a kid at heart but be an adult in your mind.: What should I be physically?
27. It's damaging to encourage bad behavior in people.: Yes, it creates stupid hiveminds of trolls.
28. The world does not revolve around you.: Man, I need to show certain adults this list.
29. Forget about the past.: Bringing up the past only stirs up trouble.
30. You can't get what you want by crying and whining over it.: Yeah.
31. Things like books, movies, and music artists don't save your life. You save your life.: You control your life is more accurate.
32. Fairy Tales are not real: Every piece of media is not real now.
33. Just because you were influenced by a certain kind of person (an artist, an activist, etc) doesn't mean you have to hold onto that kind of person forever: Which is why I don't gloat over celebrity deaths like idiots do.
34. Don't take things too seriously: Aragorn98, is this the reason you wanted me to do this?
35. Be honest about the choices you make: Sincerity, in other words.
36. Forget about the past, but don't forget what it taught you: Remove #29 and replace it with this.
37. Crime is real. Tell this to the BLM supporters whining about police brutality.
38. Drugs kill.: This is why you learn chemistry.
39. Pain is real.: Deal with it.
40. Excuses often lead to bad consequences.: I wonder why meme posters often get off free? Which is why I hate them.
41. Dignity matters.: Might as well say anything matters as long as it is good.
42. Attitude matters.: Ad hominem attacks get nowhere.
43. You're still living the good life.: Not often.
44. Make the right choices.: Well, duh.
45. Where babies come from.: From the womb.
46. Expression is healthy for relationships.: Unless it's lewd.
47. Be careful what you wish for.: All them negative people might just cause the apocalypse.
48. Ruining a person's hopes and dreams for mere enjoyment is cruel and pointless.: I wouldn't say pointless, but sure, cruel.
49. Listen at least twice as much as you talk.: Too many people type too much to follow this.
50. Cleanliness and hygiene matter.: This owes back to what I said about #20.
51. Success is 10-percent inspiration, and 90-percent perspiration.: I don't really like this one.
52. You can't always believe the things that people say.: Hmm...
53. Bullies are cowards.: Or they are just bored and looking for entertainment.
54. You will get a lot more done without a phone in your hands.: Thanks a lot, Apple.
55. You can't force your beliefs on others.: THIS MEANS YOU, TUMBLR IDIOTS.
56. It's ok to be honest about your beliefs.: Yes, but make sure to follow the previous items.
57. Communication is a two-way street.: Alright, a lot of these I don't know about.
58. Life is short.: Either that, or they are just common parent sayings.
59. You can create the change you want to see in the world.: Make sure it's not gonna destroy the world, then.
60. Selflessness is a virtue.: Confusing.
61. You are in control of your happiness.: Again, this goes to all you negative people.
62. Sexually transmitted diseases are real: I don't want to know about this.
63. You shouldn't have a baby at a young age.: You have to pay a lot in order to make sure the baby is fine.
64. Too much technology can be a bad thing.: When the power goes out, what to do?
65. It's healthy for you to get outside on a bright, sunny day.: *gets stung by a wasp* NO THANKS.
66. Suicide is not the answer.: In a despair event horizon, it's the one thing you think of.
67. Integrity matters.: Mater matters.
68. Morals matter.: Solid, liquid, gas, plasma.
69. Nobody is perfect.: And neither are you.
70. It's alright to cry.: Those that say wimp to you are just edgy.
71. Life is unpredictable and out of our control.: So don't gloat over tragedies too much on social media.
72. Not everyone is going to like what you like.: TAKE THAT SJWS.
73. Not everyone will recognize/appreciate your vision.: I guess this can be a duplicate of the previous item.
74. Life should be simple, but not simpler.: I'm confused.
75. It's ok to be different.: But not obnoxious.
76. You can't control others.: Again, TAKE THAT SJWS.
77. Bad choices lead to bad consequences.: So don't whine when your best black friend goes to jail by committing a crime.
78. Everyone has feelings.: Everything by everyone.
79. Everyone has weakness.: Yeah, I think I get it now.
80. Cussing is a nasty habit.: Yer darn right, pardner, git it from dem boyz down sout.
81. It is not Ok to blame your problems on other people.: "Mommy! You did this for reasons!"
82. Misery does not love company.: Stop quoting song titles.
83. The media is not an excuse to be violent.: Tell this to Trump haters. The moment he does something they are too quick to look into it.
84. You should never give up.: You should never let down. You should never run around and desert yourself.
85. Pets require responsibility.: Just like babies.
86. You shouldn't take things too seriously.: Already on here.
87. Life's too short to be angry, depressed and unhappy: Already on here, BUT ENHANCED!!!
88. Your opinion is worth sharing.: Unless you know it will get you killed.
89. Violence isn't a solution.: Are you sure it is? Well, if it's the only viable option.
90. Fame isn't everything.: So sorry, up-and-coming celebrities.
91. Don't judge people by their appearance.: Which is how the SJW brigade formed.
92. Wishing it won't make it happen.: What does this refer to.
93. Dreams are worth pursuing.: Unless they are so unrealistic, that there's no real way to reach tem.
94. Fears can be faced.: Except for the fear of death.
95. Courageous and bravery are virtues.: You get all these items from your parents.
96. Life's too short to be afraid.: Okay! Life's short! I get it! Stop making it shorter!
97. Murder is never the answer.: Screw murderers.
98. Trying to be like someone else will make you frustrated and dissatisfied.: So don't do it.
99. There is no such thing as a perfect genre.: I have a feeling that was supposed to say gender.
100. Nothing lasts forever.: Stop quoting song lyrics.
101. Eating healthy foods is a good habit to create early in life.: I couldn't do that.
102. Unhealthy foods leads to disease.: Not all the time.
103. A true friend is someone who knows you, understands you, and is there for you.: More importantly, doesn't backstab you.
104. Faced a setback? Failed to reach a goal? Staying optimistic will give you the energy to try again.: Wipe that ugly grin off your face.
105. Be confident in yourself.: Is this a Top 10 list or a list of motivational poster captions?
106. Discomfort is where you learn and grow.: Uh.
107. Things are not always what they seem.: Huh.
108. It's good to keep a notebook handy to write your notes and ideas.: Well I have a Word document.
109. It's ok to be true to yourself.: Never
110. A personal mission statement gives your life vision.: Gonna
111. Staying true to your priorities and goals shows both maturity and self-respect. Give
112. A good leader works alongside others to motivate, teach, and help where there is a need.: You
113. Your source of inspiration should challenge you to be the best person possible.: Up
114. Self-discipline will serve you well both now and in the future.: Never gonna
115. True heroes are role models and mentors and make a positive difference in your life. Let
116. Achieving your dreams isn't magic but r aesult of hard work and determination.: You
117. Organization and thoroughness will take you far, and save you time and anxiety.: Down
118. Addiction is harmful.: HELP I'M ADDICTED TO LIST ANALYSES.
119. There are always obstacles on the road to success.: What if it isn't a road. Also notice the typo in #116.
120. The things that are important to you may not be important to everyone else - And that's okay.: So stop shoving it.
121. Peer pressure loses its power when you know what you believe and what you stand for.: Peer pressure sucks.
122. Discovering your learning style helps you succeed.: Whoa
123. Respecting differences means inclusion, acceptance, and encouragement.: Black Betty
124. Respecting others is easier once you've figured out your own values and beliefs. Bam-ba-lam
125. Test scores are important, but so are friends and family.: Depends, really.
126. Once you have a plan in place, achievement is just a matter of carrying out the plan.: Achievement Unlocked.
127. As you get older, your responsibilities will increase.: Unfortunately.
128. Every action has consequences.: I know there's an increase in bandwidth upon submitting this.
129. Procrastination leads to missed dates and projects.: Missed dates and...projects? Okay then.
130. Negative thoughts and people are a waste of your time and energy.: Condescending thoughts, actually.
131. It's easier to keep up your efforts when you can see progress along the way.: What if I didn't find progress?
132. Popular ideas of success (fame, money, power) don't necessarily bring happiness.: So don't follow celebrity ideals.
133. It takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to refocus after an interruption.: I'm really focused while eating dinner.
134. As you learn and experience life, your beliefs and goals may change. And that's okay.: Come
135. Everyone makes mistakes.: To
136. Life isn't simple.: My
137. The human brain isn't simple.: Window!
138. You can't learn by sitting on the fence.: Who does this?
139. Nobody likes a pervert.: What about those that do?
140. How you schedule your time reveals your true priorities.: Which is why I HATE it when people don't use their time wisely.
141. Don't forget to show your appreciation to the friends and family members who cheer you on when you get discouraged.: What if they decide never to support you?
142. Your activities will have more purpose if you begin each day with your destination in mind.: I have to tell interviewers this.
143. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Get organized. Taking the time to do so will save you time and anxiety in the end.: This didn't work. I tried it.
144. The measure of a good goal is how determined you are to meet it.: Or if it is reasonable.
145. Your short-term memory can only store 7 pieces of information at a time.: Call Dory.
146. Victory comes from overcoming obstacles and working through your mistakes.: Can't wake up.
147. Your attitude and confidence make a bigger difference than your natural skills or abilities.: Wake me up inside.
148. This is the society you're raising your kids in. Keep your kids as safe as possible.: This item needs to be WAY higher.
149. It's never too late to make a change in your life.: LordDovahkiin, you are so morally ambiguous.
150. School has value! Most kids who graduate from high school earn a third more money than dropouts each year!: You don't need the exclamation marks.
151. Beliefs are the ideas about the world that you accept as true.: Watch as others disapprove them.
152. Not all beliefs are accurate.: Yeah, yeah.
153. How you use your time, energy, and talents is up to you.: Either things are out of our control, or up to you. WHICH IS IT.
154. Once you have reflected on your beliefs, decide whether or not they are worth hanging on to.: Motivational poster #154.
155. Do you know what you have to do-And when it's due? Check your planner and daily to-do list.: Some of these don't apply to everyone.
156. Every step you take either brings you closer to your goals, or further away from them.: Stay in place.
157. Love isn't just an idea. It shows itself in actions.: So no rape.
158. If something's truly worth your dedication, you won't regret spending your time and energy on it.: Zzzz
159. Breaking bad habits is tough! It might take half a dozen tries before you succeed.: I bet someone only read the first two lines.
160. It takes about twice as long to finish a project than we expect.: Nah.
161. There is some good in this world. And it's worth fighting for.: K
162. You only have one life of living so you shouldn't waste it on holding onto bad memories.: Basically #11 and #36 combined.
163. There is no reason to hurt yourself.: Emos, listen up.
164. You are what makes you happy. You are in control of what happens to you, what your future's gonna be, and how your life's doing right now. That's another reason to not hurt/kill yourself.: Didn't read.
165. Life is short, time is fast, no replay, no rewind, so enjoy every moment as it comes.: You're combining everything now.
166. There are no excuses.: Well that I know.
167. Say no to drugs and alcohol.: Down the road I wonder if kids actually follow this.
168. If you're planning on being famous, don't get into drugs, alcohol, or suicide.: Tell this to the ones who mourn celebrities.
169. Magic isn't real.: Oh boy, here we go.
170. There are always positive things about life. Life isn't always going to be easy but there will be some positive things about it.: Wish all you negative idiots would look at this one.
171. Treat others with kindness and respect.: For reference, the Golden Rule came from Christianity, and even if it wasn't it's something to follow anyways.
172. Screening things for your kids is more than just seeing if it has too much violence.:?
173. Don't judge a book by its cover or its title.: Thanks, Shakespeare, I hate literature now.
174. True beauty comes from the inside. Not from the outside.: So why does everyone judge from the outside?
175. Don't wish death upon people.: Everyone SHOULD agree with this.
176. Rape is bad.: Bad #1.
177. Pedophilia is bad.: Bad #2.
178. Bestiality is bad.: Bad #3, you lack originality even if you are right.
179. No one has the right to abuse you. Get out of the abusive relationship.: Tell this to some females. Men would leave easily.
180. Don't drink while driving.: Isn't this obvious?
181. It's okay to be afraid sometimes.: I noticed there were opposites here a long time ago.
182. Sometimes bravery isn't always the best idea.: Yeah.
183. Be who you are and you'll love who you are.: All these simple words.
184. Life is not about being happy with what you look like. Life is about being happy with yourself.: Yeah, I get it.
185. A woman brought you into this world. You have no right to disrespect one: And when they disrespect you? What do you do?
186. Your kids shouldn't consume inappropriate media: Bingo, there's one.
187. There's always going to be evil in the world.: And what can you do to stop it?
188. Live as long as you can.: Live, life, you, all this list is.
189. Fight for the people worth fighting for.: What about those who don't care to fight?
190. Respect your elders.: NEVER. Especially if they don't respect me back.
191. Be careful of who you're engaged to.: TheTopTens is not a dating website.
192. Being an adult doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want.: They might want to learn this one real well.
193. Gender doesn't matter.: It really does not.
194. Be safe when you go out into the big world.: Yep.
195. Don't have sexual fantasies about a person: More like don't have fantasies about a fictional character, am I right?
196. Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys freedom. And freedom buys happiness.: Money prevents unhappiness, actually.
197. Some things are not for everyone: Answer that one, uber-liberals.
198. Don't live your entire life thinking you're still a teenager and a young adult: But don't let people think you're much younger.
199. Life is no walk in the park: I'm so bored right now.
200. You have to take care of yourself: Duh.
201. Anger leads to consequences: Obviously.
202. You have a pet. Take good care of it: Well, what if you don't have a pet.
203. Losing and quitting is not an option: What if it is?
204. You will have to work with someone you don't like: A lot of these are just so obvious.
205. It's ok to not know all the answers: What if not knowing everything won't get you anywhere?
206. Getting into fights is not going to solve the problem: If it buys you out of slavery for instance, maybe it's worth it.
207. Be kind when you share your opinion: And be kind when receiving one.
208. Too much television really is bad for you: Which is why some people need to understand that here.
209. Having unprotected sex is dangerous: Dangerous and bad are synonymous.
210. Drunk driving is dangerous: I think I've lost count of how many duplicates and synonymous items there are.
211. Values matter: At this point, anything could matter at any rate.
212. Bad behavior is real: You people have no ideas left.
213. Make the right kinds of friends: Or face a backstab.
214. Be around the right kinds of people: Right, right, right.
215. Don't fight over things that don't matter: Yet another thing that SJWs need to understand.
216. Racial slurs are not funny.: Well, duh.
217. Some people don't like being touched inappropriately: Some people don't like being looked at inappropriately.
218. Some people hate spoilers: Hey dad, don't spoil Star Wars to your niece.
219. Don't try be like anyone else.: This is so obvious.
220. Don't be so hard on yourself: Where is that exhilarating charm this list used to have?
221. Don't try to steal ideas from other people. Come up with your own: That's hard to do anyways.
222. Drinking while pregnant can kill the baby.: Drinking what? Be specific please.
223. Admire someone else's work instead of being jealous about it: Jealousy happens when too many people hype something.
224. Be the change you want to see in the world.: What if that change isn't for the better?
225. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams: Good luck going with that.
226. Fighting is not the right solution: How many times has fighting been mentioned here?
227. School matters: I really do not have anything left to say.
228. Animal cruelty is wrong: Help.
229. Child abuse is wrong: We know.
230. Mind over matter: These are all motivational posters.
231. Have respect for yourself: Really now.
232. Let go of things: Including your life?
233. Skin color doesn't matter: Nothing really matters.
234. Eye color doesn't matter: Anyone can see
235. Hair color doesn't matter: Nothing really matters, to me.
236. Movies, songs, bands, etc do not save lives: THANK YOU.
237. You'll have to be serious sometimes: You may be big, but I'm serious.
238. Tell somebody if something is wrong: But look out, they might get offended!
239. Take responsibility of your own actions: Pointing out the obvious, yet again.
240. It's ok to cry: Yep, on here twice alright.
241. If you take life too serious, then it really could get depressing: This list is starting to get depressing.
242. Washing your hands is important: I have actually never washed my hands outside of taking an actual shower.
243. Entertainment works in the exact same way as giving your kids good food to eat: Which means too much good food is bad.
244. Try and remember the good times you and your friends/family had if you're angry at them: If they want to remember that is.
245. Body implants are not attractive: Stop being fake, real people.
246. Stress is not good for you: Why would you want stress?
247. Year of formation doesn't matter: Okay then.
248. Being selfish is a bad thing: Derp.
249. Embrace change: Yes, yes, yes, more motivational poster captions.
250. Hate will get you nowhere in life: Nah, I'm pretty sure someone got somewhere.
251. There's a difference between inspiration and imitation: Yes there is.
252. When you are influenced by something, don't try too hard to be just like that something.: Okay, enough with the influences.
253. Try and find better ways to live your life: See #249.
254. Don't hang around people who make you feel uncomfortable: Really good idea.
255. Use both a condom and birth control: So many sex ed classes don't get the gist of things.
256. Scars remain because they're there to remind you of the mistakes you've made and how you've learned from them: So hurting yourself with them reminds you of other things? Is this what I am looking at?
257. If you surf the internet long enough, you'll see some pretty sick stuff.: Hahaha.
258. Don't be like anyone else. Be yourself and make a difference.: But don't trigger people on purpose.
259. You're never gonna get your time back: Okay then?
260. Spread a positive message: And don't be an insufferable know-it-all.
261. Hurting people is bad: We know.
262. Technology can be good or bad depending on how you use it: Friggin hackers ruining everything.
263. The internet is not an excuse to do horrible things: THANK YOU AGAIN.
264. Instructions will help you keep organized: What if the instructions don't lead to the right work? I actually have this problem.
265. Be careful about what you watch: Be careful about be careful statements.
266. Be careful how you act because your child might inherit the negative traits you once had: Ooh.
267. Being lazy is bad: There are jobs where you can be lazy.
268. Don't blame your everyday problems on God: Atheists, this one is for you.
269. Your problems are your own responsibility: Hmm, maybe.
270. Nobody likes to be scared: This is why I hate pranks.
271. Your idols don't owe you anything: Burn.
272. Avoid procrastination: That's impossible to do.
273. Hygiene matters: Pretty sure this one was already on the list numerous times.
274. It's not right to make fun of a person: Okay, we get it.
275. Doing drugs leads to bad consequences: Every kid knows this.
276. Life isn't always fun and games: It's not fun and games because of moronic adults who decided fun and games are sins.
277. It's not good to put vulgar and indecent images out in public: This should be pretty obvious.
278. If you worry too much, something bad could actually happen: Don't try it.
279. There are dangerous animals out in the world. Be safe: Didn't I just allude with a wasp example earlier?
280. Don't teach old people to do gross and disgusting things: Why would they do that.
281. Be careful about the choices you make: Already on here numerous times.
282. (As a celebrity) being irrelevant does not equal bad: Hmm. Most interesting.
283. Always stick with your buddy: What if I never had one?
284. Never stand on a swivel chair: This is such a minor thing.
285. Never bring books to the table when you're having lunch or dinner: Because you get food on them.
286. Never join a gang: Define gang. There's multiple kinds.
287. You're not alone: Oh my god, shut up.
288. It's nobody's fault: On what? WHAT IS IT? I have no idea. This item is one of the most vague things I have ever read.
289. Weapons are not toys: You wonder who made those toy guns in the first place.
290. Being a poser is bad: Yeah, yeah.
291. Bullying is horrible: Okay.
292. Feuding leads to really bad consequences: We are looking at just about everything right now.
293. The media is not an excuse to be suicidal: SO TRUE.
294. Decency is really important: Surprised this word showed up for the first time.
295. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's automatically good: Like Minecrap, LOL
296. No one knows what happens after death: This is why people are afraid of death.
297. If you really want to know how good a movie is, watch the movie yourself and come up with your own views: Don't just assume on basis.
298. It's not a good thing to be simple minded: Durr.
299. Vandalism is terrible: Unless they don't care.
300. You can't force anybody to love you: Otherwise, that becomes sexual harassment.
301. Age doesn't matter. Maturity matters: As demonstrated by Disney1994 posts.
302. Anxiety is bad for you: So many things are bad for you. What isn't bad for you in this day and age?
303. "Nobody's Perfect" is not an excuse: No one's at fault is not a good excuse either, what's your point.
304. Always listen to what the person has to say before making your conclusion: Or opinion.
305. Stealing is bad: As I was saying.
306. Be yourself and make a difference: Don't make a terrible difference.
307. Never drink alcohol while pregnant: As specific as this is, I'm surprised it's a duplicate.
308. People like their secrets to be kept secret: That's right, parents.
309. Littering is bad: Alright, enough, seriously. Stuff your parents teach you that is common knowledge isn't something every kid should understand because every kid WILL understand it regardless.
310. Atheism is not an excuse to do whatever bad thing you want: Ooh, take THAT atheists.
311. You have to be true to yourself: Blah.
312. Negative messages lead to big problems: Negatives are negatives, positives are positives, gray areas are gray areas.
313. Being picky is bad: No it isn't.
314. Cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend is bad: Because you might get caught up in metoo nonsense.
315. No one likes a jerk: Anyone can figure that one out.
316. Nobody likes a moron: Sunday
317. Nobody likes a rude person: Bloody
318. Nobody likes a selfish person: Sunday
319. You can't judge someone without knowing them first: Truth.
320. Showing people who you are makes you understand yourself better as an individual and as a human: I am so bored with this list now I am quoting songs between multiple items and giving one-word replies.
321. There's such a thing as being too close: Here we go again with sexual harassment.
322. Being rude is not the answer: Surprised rude only showed up twice on this list so far.
323. Be nice to yourself: Never!, lol.
324. Never make excuses to do all the bad things you want: There are no good excuses.
325. There's such a thing as being too nice: Yep.
326. It's important to keep an open mind: Yeah, fine.
327. Don't attract the wrong kind of people: Or you will get caught up in idiotic hiveminds who will reprimand you.
328. Looks don't matter: This list is contradicting itself.
329. Don't warp your expectations: In other words, be realistic.
330. If you really want to help the world, don't sit down and do nothing. Stand up and work your hardest to see what positive impact you'll have on the world.: More motivational quotes again.
331. Find your true talents, see what you really are good at and what you're not.: And again.
332. Do good things and don't expect anything in return: How unfortunate.
333. Don't take your anger and frustration out on others: That can be hard to do.
334. If you kill yourself, it means that the bullies have won. And you lost: Hmm, deep thinking are we?
335. You are not alone: All you did was remove the contraction in the previous item.
336. You are what makes you happy: You're not making me happy.
337. Always listen to what someone has to say to you: No
338. You have no right to feel sorry for those who did bad things to you: Um, why?
339. Too much junk food is bad for you: As I was saying about the contradictions.
340. There will be lots of rules you'll have to follow in life: The madmen who enforce strict rules need to be put away.
341. It's not good to eat with your hands: I'm eating chicken with my hands right now. Bite me.
342. Trash belongs in the trashcan. Not on the ground: Some strange disabilities being mentioned on this list.
343. Texting while driving is dangerous: Should be common knowledge.
344. Being nude in public is stupid: Should be common knowledge.
345. Forgive and forget: Not always.
346. Be careful what you look up online: Because you never know when your parents open your closed door.
347. Some secrets are meant to be kept secret: Been there, done that.
348. Your reputation matters: Truth.
349. Be careful of the choices you make: Seriously, I am pretty sure word-for-word this item was already on here.
350. Don't bully someone just because they have different beliefs than you do: It's easy to bully.
351. Knock the door before entering the bathroom: How about knocking the door anywhere where there's inhabitants?
352. Your talent matters: Well, it might.
353. You have to grow up: So stop putting up lame items on this list.
354. You can't force your beliefs onto other people: And stop repeating items.
355. Don't spend your entire life hating on a certain person or thing: Freaking hatebases.
356. Know that there are people who are going through horrible times in their lives. Do something that would help a person who's lost all faith: What if you can't?
357. Nobody likes a bad brother: I don't have a brother.
358. Nobody likes a bad sister: I don't have a sister.
359. You're not alone. There's people who are going through terrible things too: Combining more items, what else?
360. Sometimes you'll have to fix the problem yourself: Yes.
361. Don't let your ideas fall into the wrong hands: Ideas can't fall into hands.
362. Think of good ideas that will make a positive influence on society: One that doesn't attract a hivemind is best.
363. People with mental disorders are human beings too: What if they committed murder?
364. Your life is valuable: Hmm, maybe, or maybe not.
365. If you commit suicide, you're not gonna get other people to care about you. Most people would think you were stupid because you killed yourself: Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
366. Remember that there are people who love you: What about if they don't anymore?
367. You are amazing just the way you are: Nah.
368. You are born for a reason: Do you know the reason?
369. Life is much more complicated than what you think it is: This is a good one.
370. Cartoons are not real: And neither are sitcoms.
371. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it: You're just taking these phrases from outside sources.
372. You don't have to respect other people's beliefs, but you have to respect their rights to hold their beliefs: Alright.
373. Research matters: 27 counts of the word matters so far.
374. When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed: Oh
375. Express yourself more calmly and slowly: No drama?
376. Focus more on school: What do you do when that's done?
377. Abusing religion does more harm than good: As is abusing atheism.
378. Live your life the way you want, make the right choices, and be safe: You're combining items again.
379. Global warming is not a myth: Who does believe it is one?
380. Everybody is equal but unique: Now items are contradicting themselves.
381. All beliefs should be treated equal: The US Constitution is there not to be abused.
382. Not all the stuff in the world is made for kids: Ooh.
383. Respect other people's opinions and beliefs: Unless they are obnoxious with them.
384. It's very bad to worry too much: Alright fine, you win.
385. Just tell someone to stop if they're talking about things you don't like: In before trigger warning.
386. Help people overcome their fears instead of just telling them to "toughen up": Maybe toughening up is all that's needed.
387. Be aware of your environment: Same as keeping the earth safe.
388. People are not always going to be nice: Yer darn right, pardner.
389. Germs are real: We all know.
390. Don't treat women like sexual objects. Treat them like human beings: Unless they try to take advantage of you.
391. Popularity doesn't matter: Yep.
392. Don't try to spend all of your money at once: So true, so true.
393. Don't lie about your age: THIS.
394. Love is something you don't want to rush into: Okay, yeah.
395. Live for the moment: This is another song title.
396. Don't let fear take control of you: Alright, I agree with this one
397. Whining is not an option: Maybe this is why toughen up is a choice.
398. It's ok not to know all the answers: Somewhere this has been answered already.
399. Smoking kills: Nice comment.
400. Nose picking is bad: In public. In private? Go ahead.
401. Voltron is no better than Battle of the Planets: I agree LordDovahkiin
402. Too much of a good thing is bad for you!: This is also agreeable.
403. Justice does not equal vengeance: Kids do not like big words.
404. You can't always win: Error 404 Item not found
405. People will always stretch the truth: Screw he media.
406. You will soon get bored with what ever you like most: Like talking about this list.
407. Gay isn't an insult: 1
408. Retard isn't an insult: 2
409. Cancer isn't an insult: 3 items with isn't an insult.
410. Swearing isn't cool: 1
411. Smoking isn't cool: 2
412. Drinking isn't cool: 3 items with isn't cool. Isn't that cool?
413. Comparing a thing to a fanbase is stupid: Haha, like you indeed.
414. Don't judge people by their tastes in music, movies, video games, etc.: It's hard not to.
415. Don't try to defend your favorite pieces of media: Okay, what do you want exactly?
416. Don't compare yourself to others: Seriously, what do you want us to do?
417. Knowledge doesn't equal maturity: Oh boy oh boy
418. Don't be overly nostalgic: This is something ELDERS should understand.
419. It's extremely immature to wish death on someone: Especially online.
420. There's no reason to be scared of movies, TV shows, games, etc.: Be scared of their developers instead.
421. Spirituality is something you gotta find in yourself: Now we are getting religious.
422. Don't bandwagon: YOU SIR ARE CORRECT
423. Love others for who they are: Fine.
424. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's morally right: But then you bitch about laws when you get caught by cops.
425. You don't need religion to have morals. If anything, you lack empathy. Not religion: Um, what?
426. Never date anyone under half your age plus seven: This is insanely specific.
427. Nobody really knows if God is real or not: Not even the most devout of Christians.
428. You'd have to be pretty weak-minded to let something mentally scar you: Truth, again.
429. Control your sexual desires: *lick*
430. Love is important: Cool, tell us what isn't now.
431. You have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes: Alright special snowflakes, this one is on you.
432. Being easily offended is a bad habit: And again for the snowflakes.
433. Always have tact: How many kids know what tact is?
434. Learn to move on with your life: Yeah, sure, whatever you say.
435. Logic matters: The rapper?
436. Not everyone can be a great artist: Great.
437. Take criticism: It's so easy to be offended these days.
438. Not everyone is imaginative: And neither are the people putting these items on here.
439. Child pornography is bad: COMMON KNOWLEDGE
440. Never spoil your kids: Correct.
441. Be a good parent: How do some of you know about other people's futures?
442. Stupidity will get you nowhere in life: What if, somehow, it's the only option?
443. Fear is a natural and healthy part of life: And yet above items say it isn't.
444. Sometimes you need to scare kids: Well, scare them into NOT doing deadly things.
445. Sexual harassment is bad: Duh.
446. Too much social media is bad: DEFINITELY TRUE.
447. Art is subjective: I hate it when people misuse the word objectively.
448. Racism is bad: 1
449. Sexism is bad: 2
450. Homophobia is bad: 3
451. Transphobia is bad: 4, come on, start coming up with creative ideas and not common knowledge.
452. Being mature is being able to control your emotions: See if you can control yours first.
453. Don't judge people by their names: Hello Raurock, you have an awesome name.
454. Your tones matter: What kind of tones?
455. Animal pornography is bad: This exists?
456. Sex life is supposed to be private: Thanks Family Guy for making me think that everyone wants to view Lois and Peter doing it in their bedroom on a TV screen.
457. Always be open-minded to new ideas: That's hard.
458. Appearances have to make sense sometimes: That's where "be who you want to be" contradicts itself.
459. Obsession is bad: So all those with OCD disability are bad people then, okay.
460. It's better to use a cuss word than to hurt a person: What if a cuss word is meant to hurt a person?
461. Depression is real: And so is overall TheTopTens negativity on a lot of things.
462. Hypocrisy is bad: There are 96 counts of the word bad on this analysis.
463. Animal abuse is bad: Make that 98.
464. If you're going to drink alcohol, drink responsibly: Well now, this should be followed.
465. Age matters: Okay, this one is completely false in a number of ways.
466. Love isn't for everyone: I need no love.
467. Opinions are not factual: Remember when we had a user by the name of opinionsarenotwrong?
468. If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself: Another parental saying.

You know, I did not want to do this list, because I knew most of it was just motivational poster captions and things your parents tell you. You can tell I went insane a few times when writing about this list. Moral: DO NOT request anymore lists for me to do.


About what you said about family, Is your family abusive to you? (Mine are) - TwilightKitsune

They don't physically abuse me anymore, but they are mentally the most annoying parents ever. No I do not like reuniting with grandparents and aunts and uncles by the way. What good is there to talk about? All they ever do is compare their kids and try to give you the same advice you see on this list. Nothing is new from them. - NuMetalManiak

I can relate. My mom always tells me ' WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE THAT KID? ' about every DAMN RELATIVE. I came up with a good comeback though-

If you like that kid so much, why don't you adopt them?

So true about nothing being new as well - TwilightKitsune

Good post. But what if it's a public strip club? - Skullkid755

Funny post. The reason I wanted you to do this is because I remember this list years ago. It has some things I agree with but some things that are a bit questionable. But still, good job! - visitor

So you are still around? Cool - NuMetalManiak

I just mainly had to work on a few old comments and remixes of mine that I didn't like, that's all. - visitor