Top Ten Things Kids Shouldn't Do


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1 Take drugs

I watch documentaries nearly daily to scare myself into never taking drugs. It stands as my biggest fear. I lack the self-control to ever stop, so I hope I never ever do. - keycha1n

I support marijuana legalization, since it's a lot less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes (which the government sells to us! ) but it should be carefully regulated. I also feel if it was legal, underage desire would drop. - PetSounds

I remember going to school high on crack cocaine. That wasn't a pleasant day. - bobbythebrony

No one should take drugs actually, it is wrong for both children and adults.

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2 Hate moms and dads

It really depends some are worth hatting you just need to research more - djeidi123

I guess it makes since though if they abuse you. - Skullkid755

Your parents (usually) have your best interests in mind. - PetSounds

Bruh, they can do what they want, I know about half of my friends parents hate them too - EliHbk

3 Hate their life

I'm 12 and I hate my life

"think of the kids in africa", shut up - EliHbk

4 Commit suicide

Suicide is the worst decision anyone could ever make, no other decision can or will ever compare to killing or suicide, it is a horrible thing to do or even think about, it is the evil of all evil.

I attempted SIX times!

5 Drink beer
6 Drink wine

Both this and beer should go with drinking alcohol.

7 Go to college

Um... Why? College sounds like a dream. A scholarship to a prestigious art school-that's my goal. - keycha1n

@keycha1n they're too young for college. - EpicJake

8 Throw stuff at people for no reason

This is really random - Cheese567

9 Watch porn

This is dumb.

10 Care only for themselves

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11 Have sex

Children having sex is extremely horrifying. I hope NO KID does this!

12 Litter
13 Use foul language

This should be #3! - iiKyodaiKickz

Nah, I can use it whenever and I'm just 11 ]

I can say crap

LOL. I can say "damn". - PizzaGuy

14 Rape

Not the best idea - EliHbk

15 Sell drugs

These things can lead to brick walls in there life.I'm 12 I know what is good and bad this is one you should definitely not do!

16 Watch Teen Titans Go or The Loud House

Teen Titans Go is inappropriate and teaches kids to become self-centered brats. Cartoon Network needs to stop poisoning the minds of our children.

17 Steal

Nobody should do it... not only kids - djeidi123

This is a TERRIBLE thing to do😒😒.It shouldn't be on the list at ALL.

18 Run around outside without supervision
19 Watch Family Guy and Rick and Morty

I like those shows - Jay12

20 Listen to explicit music

I listened to cannibal corpse when I was 10 - EliHbk

21 Talk to strangers
22 Play with Fidget Spinners

just no

23 Join demonic cults

Self explanatory

24 Sag their pants

I don't know

25 Back sass your parents

This one is self explanatory

26 Masturbate

why not? - djeidi123

27 Watch Youtube 24/7
28 Eat pork
29 Listen to pop music
30 Be rude
31 Use Facebook/myspace
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1. Take drugs
2. Hate moms and dads
3. Commit suicide
1. Take drugs
2. Commit suicide
3. Hate their life
1. Commit suicide
2. Take drugs
3. Hate moms and dads

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