Top Ten Things Kids Shouldn't Do


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1 Take drugs

I watch documentaries nearly daily to scare myself into never taking drugs. It stands as my biggest fear. I lack the self-control to ever stop, so I hope I never ever do. - keycha1n

I support marijuana legalization, since it's a lot less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes (which the government sells to us! ) but it should be carefully regulated. I also feel if it was legal, underage desire would drop. - PetSounds

I remember going to school high on crack cocaine. That wasn't a pleasant day. - bobbythebrony

No one should take drugs actually, it is wrong for both children and adults.

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2 Hate moms and dads

It really depends some are worth hatting you just need to research more - djeidi123

I guess it makes since though if they abuse you. - Skullkid755

Your parents (usually) have your best interests in mind. - PetSounds

Bruh, they can do what they want, I know about half of my friends parents hate them too - EliHbk

3 Hate their life

I'm 12 and I hate my life

"think of the kids in africa", shut up - EliHbk

4 Commit suicide

Suicide is the worst decision anyone could ever make, no other decision can or will ever compare to killing or suicide, it is a horrible thing to do or even think about, it is the evil of all evil.

I attempted SIX times!

5 Drink beer
6 Drink wine

Both this and beer should go with drinking alcohol.

7 Go to college

Um... Why? College sounds like a dream. A scholarship to a prestigious art school-that's my goal. - keycha1n

@keycha1n they're too young for college. - EpicJake

8 Throw stuff at people for no reason

This is really random - Cheese567

9 Watch porn

This is dumb.

10 Care only for themselves

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11 Have sex

Children having sex is extremely horrifying. I hope NO KID does this!

12 Litter
13 Use foul language

This should be #3! - iiKyodaiKickz

Nah, I can use it whenever and I'm just 11 ]

I can say crap

LOL. I can say "damn". - PizzaGuy

14 Rape

Not the best idea - EliHbk

15 Watch Teen Titans Go or The Loud House

Teen Titans Go is inappropriate and teaches kids to become self-centered brats. Cartoon Network needs to stop poisoning the minds of our children.

16 Sell drugs

These things can lead to brick walls in there life.I'm 12 I know what is good and bad this is one you should definitely not do!

17 Run around outside without supervision
18 Watch Family Guy and Rick and Morty

I like those shows - Jay12

19 Listen to explicit music

I listened to cannibal corpse when I was 10 - EliHbk

20 Steal

Nobody should do it... not only kids - djeidi123

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