Top Ten Things Kids Want to Do That Adults Can


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1 Drive

I know some kids who want to drive wherever they want to go. - TopTenJackson

It's only a year and two weeks away for me now, but I'm not exactly in a hurry. - PetSounds

Heck yeah! Wanted to drive since forever. It sucks when you can't drive, no freedom whatsoever!

I what to drive sounds fun

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2 Watch Movies for Adults

I remember I couldn't wait to turn thirteen to watch pg thirteen movies.

Its really not all its cracked up to be. The grass might just always be greener on the other side, but being ten was much more fun. - keycha1n

By "Movies For Adults" Do They Mean R-Rated Movies (Which I Can Watch Depending On The Movie), Or Actual Adult Movies (Which I Obviously Cannot Watch) - BeatlesFan1964

It's actually a good thing because if you're an adult than its hard to find the adult movie you wanted to watch as a kid because the movie is dead. - AlphaQ

I am 26 and I got in trouble with my mom for watching an NC-17 movie once...

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3 Not Go to School

Now Adults that complain about work now you have been to school and your like oh its not that hard you lazy kids well now in this day of age we want things and how do you get things you buy it how do you buy it you pay for it how do you pay for it you use money how do you get money you work at a job at school you waste your time you don't get a penny while your getting over 100 bucks a day were here for 14 or 13 years AND WE HAVE NOTHING at least you can get that movie while I am here hopeless trying to figure out how I will ever make my dream come true and to make my dream come true I have to make money to get equipment and I can't get money

Everyday you walk into the classroom, or at least me, say "all hell begins/continues here". My plan is on the last day, I say "all hell ends here. Finally"


It is the most reasonable - YanRocky

yep - RylinB

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4 Stay Up All Night

Amateurs. I hoarded flash lights and strategically placed my night light close to the bed so I could read at night. Then you master how to pretend-sleep. Adding in soft, grumbly snores might make it more believable, but its best to sleepover with a friend and ask them how you sleep. - keycha1n

I do this a lot, and I am still a kid. - Minecraftcrazy530

As a kid staying up all night was fun and all but I got older and I'm not a kid anymore. At this point living the adult life really makes you appreciate your much needed sleep. - DUTCHlioness

I ama n adult and I am not allowed to stay up all night...

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5 Drink Alcohol

I have no desire to do this. It's addicting; I've done the research. It can damage your liver, kidney, or other vital organs. Even when I'm 21 years old, 9 years from now, I'm never ever going to do this no matter what. - RockFashionista

People should be educated about responsible drinking. If that happened, maybe the drinking age could go down to 18, because is it just me, or is it ridiculous that you can join the military before you can drink? - Turkeyasylum

Cherry Daiquiris, anyone? Lol - Cherri_Daiquiri

I want to do this, but I can’t until I’m 21. I’m 15 now. - Oxymoron15

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6 Smoke

And what adults wish they could quit doing, right? Never want to, never will. - keycha1n

I'm 12 years old and I never want to smoke. I mean, it can cause lung cancer, but it's also really expensive. I see convenience stores that have discounted cigarettes... For about 8 or 9 bucks.

I would never, EVER want to smoke even one puff in my life! If I remember correctly, there are 4,000 chemicals in every puff of a cigarette (i think). And smoking can also make you grow hair under your tongue, GROSS! Who wants that?!


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7 Get a Job

I want to get a job so that way they are not spending mony on me

8 Hang Around With the Older Crowd

I actually get along better with people slightly younger than me (let's say 11-) and people a little older than me (14-16). - RiverClanRocks

Same. Many of my friends are in fourth grade. A few are in tenth grade. - PianoQueen

My friends outside of school were always older...They're collecting their pension now! Haha - Britgirl

I'm part of the older crowd. Some people I hang around with are 17 to 19 years old. I'm 21 years old myself. - DUTCHlioness

I like to do this. I'm 15, so I'm an adult.

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9 Have Sex

Seriously? I'm twelve, and I NEVER want to do this! Ugh...all that gives me the chills when someone, even my own parents, touches my shoulder for half a second. Do you really expect me to survive the horror of sexual intercourse? Especially, if done before marriage, can be sexual transgression? You do realize, sexual intercourse outside of marriage is what leads to AIDS, HIV, and people getting abortions? Affirmative, you may feel temporary happiness, but is that really what you want in the long run? Some people commit sexual transgression (specifically young women) because they do not feel confident in themselves, and feel this is what they have to do to get people of the opposite sex to like them, and to win social approval amongst peers and friends.

I am an AUTISTIC user, and even I understand the significance of moral cleanliness and the "joy" of sex and non-chastity that appeals to many people in the world who want to use their mortal bodies ...more - RockFashionista

Eh. I was more into dinosaurs when I was little. - higgsboson2142

I think this should be number 1... Ha! I've been thinking about that since the 5th grade! Haha!

yep - RylinB

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10 Buy Whatever They Want

You may be able to buy some of what you want but here I am still underage and I understand that as an adult you won't be able to buy anything you want. Life definitely does not work like that. - panicdownthedisco

I always wanted a cannibal corpse album

I'm an adult and my parents still restricts my purchases...

Yeah! Questionable heavy METAL!

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The Newcomers

? Eat What You Want
? Print whatever they want from the computer

I’m an adult and I still can’t print whatever I want from the computer :(

The Contenders

11 Buy Lots of Candy

Adults don't do that - SammySpore

But they could if they wanted to. Assuming they're upper middle class. - keycha1n

I love candy!


12 Swear

Been swearing since I was only 7. I'm 14 now and, like every other 14 year old, have heard it all.

I know every curse word and I say them all when I'm hurt really bad or really pissed oh I just swore oops - Toptenanimallovers

Swearing is worse than killing and I have no idea why some people do it.

I'm an adult and I'm not allowed to swear

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13 Wear Stuff Adults Wear

For example,Most little girls wanted to file their nails,get a manicure,wear high heels,wear make up,wear over sized accessories like gold necklaces,diamond earrings,etc...Even they can go as far like thinking about dying their hair or to wear highlights and paint their nails(Wait?! Even tweens and teens can paint their nails)This is just too far - MLPFan

I've seen so many 10 year old girls wear bikinis whenever I'm at a beach. I'm just like...Uh wot? - AlphaQ

I want black nail polish and crop tops

bikinis - YOSHIA2121

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14 Play Violent Video Games

Kids already do that! At least the ones I've met

I can't do that at least when I am streaming movies I can delete my history I can't do the same for a game (unless it is online, but there is still an extension that needs to be downloaded). - XxembermasterxX

My parents let me play mortal kombat when I was like 4 years old. So I played those kind of games at a very young age. - Chaotixhero

I think lots of kids already do that because some of the biggest games to kids are fortnite which is a survival game with guns and bombs intended for teens and grand theft auto which basicly that plot is your a criminal so you know what your in for and that game series is for adults

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15 Get a Life

You already have a life! - nko32

Oh I've already got one. - AlphaQ

Still no life only air

Daaamn that’s a spicy roast! - IceFoxPlayz

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16 Go Places Without Supervision

I can do this, but many kids can't. I always want to go out to the town with my friends, but I only have like 4 friends who can go places without an adult trailing around us. I feel so uncomfortable if I'm in town with my friends and one of their mums is just following us. Please, let kids have some times without an adult tracing every step.

I would love to do this. I sometimes already do this if I am at like a store are school fair then I just walk around by myself.

When I was younger, I always had to have an adult with me 24/7. It's so annoying! I'm glad I can be by myself now. - scarmark

I went bowling without supervision! *plays feel it still by Portugal the man* - mistyglow

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17 Eat Weed

Kids can eat weeds, I found some outside, ate them and didn't get addicted

I thought weed was something you ate when I was little.

Weed and Fries with my alcohol is my favourite meal. Yum

Bruh lol

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18 Get a Tattoo

I literally walk around seeing kids with fake tattoos! (no insult intended) In my opinion, tattoos look horrible, if you do have a tattoo, that is fine, but I think they are just drawings on your body. Kids, get a tattoo if you want when you're 18+! EIGHTEEN PLUS!

I am Asian and my mom would disown me if I ever got a tattoo...

I remember at amusement parks when I was like 8 I wore sleeveless shirts just so I could make tatoo sleeves on my arms to impress the girls. lol

19 Have Facebook

I'm an adult and I'm not allowed to have a Facebook

You can have Facebook at any age what are you talking about

20 Start a Family
21 Develop A Crippling Depression Caused By Loneliness And Shame

No one actually wants that... - mistyglow

Are you saying you didn't have this as a kid?!
You were missing out.

22 Be a Parent

Parenting Is Super Overrated!

I Am Always Staying Single For The Rest Of My Life!

Only to a dog

23 Have a Youtube Channel

It's really sad that my mom allows my 9 YEAR OLD cousin to have a YouTube account but she won't let me, a 25 YEAR OLD, have one.

My 9 year old cousin HAS a YouTube channel

I have a YT channel -w- - IceFoxPlayz

I’ve always wanted to be a youtuber. - mistyglow

24 Go to a Casino

I saw kids in the casinos in Vegas

They were probably kid freindly casinos

25 Be Naked in Your Bed

Babies and toddlers are allowed to do this but not any kid over the age of 3

Only adults are always get naked you can do it without anywon nowing

26 Get a Dog

I'm an adult and I want a Shiba Inu, and my mom said I can have one if I MOVE OUT (my mom is overprotective of me and won't let me be independent.)

27 Have a Phone

Not everyone has one! For example, I don't. - Cyri

I have a phone! Yay! - mistyglow

My friends all have phones, but I still don't.. I'm 16... My parents will never trust me with any kind of phone, not a flip phone, smart phone, nothing!

28 Stay Up Late

I'm an adult and my mom does not allow me to stay up past 2 or 3 AM

I hate how my parents always have to pick the time I sleep

I am an adult and my parents don’t allow me to stay up late, but they allow my YOUNGER sister to stay up late.

29 Be Frickin Smart

We kids are actually smarter than the adults.

30 Gamble

I played a slots game on an old Windows operating system (either 95 or 99, I forgot) as a kid...

I saw a kid playing a slot machine at an arcade in Atlantic City a few days ago.

I did this before with my mother

31 Confront your Teacher

You would never find them

32 Drink Red Bull

I drank Red Bull as a teenager

I liek the red bul

33 Move Out
34 Get a Cat

I love cats but my mom is allowing me to have a pet when I'm 11, a year later

I would rather get a dog instead

35 Own a Gun

Kids love destruction what better than gunfire

36 Watch Adult TV Shows

Someone told me Rick and Morty is for adults and ice already watched all the episodes. - AlphaQ

I watched Baby Blues when I was like 9 or 10

37 Buy Your Own House
38 Get Friends and Not Get Embarrassed by Just Talking to a Girl
39 Go to Prison

Actually kids CAN go to’s called juvenile detention.

40 Go on Vacation Between September and June

Again, people do vacation during spring break and during holidays, but my family NEVER does that.

41 Vote

Boring, waste of time, and not fond of politics. - XxembermasterxX

42 Be the King/Queen of the House
43 Smoke Weed

You can smoke weed at any age? Lol

Anyone can do it. Just go up to people and ask for it, someone's bound to have some. - IronSabbathPriest

"Hey mommy I can't wait to grow up like you so I can smoke weed! "

"Daddy, I want to smoke weed, just like you! "
Yeah, every dad wants to hear that.

44 Sue Someone

Okay then... - mistyglow

I'm an adult and I want to sue my former childhood dentist for torturing me as a child and my special ed teachers and the makers of ADHD drugs that I was forced to take as a kid which gave me sun sensitivity, but my mom won't let me call any lawyers or law firms! >:(

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