Top Ten Things Kids Want to Do That Adults Can


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1 Drive

I want to drive

I want to drive but it might be dangerous. by the way I'm 13 years old.

I wanna drive when I'm older, but I'd be too scared to do so. - Luckys

I have a love/hate relationship with driving. I have to drive because I live in central Texas and there is almost zero means of getting around besides driving, because the bus and train services still suck. It comes to me now, but the worst part is having to deal with traffic and paying for car maintenance. - shiftaltkey

2 Not Go to School

Yeah instead you're filing your taxes and paying for car repair and working a dull job. - shiftaltkey

Eh School can be important. - Userguy44

Now Adults that complain about work now you have been to school and your like oh its not that hard you lazy kids well now in this day of age we want things and how do you get things you buy it how do you buy it you pay for it how do you pay for it you use money how do you get money you work at a job at school you waste your time you don't get a penny while your getting over 100 bucks a day were here for 14 or 13 years AND WE HAVE NOTHING at least you can get that movie while I am here hopeless trying to figure out how I will ever make my dream come true and to make my dream come true I have to make money to get equipment and I can't get money

yep - RylinB

3 Watch Movies for Adults

When I was little I was OBSESSED with sharks I used to watch shark week all the time one time I watched 2 headed shark attack (by the way I'm 4 in this story) which is rated R all I remember is a girl getting eaten in the start

I watch adult movies and shows. - Luckys

I could watch IT and be absolutely fine!


4 Drink Alcohol

I'm not allowed to have my first drink until I'm 18 (because that's the legal age were I live) and I'm not 18 yet! Ugh! I Can't wait for my first drink! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Yeah this is a thing. - Userguy44

I buy beer all the time, but it's an expensive habit. - shiftaltkey

Well, there’s an exception if kids have to drink it for a medical reason, otherwise no. And nobody should really drink it, period. - JoeBoi

5 Stay Up All Night

You can always pretend to be asleep, but actually watch YouTube videos all night! - sadical

I did this all the time even as a kid and I've pulled a few all-nighters in my lifetime.

And have a party all night!

I ama n adult and I am not allowed to stay up all night...

6 Buy Whatever They Want

Do you KNOW how much Jolly Ranchers I'd get?! - Luckys

I'm an adult and my parents still will not allow me to buy whatever I want...

I will. (I'm a teen.)

Yeah! Questionable heavy METAL!

7 Hang Around With the Older Crowd

I like younger people more than older people but I don't really like my age group so anyone but them I guess lol. Also, you're not an adult if you're 15.

They act nice to you and not aggressive.

I actually get along better with people slightly younger than me (let's say 11-) and people a little older than me (14-16). - RiverClanRocks

Same. Many of my friends are in fourth grade. A few are in tenth grade. - PianoQueen

My friends outside of school were always older...They're collecting their pension now! Haha - Britgirl

8 Smoke

Toddler: oH boY moMMy cAn I hAve a CigArETte?

Nobody should really be smoking at all. - JoeBoi

Be smoking cancer sticks - Luckys

No offense, but I wouldn't do it. What will you miss if don't smoke? Nothing at all. Change my mind. - Userguy44

9 Get a Job

You could just set up a lemonade stand or something. That could make you earn money - JoeBoi

I wanted to get a job to make money at 16. But at 21, you realize that just searching for jobs sucks, not to mention searching for internships. - shiftaltkey

Yeah why not? You can earn money and it's good for your daily life. I have a job and I like it. - Userguy44

I want to get a job so that way they are not spending mony on me

10 Get a Life

You would be dead without a life lol. - Userguy44

Still no life only air

Daaamn that’s a spicy roast! - IceFoxPlayz

I’m an adult but I have really limited to no freedom and I rarely go on vacations due to overprotective, strict, and boring Asian parents :(

I really need to get a life! :


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11 Buy Lots of Candy

I would buy them in bulk and then charge people for them then keep the boxes that they came in for spring other stuff.

I'm an adult and I don't like candy

cry - Luckys

Every kid likes candy. Facts - Userguy44

12 Have Sex

Seriously? I'm twelve, and I NEVER want to do this! Ugh...all that gives me the chills when someone, even my own parents, touches my shoulder for half a second. Do you really expect me to survive the horror of sexual intercourse? Especially, if done before marriage, can be sexual transgression? You do realize, sexual intercourse outside of marriage is what leads to AIDS, HIV, and people getting abortions? Affirmative, you may feel temporary happiness, but is that really what you want in the long run? Some people commit sexual transgression (specifically young women) because they do not feel confident in themselves, and feel this is what they have to do to get people of the opposite sex to like them, and to win social approval amongst peers and friends.

I am an AUTISTIC user, and even I understand the significance of moral cleanliness and the "joy" of sex and non-chastity that appeals to many people in the world who want to use their mortal bodies ...more - RockFashionista

Yes this is what a lot of kids say until their adults.
I'm still a kids, I'm not afraid of having sex when I'm older. - Luckys

Especially if done non-penetratively you have to be at least 16-18 depending on where you live to do it. - JoeBoi

You can have it at any time as long as you meet the age requirements (which is sometimes as low as 16 :0). - XxembermasterxX

Sex isn't really something that you want to do as a kid. It just becomes a natural occurance due to hormones. - shiftaltkey

13 Be a Parent

*cough* teen pregnancy *cough*. - JoeBoi

I wanna be a parent when I'm older. - Luckys

When you're a little kid, especially if you're a little girl, you sometimes play house and pretend to be the mom or the dad. At 21, I still can't decide whether I'm the right person for parenting at all. - shiftaltkey

Not gonna happen. - Userguy44

14 Play Violent Video Games

Me too. I'm 10 and play Grand Theft Auto v - wyanut122

Duuudes you have WAY too overprotective parents I'm 9 and I can play teen games.

Whoever made this list obviously hasn't played Call of Duty with anyone on Xbox Live... - shiftaltkey

I can't do that at least when I am streaming movies I can delete my history I can't do the same for a game (unless it is online, but there is still an extension that needs to be downloaded). - XxembermasterxX

15 Move Out

I have to move out at 18. - Luckys

Even at 21, I don't have enough money to move out.. - shiftaltkey

16 Request Time Off

You can you just have to lie

Adults can request time off from work, but why can't kids request time off from school?

But the adults will eventually find out! :(

17 Vote

I agree - Unnamed Google User Remade

They're actually thinking of lowering the voting age in the U.S. from 18 to 16. - shiftaltkey

Even adults can’t be wise when voting. - JoeBoi

Boring, waste of time, and not fond of politics. - XxembermasterxX

18 Wear Stuff Adults Wear

This is common with little girls. Boys don't care what they wear, unless it's tattoos or piercings. They usually just dress in whatever's comfortable. However, a ton of kids are a fan of stylish class suits worn by adults. - shiftaltkey

Wot - fwed

For example,Most little girls wanted to file their nails,get a manicure,wear high heels,wear make up,wear over sized accessories like gold necklaces,diamond earrings,etc...Even they can go as far like thinking about dying their hair or to wear highlights and paint their nails(Wait?! Even tweens and teens can paint their nails)This is just too far - MLPFan

I want black nail polish and crop tops

19 Develop A Crippling Depression Caused By Loneliness And Shame

Had it since I was 9

I already have it and I'm 14

Why would any kid want this? - shiftaltkey

Yes why is that me

20 Swear

Everyone can swear. You just need to learn it. - Userguy44

Have you been to high school? - fwed

Kids swear all the time. It's not limited to adults. - shiftaltkey

I'm an adult and I'm not allowed to swear

21 Gamble

poker - Luckys

Gambling games are fun, but at 21, I'm not about to gamble my life away in Vegas. - shiftaltkey

I saw a kid playing a slot machine at an arcade in Atlantic City a few days ago.

I played a slots game on an old Windows operating system (either 95 or 99, I forgot) as a kid...

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22 Go Places Without Supervision

My mom wants me to go places without supervision because that's how she was raised.
Most of the time I chicken out. - Luckys

Back in the 60s, I’ve heard many kids went out without supervision, and right now is another story. - JoeBoi

I went bowling without supervision! *plays feel it still by Portugal the man* - mistyglow

I can do this, but many kids can't. I always want to go out to the town with my friends, but I only have like 4 friends who can go places without an adult trailing around us. I feel so uncomfortable if I'm in town with my friends and one of their mums is just following us. Please, let kids have some times without an adult tracing every step.

23 Have a Phone

I have 2 and I'm not even 8 yet. what

THIS IS SOMETHING I DESPERATELY WANT! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

I have a phone! Yay! - mistyglow

I have 6 because My mother works for Huawei
here are my phones
1 nova 3e
2 P9 lite
3 Mate 20
4 P30 pro
5 Mate 10
6 P10

24 Get a Tattoo

I'd want a tattoo when I'm older. - Luckys

The first thing I'll do when I'm 18 is get a tattoo

Why would I want one? - fwed

I am Asian and my mom would disown me if I ever got a tattoo...

25 Eat Weed

Hell yeah! I love to eat my weed on a daily bases

Weed? That thing that grows near rivers? Nani? - fwed

I don't think you eat it... - sadical

Kids can eat weeds, I found some outside, ate them and didn't get addicted

26 Have Facebook

Hello, I still go on FaceBook

No one uses facebook anymore - Luckys


Y I want this - fwed

27 Start a Family
28 Have a Youtube Channel

There are channels on this site run by kids where they act whiny and immature in their videos. They even show their faces which can attract PEDOPHILES. I hope YouTube terminates these channels. - JoeBoi

This should not be here I seen some kids have channels not only adults are allowed there are spoiled brats with some account while we got good kids with channels this does not belong.

I have a YouTube channel. Some person with 5 subscribers wrote a diss track about me. - sadical

You can do this when your 13. - XxembermasterxX

29 Stay Up Late

I am allowed to stay up as late as I want and I’m not even a teen yet - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I hate how my parents always have to pick the time I sleep

I'm an adult and my mom does not allow me to stay up past 2 or 3 AM

I am an adult and my parents don’t allow me to stay up late, but they allow my YOUNGER sister to stay up late.

30 Be Smart

Many kids are smart. Like me. - MegadethFan07

Um I am smart thank you very much

There are actually smart kids out there in the world. I’m not joking. - JoeBoi


31 Go Skydiving

I'm an adult and my overprotective mom WOULD NOT allow me to do this..


32 Go to a Casino

I saw kids in the casinos in Vegas

They were probably kid freindly casinos

33 Be Naked in Your Bed

You can go to sleep naked as a kid if you want. That'd be weird though. - Luckys

Now this list is getting crazy. I hope most of these items are jokes. - Userguy44

WHAT?! - fwed

Babies and toddlers are allowed to do this but not any kid over the age of 3

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34 Confront your Teacher

You would never find them

35 Get a Dog

I'm an adult and I want a Shiba Inu, and my mom said I can have one if I MOVE OUT (my mom is overprotective of me and won't let me be independent.)

36 Drink Red Bull

Drinking this can make your heart explode. It depends on how much. If you drink a fatal dose it will - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

I had a small sip and it tastes gross. - fwed

I drank Red Bull as a teenager

I liek the red bul

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37 Go to Prison

Why would you go to a prison? - Userguy44

Actually kids CAN go to’s called juvenile detention.

Be glad you are not an adult going to prison or in very big trouble! You’re more likely to be raped then beaten by other criminals/prisoners police/guard brutality and then abundance of painful punishments and torturous punishments/consequences

No ya don’t

38 Own a Gun

Oh god it's the Americans who are stuck in the Wild West times.

Kids love destruction what better than gunfire

(I’m joking) - sadical

39 Get a Cat

I love cats but my mom is allowing me to have a pet when I'm 11, a year later

I would rather get a dog instead

40 Eat What You Want
41 Watching Hentai

I am an adult and my parents will disown me if I watch hentai (or any other porn)...

I watched hentai before oh god its amazing I guess

What is hentai - fwed

42 Be Rude and Mean

I'm an adult and I'm not allowed to be rude or mean

43 Watch Adult TV Shows

I watched Baby Blues when I was like 9 or 10

Someone told me Rick and Morty is for adults and ice already watched all the episodes. - AlphaQ

44 Buy Your Own House
45 Get Friends and Not Get Embarrassed by Just Talking to a Girl
46 Go on Vacation Between September and June

Again, people do vacation during spring break and during holidays, but my family NEVER does that.

47 Be the King/Queen of the House
48 Print Whatever They Want from the Computer

Um... - sadical

I’m an adult and I still can’t print whatever I want from the computer :(

49 Watch Porn

Even when I'm an adult I don't want to watch it. Porn is like a drug everyone knows it's not good, but they are still addicted to it. - XxembermasterxX

I'm an adult and my parents will disown me if I watch porn...

Not a good idea. - Userguy44

50 Go to a Strip Club

It’s like the drug of the places in your town. - JoeBoi

I’m an adult and my overprotective Asian parents will disown me if I go to a strip club...

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