Top Ten Things Kids Want to Do That Adults Can

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1 Drive

I have a love/hate relationship with driving. I have to drive because I live in central Texas and there is almost zero means of getting around besides driving, because the bus and train services still suck. It comes to me now, but the worst part is having to deal with traffic and paying for car maintenance.

Tell you what, driving is a more complex task than you think and you'll have to put all of your attention on the roads, what route you're taking. A minor distraction could lead to a vicious accident that could lead to your death or injury. I'd rather stick to biking to reach my destination than driving.

Actually, when I was in 3rd grade, the teacher asked us if we would rather be a kid or an adult. 90% of them said they wanted to be a kid because they weren't allowed to drive.

I always wanted to drive, but I don't really think I'm ready for it yet. That is, untill I'm 16. The most I've ever driven was a go-cart.

2 Not Go to School

Yeah but then you have a longer and possibly less enjoyable job - Unnamed Google User Remade

Yeah instead you're filing your taxes and paying for car repair and working a dull job.

Everyday you walk into the classroom, or at least me, say "all hell begins/continues here". My plan is on the last day, I say "all hell ends here. Finally"


You spend so much time in there just to learn something you could end up never using!

3 Watch Movies for Adults

I watched:Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix,Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1,Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2,Fantastic Beasts and Where To find Them,Fantastic Beasts:Crimes Of Grindlewald and Annabelle. They are all M.(I live in Australia,so ratings are different.) I also watched GOT (Game Of Thrones) which is MA15+,at age 7.-Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart.

I was excited to start watching PG-13 movies when I was like, 8 or something. Now, I can see that I had much more fun at the younger ages. It's boring, the growing years. And since I was rushed, I look like a 15-year old in looks, but a 9-year old in height. It's weird.

I remember I couldn't wait to turn thirteen to watch pg thirteen movies.

Its really not all its cracked up to be. The grass might just always be greener on the other side, but being ten was much more fun.

I remember my parents wanted my sister and I (9 and 11 at the time) to watch Romy and Michele's High School Reunion and I was out. I couldn't fathom watching an R-rated movie! I thought that was like illegal or something!

4 Drink Alcohol

No way no how! Hey everyone, my name is Nita and I am only eight. I have no desire to drink alcohol, considering my parents say it is quite bad for you. They remind me what can happen, and I am particularly smart about what's good and what's bad, and what they both can do. So immediately, I took my computer, grabbed a notebook and pen, and began researching every thing I could find about alcohol. There was pretty much nothing good about it, so when I was done I began asking teachers and relatives about it and carefully writing it down, and what had happened to them (don't blame me for being nosy, once something's got into my head, I can't take it out before I find the answer. Before my parents became AA (anti-alcoholic), they used to drink alcohol. I had watched with fascination (especially since I was just five or four years old) and asked them if it tasted good. They said yes, and I became quite eager to try it. When I did, I found alcohol disgusting and asked them if they could ...more

Well, there’s an exception if kids have to drink it for a medical reason, otherwise no. And nobody should really drink it, period.

People should be educated about responsible drinking. If that happened, maybe the drinking age could go down to 18, because is it just me, or is it ridiculous that you can join the military before you can drink?

I have no desire to do this. It's addicting; I've done the research. It can damage your liver, kidney, or other vital organs. Even when I'm 21 years old, 9 years from now, I'm never ever going to do this no matter what.

5 Stay Up All Night

Amateurs. I hoarded flash lights and strategically placed my night light close to the bed so I could read at night. Then you master how to pretend-sleep. Adding in soft, grumbly snores might make it more believable, but its best to sleepover with a friend and ask them how you sleep.

How else am I supposed to read? I leave my light on and read. My parents are aware, but they think I fall asleep after 30 minutes. My dad comes into my room at 11-12-ish and turns my light off, and by then I'm actually tired.

As a kid staying up all night was fun and all but I got older and I'm not a kid anymore. At this point living the adult life really makes you appreciate your much needed sleep.

My parents were always strict with my bedtimes so that now I'm an adult, it is a breath of fresh air.

6 Buy Whatever They Want

This is actually quite important. Giving children a small amount of money and allowing them to do what they want with it is an excellent way to teach them that money is valuable and you have to be smart with it.
Having a child receive money and waste it only to find that the item(s) they really want are now out of their reach can explain to them without words that you have to learn to prioritize what you want.
However, I don't support in the least giving children absolute freedom to have WHATEVER they want. Aside from the fact that it is more than unfair to have some kids getting all their heart's desires while other children around the world don't have enough to eat, the spoiled child will grow up not knowing that money has value and using it on petty things may end up with serious consequences.

You may be able to buy some of what you want but here I am still underage and I understand that as an adult you won't be able to buy anything you want. Life definitely does not work like that.

I'm an adult and my parents still will not allow me to buy whatever I want...

My dad gave me $9 Dollars.I bought a pen and 4 Mini Chocolate eggs (This Happened at easter 2020)-Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart

7 Hang Around With the Older Crowd

I like younger people more than older people but I don't really like my age group so anyone but them I guess lol. Also, you're not an adult if you're 15.

I'm part of the older crowd. Some people I hang around with are 17 to 19 years old. I'm 21 years old myself.

My friends outside of school were always older...They're collecting their pension now! Haha

They act nice to you and not aggressive.

8 Smoke

I would never, EVER want to smoke even one puff in my life! If I remember correctly, there are 4,000 chemicals in every puff of a cigarette (I think). And smoking can also make you grow hair under your tongue, GROSS! Who wants that?!

I'm 12 years old and I never want to smoke. I mean, it can cause lung cancer, but it's also really expensive. I see convenience stores that have discounted cigarettes... For about 8 or 9 bucks.

I never once thought about smoking, when I was 8 years old, my father drank and smoked but I saw what it did to him and I never wanted to..

No offense, but I wouldn't do it. What will you miss if don't smoke? Nothing at all. Change my mind.

9 Get a Job

I wanted to get a job to make money at 16. But at 21, you realize that just searching for jobs sucks, not to mention searching for internships.

Yeah why not? You can earn money and it's good for your daily life. I have a job and I like it.

You could just set up a lemonade stand or something. That could make you earn money

I want to get a job so that way they are not spending mony on me

10 Get a Life

What they mean of "Get a Life" in this list,is "Get a Job."I have been dreaming to be a child actress since I was 7.Please wish me luck!-Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart

You would be dead without a life lol.

You already have a life!

Oh I've already got one.

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11 Buy Lots of Candy

I would buy them in bulk and then charge people for them then keep the boxes that they came in for spring other stuff.

But they could if they wanted to. Assuming they're upper middle class.

I'm an adult and I don't like candy

Every kid likes candy. Facts

12 Have Sex

I knew about sex when I was 9 years old. Now I am 10 I wish I could have sex . Having sex with my crush is what I only dream of. I even kissed and smelled my aunt's butt when she was sleeping it's really exciting . I watch porn almost every day .

Seriously? I'm twelve, and I NEVER want to do this! Ugh...all that gives me the chills when someone, even my own parents, touches my shoulder for half a second. Do you really expect me to survive the horror of sexual intercourse? Especially, if done before marriage, can be sexual transgression? You do realize, sexual intercourse outside of marriage is what leads to AIDS, HIV, and people getting abortions? Affirmative, you may feel temporary happiness, but is that really what you want in the long run? Some people commit sexual transgression (specifically young women) because they do not feel confident in themselves, and feel this is what they have to do to get people of the opposite sex to like them, and to win social approval amongst peers and friends.

I am an AUTISTIC user, and even I understand the significance of moral cleanliness and the "joy" of sex and non-chastity that appeals to many people in the world who want to use their mortal bodies inappropriately. ...more

Yes this is what a lot of kids say until their adults.
I'm still a kids, I'm not afraid of having sex when I'm older.

People in my class last year (3rd grade) RIDICULOUS. All they did was talk about this. Girls said to boys "Who do you wanna have "it" with? " also, there was this one guy that said he wanted to have that with another girl. MOST INNAPROPRIATE KIDS

Kids wouldn't want to do this. Heck most kids under 10 don't even know about it yet. This shouldn't be what a kid should think about until they are married

13 Be a Parent

When you're a little kid, especially if you're a little girl, you sometimes play house and pretend to be the mom or the dad. At 21, I still can't decide whether I'm the right person for parenting at all.

I wanna be a parent when I'm older.

Not gonna happen.

*cough* teen pregnancy *cough*.

14 Play Violent Video Games

Video Game Violence Logic

Playing Mario can't make you a plumber.
Playing Ace Attorney can't make you a lawyer.
Playing Surgeon Simulator can't make you a surgeon.
Playing Harvest Moon can't make you a farmer.
Playing Cooking Mama can't make you a chef.
Playing Madden can't make you a football player.
So why does playing GTA makes me a murder?

I can't do that at least when I am streaming movies I can delete my history I can't do the same for a game (unless it is online, but there is still an extension that needs to be downloaded).

My parents let me play Mortal Kombat when I was like 4 years old. So I played those kind of games at a very young age.

Whoever made this list obviously hasn't played Call of Duty with anyone on Xbox Live...

15 Move Out

Even at 21, I don't have enough money to move out..

I have to move out at 18.

Yees!So long mummeh!Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart

16 Request Time Off

Adults can request time off from work, but why can't kids request time off from school?

You can you just have to lie

But the adults will eventually find out! :(

PLEASE CAN I LEAVE SCHOOL?-Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart.

17 Vote

They're actually thinking of lowering the voting age in the U.S. from 18 to 16.

Boring, waste of time, and not fond of politics.

Even adults can’t be wise when voting.

I agree - Unnamed Google User Remade

18 Wear Stuff Adults Wear

Dude, I totally get this one. I'm a guy and went through an emo phase, and I wanted to dye my hair black and wear a skull shirt. I wasn't allowed to wear either and it took MONTHS to convince my parents to let me wear skinny jeans.

This is common with little girls. Boys don't care what they wear, unless it's tattoos or piercings. They usually just dress in whatever's comfortable. However, a ton of kids are a fan of stylish class suits worn by adults.

I've seen so many 10 year old girls wear bikinis whenever I'm at a beach. I'm just like...Uh wot?

I can already paint my nails but I don't anymore. Also, makeup,high heels, and fancy dresses are mostly stupid. I'm a tomboy.

19 Develop A Crippling Depression Caused By Loneliness And Shame

Are you saying you didn't have this as a kid?!
You were missing out.

No one actually wants that...

Why would any kid want this?

I already have it and I'm 14

20 Swear

"Swearing is worse than killing a person". LOL!So you think that everyone does not matter and deserve to get killed!I don't!You need a plot.Plot Idea:
Misumi:"Ella is a Dumb @$$!"
Octavia:'Misumi is under arrest for swearing!"
Midori:"Kills Tesse"
Octvia:"You killed a person!At least it is not as bad as swearing!"
So person who wrote "Swearing is worse than killing a person",Do you feel bad for poor Tesse getting killed,or poor Ella getting Sworn at.-Silver Dolphins 1 Sparkle Heart

Been swearing since I was only 7. I'm 14 now and, like every other 14 year old, have heard it all.

Swearing is worse than killing and I have no idea why some people do it.

This is beyond stupidity. Swearing is not even close to killing somebody. I've seen some stupid people on TheTopTens, but not as stupid as this. Would you rather have me swear at your daughter or murder your daughter?

Kids swear all the time. It's not limited to adults.

21 Gamble

I played a slots game on an old Windows operating system (either 95 or 99, I forgot) as a kid...

I saw a kid playing a slot machine at an arcade in Atlantic City a few days ago.

Gambling games are fun, but at 21, I'm not about to gamble my life away in Vegas.

I did this before with my mother

22 Have a Phone

My friends all have phones, but I still don't.. I'm 16... My parents will never trust me with any kind of phone, not a flip phone, smart phone, nothing!

Not everyone has one! For example, I don't.

I'm not allowed to have a phone til I'm 14

I have a phone and I'm 10 only

23 Go Places Without Supervision

I can do this, but many kids can't. I always want to go out to the town with my friends, but I only have like 4 friends who can go places without an adult trailing around us. I feel so uncomfortable if I'm in town with my friends and one of their mums is just following us. Please, let kids have some times without an adult tracing every step.

I would love to do this. I sometimes already do this if I am at like a store are school fair then I just walk around by myself.

My mom wants me to go places without supervision because that's how she was raised.
Most of the time I chicken out.

When I was younger, I always had to have an adult with me 24/7. It's so annoying! I'm glad I can be by myself now.

24 Get a Tattoo

I literally walk around seeing kids with fake tattoos! (no insult intended) In my opinion, tattoos look horrible, if you do have a tattoo, that is fine, but I think they are just drawings on your body. Kids, get a tattoo if you want when you're 18+! EIGHTEEN PLUS!

I remember at amusement parks when I was like 8 I wore sleeveless shirts just so I could make tatoo sleeves on my arms to impress the girls. lol

I am Asian and my mom would disown me if I ever got a tattoo...

The first thing I'll do when I'm 18 is get a tattoo

25 Be Smart

We kids are actually smarter than the adults.

Um I am smart thank you very much

There are actually smart kids out there in the world. I’m not joking.

If I was a candy, I’d be a dum dum.

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