Top Ten Things Kids Wish Would Happen in School

The Top Ten

1 No Homework for a Year

Or forever.

2 Kids and Teachers Switched Places

Finally. I get to teach

Half the time we have to remind the teacher basic things.

Because most students know more than the teachers

That will be stupid

3 Eminem Would Give a Concert
4 John Cena vs. The Undertaker
5 Waffles for Lunch
6 Epic Kid Rap Battle
7 Gaming Events
8 Burn the Math Notebooks

Even better, burn ALL textbooks

9 Kids vs. Teachers Water Fight
10 Huge Screening of Guardians of the Galaxy

My middle school screened Disney's Hercules in the classroom.

The Contenders

11 Block Filter Gets Removed

I always fail trying to access TTT at school!

Block filters are good in themselves, but they do not block bad sites like porn (from what I've heard), though they block harmless games.

My school has a terrible block filter called Smoothwall. It even blocks YouTube, which is required for some subjects. I'm sure everyone would wish NO sites at all were blocked.

God, that sound horrible. I really wish these block filters only blocked stuff like porn, extremely violent videos and gambling. Even my school's technicians seem to dislike the block filter, as they have been trying to get my council to unblock YouTube.

12 Gaming Classroom
13 All the Mean Teachers Get Sacked
14 Daily Field Trips
15 No More Tests
16 The Police Break In


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