Top 10 Things Konami Should Do In the Future

Konami is being a group of jerks, and everybody hates them. If they were good like they used to from the past, everybody would love Konami again. Here are 10 things Konami should do in the future.

The Top Ten

1 Merge with Capcom.

Capcom is another hated video game company of today because of the way they treat the Mega Man franchise, disc locked DLC on Street Fighter X Tekken, and the way they insulted Dante's old look from Devil May Cry. Imagine if they merged with Konami. We might even get various crossovers.
We can keep going.

2 Resurrect Hudson Soft, sell them to Nintendo, or sell Hudson Soft's franchises to Nintendo.

Adventure Island, Bomberman, Goemon, Mario Party, etc. It would even be cool if Super Mario Bros. Special was released outside of Japan. Hudson Soft developed it, and Nintendo published it.

3 Make a new Contra game.

That would be great - bobbythebrony

Yes please! But do not make it an fps! Make it a classic platformer! - Martinglez

4 Team up with Ubisoft to make a crossover of Just Dance & Dance Dance Revolution.

Are you tired of Just Dance because it's just the same thing every year? Do you miss the days when rhythm dancing games used a dance mat? Then, get ready for the black sheep of the Just Dance franchise that crosses over with Konami's franchise, Dance Dance Revolution. Choose to dance with your whole body, move your feet on the dance mat, or do the most unique & possibly the most challenging thing to do in this game, which is...BOTH!

This Would Be The HIT - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

5 Bring back the cancelled game, Silent Hills, and P.T. to the PlayStation Network.
6 Remake Konami Krazy Racers.
7 Give Hideo Kojima credit for all the work he has done.

Konami is trying to remove Kojima from their games & all the work he's done. THAT'S SO WRONG!

He created Metal Gear franchise. He deserves credit. - bobbythebrony

8 Bring back Goemon.
9 Continue having games with the Konami code.

Its legacy must continue!

10 Shut their doors for good.

The Contenders

11 Listen to the fans more

Seriously, NOBODY asked them to nerf the entire Extra Deck just to nerf the Pendulum mechanic! Some people like the idea, but most people HATE it! In fact, the way they abuse errata to completely change how some of the old cards work is getting WAY out of hand! If Konami continues to do this to its dedicated fanbase, they'll go bankrupt and NOBODY would mourn for the loss!

This sums up ALL the other entries.

12 Let Nintendo have their franchise characters be in Super Smash Bros.

Snake from Metal Gear was in Brawl, so let's have more Konami action in Smash Brothers.

13 Localised all Goemon and Parodius games
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