Top 10 Things Learned from Buzzfeed

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1 Misandry is not only correct, but absolutely necessary

I love how everyone is trying to correct them even though this list is obviously a joke.

Men are just disgusting, all men, and no, hating an entire gender isn't sexist!

Yup! Because school needs to teach women to hate men! (Sarcasm! )

Is this sarcasm?

2 Hate all men (especially white men)

White men are even worse, because, a couple hundred years ago, white men did bad things, so you should hate them!

Trolls! BuzzFeed need to stop doing drugs! (Seriously, misandry is bad. And don't do drugs, kids! )

White men are evil! All of them! (sarcasm)

I learned a lot from buzzfeed

3 Even if you are a homeless person living in a cardboard box, if you are a white man, you have more privilege then Oprah

Nice try, saying an entire race has built in privilege isn't racist!

But you see, white men are too privileged to be allowed to live!

4 Only feminized, emasculated men are ok (but be suspicious of them anyway)

Only men who hate themselves and pander to women aren't sexist (but still don't completely trust them)

5 Being fat is as much out of your control as skin colour (but only if you are a woman)

If you think fat people are gross, then, like, it's like hating black people!

6 Women are still an oppressed class in America
7 Muslims are both peaceful and oppressed

Christians do bad things too!


8 Black people are always the victim in any case involving police

Just because a black person commits a crime and attacks the police doesn't give them the right to shoot. They should just let said black person kill them because they are oppressive scum!

9 The only acceptable religion is Islam

Islam is the religion of peace!

You can find a lot of islamphobes on buzzfeed

What about Christian, Shintoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Wicca?

10 White people don't know what it's like to be poor

They do! BuzzFeed is on drugs!

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11 All Christians are Homophobic

Not true in the slightest! I'm Christian and am extremely accepting of gays

All Christians hate gays!

Islam also hates gays

12 Mansplaining is wrong

What even is Mansplaining anyways? I know that word, but all those years... Is it sexist language or just a made up buzzword

13 There are more than 2 genders
14 It's okay to be obese

The fat acceptance movement...

15 Women are better than men

So not true! They are both equal!

16 White people are all nazis

The biggest lie of them all

17 Extreme obsession over the Kardashian-Jenner family

I can respect if you are a fan (personally I'm not a fan), but Buzzfeed takes their obsession with the family to extreme measures more than anyone else.

18 If you’re not a 90s kid, you didn’t have a childhood.

Do you think real 90s kids are kids who remember 1990, 1991, 1992.
People who don't are just children of the 90s or 90s baby.

19 If you like Harry Potter, you have to hate Snape, Harry and Ron, and you can only like Hermione
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