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1 Misandry is not only correct, but absolutely necessary

Yup! Because school needs to teach women to hate men! (Sarcasm! )

Men are just disgusting, all men, and no, hating an entire gender isn't sexist! - Based_Aspie

Avoid feeding the obvious troll, people. - Swellow

F THIS! - BorisRule

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2 Hate all men (especially white men)

Trolls! BuzzFeed need to stop doing drugs! (Seriously, misandry is bad. And don't do drugs, kids! ) - BorisRule

White men are evil! All of them! (sarcasm) - olliv

White men are even worse, because, a couple hundred years ago, white men did bad things, so you should hate them! - Based_Aspie

I learned a lot from buzzfeed - wren6

3 Even if you are a homeless person living in a cardboard box, if you are a white man, you have more privilege then Oprah

Nice try, saying an entire race has built in privilege isn't racist! - Based_Aspie

But you see, white men are too privileged to be allowed to live!

4 Only feminized, emasculated men are ok (but be suspicious of them anyway)

Only men who hate themselves and pander to women aren't sexist (but still don't completely trust them) - Based_Aspie

5 Being fat is as much out of your control as skin colour (but only if you are a woman)

If you think fat people are gross, then, like, it's like hating black people! - Based_Aspie

6 Women are still an oppressed class in America

We just are! - Based_Aspie

7 Muslims are both peaceful and oppressed

Christians do bad things too! - Based_Aspie

8 Black people are always the victim in any case involving police

Just because a black person commits a crime and attacks the police doesn't give them the right to shoot. They should just let said black person kill them because they are oppressive scum! - Based_Aspie

9 The only acceptable religion is Islam

Islam is the religion of peace! - Based_Aspie

What about Christian, Shintoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Wicca? - BorisRule

10 All Christians are Homophobic

Not true in the slightest! I'm Christian and am extremely accepting of gays

All Christians hate gays! - Based_Aspie

Islam also hates gays

Not true! - BorisRule

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11 White people don't know what it's like to be poor

They do! BuzzFeed is on drugs! - BorisRule

12 There are more than 2 genders
13 Mansplaining is wrong
14 Women are better than men

So not true! They are both equal!

Nope! - BorisRule

15 It's okay to be obese
16 Extreme obsession over the Kardashian-Jenner family

I can respect if you are a fan (personally I'm not a fan), but Buzzfeed takes their obsession with the family to extreme measures more than anyone else.

17 If you’re not a 90s kid, you didn’t have a childhood.

I do! - BorisRule

A bit of a throwback to when Buzzfeed was just this stupid site for 20-somethings to circlejerk over their childhoods. - Zach808

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1. Hate all men (especially white men)
2. Misandry is not only correct, but absolutely necessary
3. Even if you are a homeless person living in a cardboard box, if you are a white man, you have more privilege then Oprah


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