Top 10 Things Liberals Don't Believe

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1 There are only 2 genders

There are three (in my opinion) Female, gender fluid and male.You make not like my opinion but the truth is, who is it hurting.

There are more than two genders. Some have been born with female brains, and make reproductive organs, for example. However, if you're gay, that doesn't make you a different gender. What I listed above is extremely rare, and is not normal. - Alpha101

That doesn't prove there are more than 2 genders. That's just a genetic abnormality lol - LilPumpTheGod

What kind of person would not believe in only 2 genders? Off course there are only 2 genders: male and female.

Technically, there are 3. There's male, female, and hermaphrodite. The last one is extremely rare, though.

2 Impeachment does not mean removal from office

yep - Maddox121

No, but it does mean that Congress can vote to give him the good ol' boot. - Synchronocity

No president has ever been removed even nixon has resigned - Dvafan2

I'm sorry, I misread the question. You're correct. - Alpha101

3 Rioting like little babies won't remove trump from office

This is the biggest problem please stop throwing your temper tantrum - RawIsgore

You know, I find this entry amusing. Because it's true. We dealt with Obama for eight years, now you put up with Trump for eight years.

I'm fine with your opinions on this, but you don't need to shove them up everybody's butts. So MOVE ON. - Synchronocity

Well it got an impeachment case, so we didn't do to bad.

If anything it’s a waste of time. We already had to sit through Obama’s presidency so suck it up and move on - Randomator

4 Communism is bad

Communism was good in theory, but it became warped due to the growing divide between classes and perceptions of certain officials as the enemy. Are you implying that we Liberals are stupid? - Synchronocity

Dumb conservatives being stereotypically dumb is dumb. - GrimmShady

It’s good in theory until people realize that if they work hard they’re getting the Same as someone who isn’t working hard imagine in school if everyone got the same grade. Ex. C. All the A+ students wouldn’t work as hard anymore if they just get C’s - Randomator

5 Americans are lucky due to all the freedoms we have

Americans did not invent freedom and, in terms of absolute individual freedom in comparison to local laws, the United States is not even close to being the most "free" country in the world. Granted, not being the "most free" country does not mean Americans are not lucky to enjoy the freedoms they do have - just as with people in most other countries in the world. - Finch

Actually, we're not very free at all. We are more free than North Korea or China, but many countries have more freedoms than we do. - Alpha101

6 If trump isn't your president; then america is not your country

Am I the only person who remembers conservative chanting not my president. Because that definitely happened. - GrimmShady

If they hate trump so much just move to north korea kim would love them - Dvafan2

7 You can't start another civil war no matter how much you want one

Okay when did they say anything about a war? - Randomator

Did anyone say anything about this? I swear none of the protestors have in any way said they wanted war... - GrimmShady

8 Opinions should be based off of facts

Stupid conservative stereotypes about liberals are stupid. - GrimmShady

9 Banning illegal immigrants is not racist

While making undocumented immigration illegal is not, on its own, racist, the motive behind the action certainly can be - and usually is. The widely held rationale by the conservative population is that illegal immigrants bring drugs, crime, and increased burden to an already taxed welfare/healthcare system.

The facts differ however as every study (both conservative and liberal backed) shows that crime among illegal immigrants, as a percentage of the specific population, is much lower than native-born Americans. More drugs are grown, smuggled, sold, and consumed by non-illegal immigrants. And illegal immigrants still pay taxes (paid by the employer either by reducing wages or by withholding from paychecks) and are not eligible for welfare or medicare/medicaid. In fact, there are more Americans who skip out on paying student loans, medical bills, and taxes than there are illegal immigrants who do. - Finch

Immigration itself is fine that’s what America was built on. HOWEVER. There’s a right way to do it and crossing the border with no passport or anything isn’t the right way. People say they want to stop sex trafficking and drug dealers and murders right? Well stopping illegal immigration would significantly reduce all of those. - Randomator

10 Abortion kills babies

When the fetus is in a mothers stomach it is a cluster of cells.

Abortion is terrible.

Can they be killed if they were never born though? - RoseWeasley

Abortion=Murder - crazycat99

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11 You can't just be paid equally; you need to do as good a job

The wage gap no longer exists as much... if it was 15 years ago, than yeah... but now, no, because of the exposion of women's work - Maddox121

12 Russia didn't hack the election
13 Islam is not a religion of peace

I agree. I don't hate muslims, but the religion itself is awful. - RoseWeasley

This is TRUE! Islam is NOT a religion of peace!

14 Donald Trump is not the enemy

Woah! First Liberals had said that Donald Trump is NOT a good person, now they said that Donald Trump is not the enemy. Like seriously, make up your mind already!

15 Guns don't kill people, people kill people

It depends... I think!

16 Everybody who can work, should work

Liberals definitely do not believe this.

17 God is real
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