Things In Life We Can't Control

There are just some things in life we can't control, no matter how much we might like.

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1 Fate

I truly believe that things happen for a reason. A destiny that shapes our ends. - Britgirl

When the Story's already been written it's hard to avoid the Fate - Curti2594

2 Love

It's impossible to choose who you fall in love with. You just don't get a say in it. - Britgirl

How about The Fate of Love

You don't know whos really for you be you think There's Gotta Be Somebody For me out there - Curti2594

3 Birth

You can't look at life before you're born and say 'Umm... I'll pass thanks. It's not for me." - Britgirl

4 Death

All of us have to die one day. I am not saying I want everyone dead but you can't stop death. Only when the Revelation is over then we can defeat death if we remain to God's Promise

Well... I guess you can CHOOSE when to die. But it's something none of us can avoid. You can't say, "Ha! Me, die? Over my dead body! " - Britgirl

5 Heartbreak

We WILL at least ONCE experience this awful feeling. - Britgirl

6 Height

Just because you're short, girls, doesn't mean you're disadvantaged. I have abnormally long legs and can't fit in certain cars, and I often hit my head, which is currently six foot four above the ground, on archways, signs, and one time a bus' wing mirror, as it swept harmlessly above all of the shorter people and into my face. - PositronWildhawk

Hey Britgirl I'm the same height as you and haven't grown since I was 11 that's when my mom stopped growing I think it's a given that I'm stopping at 5'2" - happyhappyjoyjoy

You can change that. Just add a ten inch block of wood to each shoe. You'll have to wear extra-long pants, and, well, you'll look just a smidgen ot of proportion. - PetSounds

Gah! Why, oh why did I only grow to five foot two? - Britgirl

7 Taxes

They're coming for you... (insert evil, manic laugh here... ) - Britgirl

8 Family

You're stuck with them. So make the most of them. - Britgirl

9 Time

I'd love to manipulate time, but it doesn't stand still long enough... - Britgirl

10 Other People

The Contenders

11 Eye Colour

You can change eye colour with contact lenses but underneath you still have your own colour. - Britgirl

I'm quite pleased with mine. - PetSounds

12 Skin Colour

This is an important thing to remember! - Curti2594

13 School

You do control school to teach you certain things at one point. It's how you get a career. But before that, quite so. - PositronWildhawk

14 Place of Birth
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