Things In Life We Can't Control

There are just some things in life we can't control, no matter how much we might like.
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1 Fate

I truly believe that things happen for a reason. A destiny that shapes our ends.

When the Story's already been written it's hard to avoid the Fate

2 Birth

You can't look at life before you're born and say 'Umm... I'll pass thanks. It's not for me."

If we could, it would be much less painful and (cough, excuse me) messy

3 Love

It's impossible to choose who you fall in love with. You just don't get a say in it.

4 Death

All of us have to die one day. I am not saying I want everyone dead but you can't stop death. Only when the Revelation is over then we can defeat death if we remain to God's Promise

Well... I guess you can CHOOSE when to die. But it's something none of us can avoid. You can't say, "Ha! Me, die? Over my dead body! "

5 Heartbreak
6 Height

Just because you're short, girls, doesn't mean you're disadvantaged. I have abnormally long legs and can't fit in certain cars, and I often hit my head, which is currently six foot four above the ground, on archways, signs, and one time a bus' wing mirror, as it swept harmlessly above all of the shorter people and into my face.

You can change that. Just add a ten inch block of wood to each shoe. You'll have to wear extra-long pants, and, well, you'll look just a smidgen ot of proportion.

7 Taxes
8 Family

You're stuck with them. So make the most of them.

9 Time

I'd love to manipulate time, but it doesn't stand still long enough...

10 Other People
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11 Eye Colour

You can change eye colour with contact lenses but underneath you still have your own colour.

I'm quite pleased with mine.

12 Skin Colour

This is an important thing to remember!

13 School

You do control school to teach you certain things at one point. It's how you get a career. But before that, quite so.

14 Place of Birth
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